Plan Your Child’s Baptism with Ease

Being an expectant mother, there is a lot of planning to get done before your little one arrives, including his baptism. Baptisms are a ceremony that serves as a submission to Christ. When you decide to have one for your son, there are many elements that need to be planned ahead to make sure the baptism is successful.

Once you commit to the idea of having a baptism, there are a number of ways to prepare before your son arrives. Making a checklist of items helps keep you organized throughout the process. Some planning items to include the following points.

1. Choosing the Godparents

Godparents are significant because they serve as partakers in the moral development of your baby. They also assume legal guardianship in cases of emergency. Pregnancy is a great time to begin considering who you would like to take on this responsibility.

2. Picking a Name

Once you’ve decided to have a baptism, naming your baby after a saint is tradition. Even if you decide on a non-traditional first name, dedicating the middle name is recommended. Information on the name’s corresponding patron saint is also beneficial during your baptism planning journey.

3. Fulfilling Requirements

When planning a baptism, there may be required classes or necessary timelines you have to meet. These can be done with the parish of your church. It is best to call ahead and find out what you need.

The church you regularly attend and contribute to should be the location for your son’s baptism. You will receive paperwork to prove you are a Catholic and a parish member. Once completed, your church will approve your ceremony.

4. Event Details

After being approved, it is time to pick a date and time. Baptisms are typically the first introduction of your son to the outside world, but parishes suggest completing it within the first month of life.

Once the date is secured, creating a guest list is the next priority. Whether you decide to include friends and family or plan an intimate event is your choice.

5. Clothing

It’s tradition for your son to wear white for the ceremony. If you don’t have an heirloom, you can always find boys baptism outfits online.

Remember, while this is a milestone in your son’s life, an extravagant event isn’t necessary. Simply planning to have an intimate ceremony to commemorate your baby’s submission to Christ works perfectly fine.

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