4 Ways to Keep Track of Your Child’s Safety at Home

Parents want to know what their young children are doing at all times, but you can’t be everywhere at once. Even when you’re home with your kids, they’re usually in different rooms while you’re trying to work, take care of chores, or just relax. If you struggle to stay on top of what your kids are getting into, here are four ways to keep track your child’s safety at home.

Use a Baby Monitor for Infants

It’s becoming more common for new parents to keep infants in the same room, but eventually most couples will want their own space. When it’s time to move your baby or toddler into the nursery, a baby monitor is a must. New baby monitors are available with features like temperature monitoring and two-way communication so you can comfort your baby as soon as they start to fuss.

Stay in Touch

Your toddler or young child might feel like you’re miles away even if you’re only in the next room. Use walkie-talkies or tablets with video chat to keep communication open. Little ones will think it’s a fun game to play, while you get to have peace of mind knowing they’re safe and comfortable in their bedrooms, playroom or the backyard.

Watch the Thermostat

As all parents know, kids like to say they aren’t cold or refuse to wear their jacket even when it’s freezing. However, children’s small bodies make them more vulnerable to cold temperatures than adults. Keep an eye on the thermostat and remember to call heating services to have your system maintained before cold weather sets in. Blankets pose a safety hazard for infants, so it’s especially important to keep the nursery warm.

Employ the Buddy System

While no one likes a tattletale, encouraging your children to keep an eye on each other is a great way to keep track of their safety around the house. Teach your kids about safety and ask them to report back to you if their siblings engage in dangerous behavior. Make it clear that they should handle minor annoyances and transgressions among themselves. They should, of course, notify you if there is a safety issue.

Remember, it’s important to give kids more space and freedom as they get older. It’s time to put the baby monitor away when your child begins to express a need for more privacy. Consider each child’s maturity level as you increase their level of freedom. As they get older, the rules for children’s safety will change. You will have to grow and adjust alongside them.

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