Join the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Cancer is a difficult diagnosis for anyone, but for children, it is especially devastating. Even when we can’t provide medical help or caregiving support, there are things we can all do in the battle against childhood cancer.


For busy people with stable incomes, one of the simplest ways to support awareness of this worthy cause is to send a check to support a child cancer donation charity. Any amount will help. There is no obligation to keep donating on a regular basis. Just send a monetary donation through the mail or post it electronically at a secure online charity website. You might want to specify what your donation should go toward, such as research or home health care, if options are provided. Otherwise, trust the charity to put the money to good use.


Some of us have extra time that we want to use for meaningful purposes that help others. Donate your time at a child cancer center or hospital department. You don’t need special skills; many volunteers deliver mail or flowers, help with registration or direct guests to their destined location, or answer phones. You may be able to volunteer from home by doing phone work or assisting with mailings. As with money, you don’t have to pledge a certain amount of time every week or month. Just help when you can, and it will be greatly appreciated.


Many children’s cancer organizations sponsor major events once a year to raise awareness and request contributions. Fundraisers include silent auctions, ornate dinners, volunteer recognition events, athletic competitions, and other activities that bring caring people together for this special cause. You can sign up for events like these to either help with setup and cleanup or register to enter one of the competitive activities or fundraiser options.


Depending on your level of interest, you may be able to work with a local children’s cancer charity to organize an awareness or fundraising event. Start by contacting friends and family members to see if they are interested in helping. When you have a firm list of several individuals, contact the charity of your choice and ask about arranging an event to sponsor a child or contribute overall to the organization.

Whatever efforts you are able to make will help to battle childhood cancer and the toll it takes on children and their families. Give some thought to where your skills or interests can be best put to use and contact the children’s cancer charity of your choice.


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