8 French Cities One Must Visit in 2020

The new year is here, and most of us are already planning for new beginnings. Apart from the new year’s resolutions, we like to plan our holidays for the year as well. There are a few holiday destinations that loved by travelers all over the world. Fine 8 french cities one must visit.

One of the most visited tourist countries in the world is France. The charm and the hospitality of the french are something that attracts tourists year after year.

They say that the French are the most passionate people in the world. It reflects well in all fields of life. Right from their architecture to the cuisine, the French people do everything with a lot of love and passion. If you want to experience the magic of France, you must visit some of its hidden jewels.

France is home to some of the most charming cities. The history and culture of these cities will make you fall in love with the country.

Here is a list of 8 French cities you should visit in 2020. Make sure to include all of them in your next french travel itinerary.

1)  Paris-

Undoubtedly one of the most alluring cities in the world, your trip to France is not complete without a visit here. Paris is filled with iconic historical monuments. Visiting them is almost a dream come true to anyone. The iconic Eiffel tower is a lover’s paradise. Other architectural marvels include Arc de Triomphe and the famed Louvre museum. You can spend some quiet time with your loved ones in any of the quaint bistros that line up the banks of the Seine to enjoy a perfect french meal with the choicest wines. For the shopping fanatics, you will find Haute couture that will satisfy the fashionista in you. A variety of flea markets and vintage shops will make sure that you take back cute little souvenirs for your people back home.

2)  Marseille-

Marseille is slowing emerging as another major tourist destination in France. The old-world charm of Marseille attracts anyone who would like to soak in the Frech vibe without the hustle and bustle of modernity. This port city is a bustling trade hub. There are many things you can do here. A visit to the old port is a must for a pleasurable yacht ride. You can visit the Musée d Histoire de Marseille to have to peek into the Marseille history. Going uphill, the oldest neighborhood in the city is Le Panier. Here, you can find some quaint boutiques and shops in the markets for the freshest catch of the day.

3)  Lyon-

The charming city of Lyon is another place to visit when you are vacationing in France. The town is situated in an area where the amalgamation of the Rhone and Saone rivers. There is another different type of fusion that takes place here- that of the old and the new world charm. Ancient architectural marvels and museums melodiously reside along with modernity. Lyon is gastronomically much more advanced than any other french city. A foodie’s delight, the city has quite a range for unique cuisines to offer for you. The hip and happening social scene of the place is also an attraction for the younger generation. In summers, the city hosts several music festivals. Just a walk on the old streets and enjoy the scenic view will give you lots of memories to

4)  Nantes-

Nantes is another city that is situated on the banks of the river Loire. The town was once a bustling port and a center of commercial activities. Nantes has continuously re-invented itself to become a thriving and energetic hub of modernity. The city is brimming with universities and has an unmissable student culture. Among the tourist attractions, the Machines de L’ile is a must-visit. It is a unique museum cum theme park that houses several modern machines. A giant mechanical elephant is its major attraction. For a brush with the past, you can visit the Nantes Art gallery and the Jules Verne museum. Passage Pommeraye is a famous shopping arcade that is decorated with 19th-century statues. You can find the number of quaint and upmarket shops here to satisfy your shopping itch.

5)  Bordeaux-

The city of Bordeaux is referred to as the “Sleeping beauty of France”. Bordeaux is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The regions of the city are famous for its vineyards that churn out crafty wines that people around the world love. Most of the tourists visiting the city prefer to stay in Wise estates and indulge in wine tastings. Opulent palaces rub shoulders with modern architecture, which makes the city a treat for your eyes. You can take a walk through the boulevards or walk along the bridges and soak in the lovely atmosphere. If you are up for some road adventure, a drive from Bordeaux to Biarritz coast is a lovely drive. Don’t forget to get the Universal roof rack on your vehicle to carry all your luggage.

6)  Nice-

Nice is an extremely popular destination among tourists. Being a port city, you will find a host of things to do here. Soak in the warm french sun on the beach or enjoy a stroll on the streets of the city. For a bird’s eye view of the city, you must visit the Colline Du Chateau. What makes the city even more charming is the confluence of Italian and French culture. Be it in the architecture or the food, you will find refreshing Italian vibes here. A visit to the Nice cathedral will take you back in time and let you marvel in its amazing architecture. If ever grow tired of the sun and the sand (As if!!), you can head to the Parc Du Mont Boron. This is a hiking trail at ends at the stunning Mont Boron, where you will find ruins of an old military fort. After this calorie-burning activity, just visit some of the bistros in town to gorge on the yummy Provencal beef stew or the Tourte De Palettes.

7)  La Rochelle-

This city is a seaport that is also referred to as ” The white city”. Most of the old architecture in the city was made of limestones, hence the name. This is a perfect city to visit if you want to enjoy the beaches of France in serenity. The old port is home to several medieval towers that will transport you to ancient life and times of mariners. La Rochelle has one of the largest aquariums in France. The food scene here is a delight for every foodie. The warm tropical waters of La Rochelle gives it a variety of seafood. You can savor some lip-smacking food in the restaurants that dot the city for an unforgettable culinary experience.

8)  Toulouse-

The fourth-largest city in France, Toulouse has a thriving student community. This quaint town is bustling with loads of activities. Also referred to as ” La villa Rose” for its number of pink buildings, it is a perfect spot to enjoy a cozy vacation with your loved one. A walk through the old part of the town will charm you. You can enjoy river cruises along the Canal Du Midi. Do not forget to visit the Japanese garden near the canal. For art lovers, the Les abattoirs museum will satiate you.


These French cities are perfect for visiting for your next vacation. While most of these cities are modern, some cities still have managed to retain their old-world charm. Including these cities in your French travel itinerary will make for a memorable vacation.

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french cities one must visit in 2020

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