A Little Extra Screen Time During Lockdown is Okay

In our parents group, we had a HONEST CONVERSATION about how much the kids are consuming extra screen time and it was very heartening to see the responses.

I want to reach out today to everyone struggling and worrying about the same and say that it is okay.

Every thing you are doing in these uncharted waters to make things work is OKAY.

There is no need to feel sad or worry about how much extra screen time you are allowing your child. Including , classes, work outs, talking to friends etc, they are bound to get more than the usual amount of dose.

My own kids do NOT watch TV / have gadget time during week days on normal school days. But this time is different for all and everyone has different ways to cope. Even your children. Allow yourself and them the space to be GUILT FREE !

While I agree there is a severe negative impact to excessive gadget use, I do feel, self moderation and personal independence go hand in hand in teaching kids to balance technology themselves. Instead of keeping kids AWAY from technology, I think it’s more important to teach them how to BALANCE and use it as a tool towards their own success. Because the future is certainly leaning towards that…

To help your kids to SELF MODERATE and be INDEPENDENT at play during these times, it’s important to create a foundation of the same early. I have tips for that in my book. – https://amzn.to/3bMyMpJ Which is how I see many a times, my kids switch off the gadget in use by themselves and go play or find something else to do.

But first Remember, wen we talk about being judgement free, it starts with us !

In the spirit of transparency, my own kids are at 2-4 hours every day, including online classes, talking to friends, grandparents, games, school work, work outs etc

Hugs to ALL !!!

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