Prevent Bullying with A Goat Named Joey – Giveaway

Loving yourself is the key to confidence.

This book is such a wonderful look as your join Joey LeGoat on his journey of self discovery. My son read the book in one sitting and then read it twice in the same day!

His words, ” This book deserves 5 stars! It is such a good book about how to stand up to bullies and how it is wonderful to be you. I can’t wait to read it again.” He even read it to his sister.

In today’s world we need to use EVERY conversation, book, resource to teach our kids the ideals of empathy, connection, empowerment and self love. October is National Bullying Prevention Month and this book is a wonderful resource. With beautiful illustrations and using strong imagery this book is a great book to read a few pages daily or for kids who are ready to read chapter books. With two chapters and clearly outlined sections, this book is a pleasure to read.

We are so glad Tom Nochera chose to send us this book and have us host a giveaway.

To grab a chance to win this book for free, click here and get the book. Winner will be announced in two weeks.

Inside the Book

Joey LeGoat lives with his brother Billy and their family on the Isle of Oat. When Gilbert, the leader of the geese, finds out that Joey is not called a billy goat, there’s trouble. Gilbert is the island’s head bully, and Joey LeGoat becomes his innocent prey. Against his father’s advice, Joey decides to hide in his barn. However, his own spirit eventually emerges, and he realizes he has to go outside, face his bullies, and create his own destiny. Once Joey LeGoat prevails against his bullies, he challenges all creatures to follow the Golden Rule, and treat others the way they wish to be treated.

The first of a two-book series, A Goat Named Joey is a tool that parents, educators and children can use to boost self-confidence and spread compassion to help stop the scourge of bullying.

About Author

Before Tom Nochera began writing stories for children, he wrote technical manuals for start-up companies, but he found that as much fun as eating bark off a tree. So, he started writing poems for kids. His first book of poems was A Place That’s Fun, written under the pen name Ichabod Ablegoose. He currently works in catering in Washington, D.C., while continuing to grow his writing career with the help of his biggest inspiration, his children. A Goat Named Joey is his second book. A bullied child himself, Tom wrote this book to help all children escape the hate of bullying.

“A Goat Named Joey is an impactful children’s book that teaches our kids about the harmful and lasting effects of bullying. I highly recommend this wonderful work!”
Kirk SmalleyPresident of Stand for the Silent, a nonprofit organization dedicated to stopping bullying

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