How Tagaytay, Philippines Became A Favorite Family Vacation Destination

Coined as the Second Summer Capital of the Philippines is Tagaytay City, a small town in the province of Cavite that has gained much attention and popularity through the years.

Tagaytay, as mentioned, is a small municipality located in the province of Cavite in the region of Luzon. It was dubbed as the Second Summer Capital of the Philippines because of how it gives off year-round cold and misty weather just like Baguio, which is the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Today, Tagaytay remains as one of the best tourist destinations down south of Manila. In fact, it continues to charm locals and foreigners alike as the years go by. No matter how old you get or how many times you’ve been here, you can, and you will definitely never get tired of going back to Tagaytay. Want to know why?

Here’s why Tagaytay, Philippines has become a family favorite over the years:

Close Proximity To Manila

One of the most common reasons as to why Tagaytay has continuously become a family favorite is because of its close proximity to Manila. It only takes about an hour to an hour and a half of drive to get to Tagaytay. And, with all the new and countless roads, expressways, and terminals, it has become a lot easier to travel to this town.

This is primarily the reason why most families and friend groups prefer Tagaytay over Baguio. Because with Tagaytay, you get to take day trips without the hassle of commuting or traveling to and from the destination. More than the long hours, you also have to dread the horrifying traffic in Manila. With Tagaytay, you get to keep coming back even and most especially on the weekends, when you just need to take a breather.

Delectable Food Choices

Tagaytay is also known for its delectable food choices. May that be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks, Tagaytay has it all!

More than anything, this town is most famous for its sumptuous, hot bowl of bulalo. Filipinos and foreigners alike keep coming back to Tagaytay because of this beauty. Mahogany Market, for one, serves the best Tagaytay bulalo, so if you’re just around the area or planning to visit Tagaytay soon. Make sure to drop by Mahogany Market and treat yourself to some bulalo!

Aside from bulalo, Tagaytay is also known for its wide range of restaurants and fast food choices. Strolling down Tagaytay, and as you look from left to right, streets are filled with restaurants that serve only the best Filipino food. Enjoy a hearty breakfast meal at Breakfast At Antonio’s, Tagaytay’s most favorite breakfast place. They have so much food choices ranging from Filipino to European, all the way to American.

In the mood for some merienda? Visit Tagaytay’s Tsokolateria for a cup of hot cocoa perfectly paired with their delicious pastries. Before heading home, you may also want to drop by pasalubong centers and purchase buko pies, lengua de gatos, fresh milk, and so much more.

Unlimited Outdoor Activities To Enjoy

While Tagaytay is known for its “laidback” type of living, it can also bring family and friends some fun and adrenaline rush every now and then. For one, Picnic Grove is one of the oldest yet still popular destinations in Tagaytay where families and friend groups can go on picnics, ride zip lines and cable cars, stroll down, and trek, just to name a few.

If you want to play sports, you definitely can! Home to Asia’s most exciting golf course is Tagaytay Highlands, the first and best mountain resort in the country. Unleash your inner Tiger Woods here and play golf all afternoon. Oh, and did I mention they have world-class services, features, and amenities? Tagaytay Highlands is the first and the only one in the country to have Swiss cable car transport systems, which you can definitely use when transferring from one golf course to another. Other than golf, you can also play basketball, badminton, and swimming, among others.

Aside from Tagaytay Highlands, you can also indulge in outdoor activities and trigger an adrenaline rush at Sky Ranch Tagaytay, the city’s most famous amusement park filled with fun and gut-twisting rides. It’s also home to Tagaytay’s tallest Ferris wheel, which is the Sky Eye. Other than Ferris wheels, you can also ride the grand carousel, roller coasters, the anchor’s away, and so much more.

Relaxing Climate

Tagaytay can never be called the “Little Baguio” of the South if it isn’t for its year-round cold climate; hence, it’s one of the very reasons why people keep coming back here.

Tagaytay’s cold and misty weather gives off this sense of relaxation. Most people travel to Tagaytay over the weekend to temporarily escape the fast-paced, stressful, and sunny streets of Manila, and Tagaytay does an excellent job in doing just that. Allowing people to cool off a bit, take a breather, and just enjoy the province, laidback life.

With that, a lot of businesses took advantage of this. If you still did not know, Tagaytay is filled with spas and wellness centers where you can definitely enjoy some well-deserved R&R. Take a dip in the jacuzzi, have a relaxing whole-body massage, do facials, and a lot more.

Wrapping Up

Tagaytay is definitely one for the books. Anyone who has been to Tagaytay knows how much charm this place brings people, no matter their age. Nowadays, it has become quite hard to find the perfect place to do all sorts of things, especially with family – yet here you are, reading about Tagaytay and all its beauty. Still haven’t been here? I think now is the best time to check out the place. Who knows? This might just become your new favorite destination.

Angelo Castelda works as a contributor for a news magazine in Asia. He loves to learn and understand diverse cultures and aims to share through his writing his experiences around the world.

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