Encourage Home-Schooled Students To Apply to Local Art Exhibits

One subject that is vitally important for students of all kinds is art. Art allows you to explore your creativity. It allows you to express yourself. It helps to teach students important skills that can be applied to different careers. It helps children to discover their own talents and proficiency. Just because your child is home-schooled does not mean you should overlook all the benefits the art world has to offer. One way to do this is by having your student apply to local art exhibits.

Many people fear that home-schooled students won’t be able to measure up to their peers in AP art classes in High School. However, being home-schooled allows them more time to work on their projects. In traditional schooling, you are dependent on the time you have per period to work on your piece. This also includes setting up and cleaning up.

Home-schoolers have more flexibility on their schedule. This can be of benefit as they may be able to spend more time perfecting their art than their peers. After all, practice makes perfect and cements skills.

Present Your Portfolio


One thing your child will need to have to enter art exhibits is a portfolio that can be presented to different organizers. A good portfolio shouldn’t contain everything your teen has drawn, painted or sculpted. It should just include the cream of the crop. Six to ten pieces that show all your child’s artistic talents should suffice.

Mat and Frame

You will also need to have pieces ready to present at an exhibit if your child does get accepted. You’ll want to look into mats, frames, liners, stands and other art supplies that can really show off your child’s artwork. Keep in mind that each piece of art may be different.

You may need to invest in custom framing, for example, if your child’s artwork isn’t the right size or shape for mass-produced frames. You want to make sure the mat style and color match your piece. This professionalism will show the judges that you are fully committed to your piece of work.

Look for Student Shows

Of course your child won’t be able to enter every kind of art exhibit. Many are strictly for professionals with the intention of making a lot of money via sales. That should not be the goal of a student artist. Instead, look for art exhibits and shows that are specifically centered around students and emerging young artists.

Inquire about local art associations, art teachers, government officials and other upcoming shows. Follow local blogs and publications as well. You can look for local shows and those that are for online communities as well. This will be able to help you multiply the chances of placement.

School District Wide Art Shows

One option you should certainly consider for your home-schooled student is participating in different school district wide art shows. Just because your child is home-schooled does not mean they will be disqualified from entering. In many cases, their entrance into such art shows will be encouraged or even mandated by local laws or ordinances. This can also be a great opportunity for your child to meet other local student artists and make some great friends.

The world of art can be a wonderful learning experience for all students. It allows them to be creative, express their feelings and learn new exciting skills that can be applied later in life. Make sure your home-schooled student is able to experience all that art has to offer. Participating in art exhibits and shows is one way to do so.

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