Secret for Social Gatherings Where Kids Interact, Device Free

You go to a party and witness kids sitting together, each playing on their own device.

What do you do to curb this ?

One simple rule – When you are at a party, no matter how bored you are, no devices. When you are with your friends on a play date , no TV or gadget use..if you want to watch TV, no need to go on play dates or have friends over….Might as well stay at home and do the same by yourself.

PLAY together. inter Act!

(The only time I Do allow my kids is if it’s late in the night at a party and I know they are tired and it will be another 15 mins before we can leave … )

It is just sad to see kids sitting together and busy on devices in stead of interacting and building off each other’s creativity.

Options you can give them, instead of devices are –

  • Create Art
  • Make videos
  • Put up a play
  • Play a board game
  • Charades
  • Pictionary
  • Dance Party
  • Read books together
  • Ice breaking games


Encourage other adults who come to your home to help you in enforcing this rule. Yes, it’s awkward but trust me they will thank you when they see the beauty that comes from the kids play … Last month the kids go bored together and ended up making a play … Other times they play chess … Still others they just sit around and talk while doing their own thing. And learn to talk !

Also, your kids will pester you.  Oh! Yes they will!

Stand strong on this. Specially if they see other kids whose parents let them play on devices at a party. Tell your kids that if you want to play on phone, let’s just go home, else find a way to keep Yourself busy. OR sit with us adults and listen to conversation (for kids 7 and older ) OR take a book to draw in or read in a small bag as a boredom buster.

In my book I have talked in depth about balancing technology and gadget use for kids and teaching kids moderation …

Please let’s raise a generation of kids who interact and are not just using phone for substituting human interaction.

Secret for Social Gatherings Where Kids Interact, Device Free


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