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How Working Mothers Balance Work and Family

While working mothers might be the masters of multitasking, between caring for their families and trying to climb up the corporate ladder, many women find it difficult to live up to the unrealistic expectations of an ideal work-life balance. However, as soon as you realize that it simply isn’t possible to have it all, you can set your priorities straight and find the most efficient ways of juggling your personal and professional lives. Working mothers balance home and work in many ways.


Here are some tips that can help working mothers balance her work and family:

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Let go of ‘Mum Guilt’

Although we like to think we live in a progressive society, many people still believe it’s the  responsibility of a woman to do everything from taking care of her children and doing household work to maintaining a relationship with her partner.

Due this societal pressure and the inability to spend all of their time with their children, many working mums are ridden with guilt. However, in order to live a balanced and happy life, it’s essential to overcome this illogical guilt.

After all, the benefits you gain by having a career by far outweigh these outdated ideals; not only are you able to support your family, but you can also provide your child with a better education and much higher quality of life.


Choose a Flexible Schedule

While the 9 to 5 workday might be the norm, it’s not manageable for everyone, especially working mothers. If you have the opportunity, talk to your boss or supervisor about constructing a more flexible schedule, or even see if your company offers the option of working from home.

In case you are having trouble arranging a more lenient workday dynamic, you can also try some alternative options, such as switching to a part-time job, taking late night and early morning shifts, or working from home once or twice a week. If none of these options can help you adapt your schedule, you can always take a few days off and plan a vacation to spend some time bonding with your family.

Find Quality Childcare

Quality childcare is essential for a child’s development. If neither you nor your partner can provide it during the working week, don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for help, or even hire an experienced nanny with great references and an extensive proven record.

Another good option might be to enroll your child in a great learning centre, where they can spend quality time learning through play and age-appropriate activities. Whether you’re at work or even utilizing this time to take a short break, quality education centres will give you some peace of mind, knowing your child is in the hands of qualified professionals aiming to help them develop to their full potential.

Organize your Daily Tasks

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If you want to utilize your days and enjoy every moment spent with your children to the fullest, efficient time management is essential for every working mum. For example, you can plan and prepare your weekly meals in advance, do grocery shopping only once a week, choose automatic bill payments if possible, and use a calendar to mark any important dates, tasks and projects for both you and your children.

Another crucial thing you can do is make your mornings less hectic for the whole family by laying out clothes, packing backpacks and lunch bags, and organizing everything the night before. Even simple changes like this can make your days less chaotic and tiring, and help you feel more happy and relaxed.

Schedule in Family Time

Instead of putting an emphasis on quantity, working mothers should focus on spending quality time with her family. This will help you strengthen the bond you have with your children and nourish a strong and loving relationship.

Whether it’s scheduling a family game night, going to the zoo, watching a fun film, or doing DIY or arts and crafts activities, make it a point to set some time aside at least once a week to spend quality time with your family. Even something as simple as having a meal as a family, or talking and cuddling at the end of the day can help you foster a deeper relationship with your children.

Ultimately, finding the right balance between work and family life is not as challenging as it might seem initially; all it takes is some organization, advanced planning and a positive mindset to get the best of both worlds.


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