Simple Travel Tips You Often Forget to Use

Traveling with children can really be lots of fun. Even in the midst of unexpected emergencies and   I am here to tell the tale!

The reality is, I am an anxious travel companion. I will own this!  I now have three children and a husband to travel with and I pack for myself and kids, and he packs his bag.

When my daughter was born I admit to the packing three times the necessary items and using none of them except the baby bag items.

Breaking down on the side of the road going to visit my parents in  the country

  • 1.5hours from a phone reception
  • On my own with two small children (4.5months and nearly 3years old).
  • It was dusk at the beginning of winter.
  • The road had limited traffic (maybe 2 cars an hour)

changed my thinking about packing.  Again we only used our working bags, emergency blankets and food stash.

So, whilst living in Australia flying to Kuwait to meet family we unexpectedly spent 26 hours at Abu Dhabi airport caught by a sand storm.  Both grandmothers were close to frantic but I can honestly say the only panic I had was at hour 19 when I went to see how much longer they expected all planes to be grounded and the lady at the counter said “I need you to bring your children to the counter please!” I can remember looking at her incredulously and saying “They are both sound asleep. Are you serious?” Her kind response of, “I do apologize but yes please.”  They had organized accommodations away from the airport before our flight arrived but as we were delayed they had been unable to even send us anywhere by bus as the sandstorm hit early.  They had kindly organized dinner, breakfast, and showering facilities for all families with children.

After my previous experience I had already worked out my contingency plan for emergencies.

  1. Clear packing tape – can be used to fix just about anything. Eg. Hems, shoes, bags, broken car windows, or making kids craft.
  2. Pencil and eraser – sometimes pens just don’t work in ice cold weather.
  3. Notepaper – I find a kids 64page exercise book is great. You can take notes, keep details, rip out pages for kids to draw on or make origami during long delays.
  4. A spare long scarf. It folds up easily or tie it around your waste. Uses: As a mat for the floor, light blanket, bandage, sling, or a towel if necessary
  5. Small light towel
  6. Torch
  7. Watch – phones are great but you don’t want to miss a flight because your battery went flat or the time zone did not adjust.
  8. Hand luggage – pack all the above plus basic essentials for each person: two days clothes/underwear, toothbrush, hand cream, mini hand sanitizer, baby wipes, mini shampoo and conditioner.
  9. Medication – I like one set in my hand bag and one in my luggage (just in case). ( Dont forget medical certificates in duplicate from the doctor too).
  10. Snacks that your kids will eat. Sometimes especially with fussy eaters or allergies it is hard to find food kids like to eat.

I like to travel as lightly as possible. I think I have all possibilities now covered!

Simple Travel Tips

Enjoy your trip!

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