Reassessing the Custody Agreement When a Situation Changes

In a perfect world, no one ever needs to think about who gets custody. Unfortunately, even the happiest of couples find themselves wanting a divorce. And when children are involved, things can get messy fast. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Though many things can impact an initial custody agreement, not everyone knows what to do. Here is how to reassess the custody agreement when circumstances change.

Try to Reach an Understanding With the Other Parent

In many cases, child custody is settled in court. This is usually due to one of the parents not wanting to comply. However, there are a few cases where both parents understand and agree to change custody. If possible, try to talk to the other parent about changing custody. Explain that it’s what is best for the child. If you’re unable to reach an understanding, then you’ll have to go to court.

Reasons Why a Custody Change is Necessary

There are various reasons as to why a custody change needs to happen. Ranging from the child being in an unhealthy environment, unemployment or they’re just not content with the other parent. Here is a list of other potential reasons why there may need to be a custody change:

– The parent wants or needs to move away

– The parent is abusive towards the child

– The child’s needs are neglected

– The child wants to be with the other parent

– The parent’s income can’t pay for the child

Find a Lawyer

If going to court is the only way to resolve the issue, you need a lawyer you can trust. Look up your local law firm services who specialize in child custody. Not all lawyers practice family law, so you need to find one who does. If possible, set up a consultation where you can discuss your case. Weigh the pros and cons of each lawyer before ultimately making a decision.

Know Your Rights

When it comes to child custody, you need to research your rights. Each state follows a different set of rules, so make sure that you’re in your legal right to make the request for child custody revision. You also need to back up any claims with proper documentation as well. When it comes to child custody cases, even reassessing and finding alternative solutions doesn’t need to be ugly. The key is doing your homework first prior to going to court.

Custody cases are hard, both on the parents and the children. If you’re going to be heading into a custody battle, make sure you are careful with your kids in how much news you give them at once, how you phrase things, and ensure they have the psychological support they need.

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