How Our Skin Sparkles

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One afternoon, my son came home and told me, ” My friends and I put our hands together and they said I was different. ” The conversation we had after is what this book is about. I told this incident to many of my mom friends and ALL of them surprisingly had heard their children and their friends doing the same. How Our Skin Sparkles, the first of it’s kind children’s book helps parents empower their children by answering this question.

Around the world, we have adults who hold within them many insecurities. These get embedded into them at a very young age, though small or big acts by those around around them. We often neglect or brush under the carpet, these simple questions because we fail to see the far reaching consequences of their impact.

It is more importance now than ever that we talk to our children early about body positivity, confidence in self and inclusion.

Now, my children are on the fairer side of the Indian color spectrum. Yet, my son was quite curious to learn about what makes his skin tone different from his own sister. Which is why I felt this book is an important introduction to the world where many feel all Indians are of a similar skin tone. In fact, this applies to BIASES everywhere, when people assume a certain section of people have  to be of a certain skin color. Whereas skin color is an amalgamation of many aspects of science, culture and heritage.

It is not just where we come from that defines us but also our own make up. And there is not set formula for how someone is going to be or is. And that certainly has NO affect on the KIND of person they are, good or bad.

That is what this book aims to reiterate. That people are made up of their actions, their choices, their feelings and likes. Not by the color of their skin.

Sparkling me Series

What make this book specially UNIQUE is the combination of faith, science AND concept to teach children about acceptance, of self and others. We need more books that help balance science and our culture, so children get closer to their heritage while moving forward in our evolving world.



I’m so happy to say, the book How Our Skin Sparkles release has met with such positive and glowing response. Already a bestseller in a number of categories on Amazon

#1 in Children’s Books Against Racism and Prejudice
#1 in Children’s Books about Immigration
#1 in Books about Siblings
#1 in Books in Hindu Fiction
#1 in Children’s Books in Science

and many many more …

It has already gotten the Readers Favorite seal of approval.

The Editorial Review reads as follows –

how our skin sparkles

How Our Skin Sparkles: A Growth Mindset Children’s Book for Global Citizens About Self Acceptance And Diversity by Aditi Wardhan Singh is a great story that teaches children about diversity. A young boy wonders why he looks different from so many of his classmates, and his mother turns his question into a valuable learning opportunity. She teaches him about the science behind different skin colors. His mother then goes even further to teach him how wonderful it is to be different, and how what’s on the inside truly matters.

I read How Our Skin Sparkles to my two young boys and thought I would share their opinions as well as my own. My six-year-old enjoyed the message and said it reminded him of something he’d done in school. He lined up with his classmates, and they each held their arms out and observed how different and beautiful everyone’s skin color was.

I liked that this story reiterated what I work so hard to teach my children about being kind and accepting of all types of people. My son also enjoyed the description at the end of the book of the snack that the mother made for her children. He enjoys trying new foods from all over the world. My children liked the colorful illustrations, too. I loved the dedication at the beginning of the book, and I felt it summarized the central theme. “The moment you accept yourself and others, as they are, you grow exponentially.” I believe this is a message that the whole world needs to hear right now.

Other reviews from parents around the world include –

Sangeetha Narayan –

This morning while reading How my skin sparkles, by Aditi Wardhan Singh, I found myself humming an old Hindi song, Yashomati maiya se bole nandlala. The song is about little Krishna asking his mom about why his skin is dark and why his friend has a fairer skin. That is an age old question that children for generations together have either thought about it or asked someone about it.

Aditi Wardhan Singh has tackled this question in a very sensitive manner. She explains the science of melanin and how some people have more and some have less of it, which results in different shades of color. She talks about every person’s individuality. She stresses the importance of how our skin color informs people of our background and culture. She even mentions the story of little Krishna and how his mother tackled his innocent questions. But, what I liked the most about the story is that it places the most emphasis on the acts of kindness that helps human beings function sensitively.

The illustrations were another attractive feature about the book. The pictures show people and little children of all different colors.

Josie O’Brian

The easiest lessons to learn are the ones shared whilst you are having fun. Growing a biracial family this is at least a weekly discussion at our house. My children no longer have to accept my word that different is good. Another family shares our questions too. It is so much easier to explain when you have a reference book. My children ran away smiling… suggesting we should try some of those snacks!

Vishwam Singh

Story telling is an art and when mixed with rhymes and other stories inside, it becomes a perfect blend to read. The book is so much fun to read not just with children but also as an adult. Also loved very interesting reading at the end.
Highly recommended for everyone!

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