Create a Roadmap for Ivy League Oriented Teens

Students who plan to attend Ivy League schools likely around know that they have a great deal of work to do and a sometimes difficult road ahead of them. However, you still need to provide these youngsters with a solid map. Failure to do so could mean that they become seriously overwhelmed or that they miss important steps in reaching their goals.

Speak with Advisors

Gaining professional advice specific to your children’s individuals goals is imperative. For example, you could speak with your children’s guidance counselors about the specific schools that they want to attend and how their current portfolio is looking in terms of getting into those schools. You should also look for opportunities to meet with advisors at the universities.

Prepare for Standardized Exams

Know what standardized exams the universities that your children are applying to prioritize. If your children have already taken the exams, you then have an idea of where they starting from in terms of scores. Many districts and local libraries offer classes to help students earn better grades on these exams. You can also purchase books so that your kids can practice more when they are at home.

Choose the Right Classes

Helping your teenagers to navigate what classes to take is an important part of the plan. While you don’t want them to feel overloaded with extremely difficult courses, they also need to demonstrate that they can handle the workload of Ivy League institutions. Enrolling in some courses for college credit or classes designated as advanced placement is certainly wise.  College Prep High School students are trained to think ahead in their education. Think about having them enroll in classes that are directly attached to their intended majors or fields of study.

Bolster the Portfolio

Chances are that virtually all applicants to Ivy League schools are going to have high grades. Good grades aren’t enough by themselves to get your children into these institutions. You also must encourage them to have a balance in their lives. For example, participation in volunteer opportunities and joining clubs or team sports could help to bolster their chances of acceptance into an Ivy League university. You want to encourage your children to stand out from the other applicants.

Your children might feel as though they want to give up at points. Another pivotal role that you will play is encouraging them not to give up. Remind them of the successes that they have had along the road so far in order to help them build motivation to continue on the journey.

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