Kids Have No Place in Social Media Influencing

Unpopular opinion. Kids have no place in social media influencing.

Teen Tik Tok stars in India are killing themselves after the ban of Tik tok.

Other kids have died while making videos for social media sites. Still others have killed themselves coz no one was “liking” their videos.

It is unfortunate that kids today are so ill equipped to handle an overload of emotions.

We make them join N number of zoom classes, want them to become overnight stars and more. But when it comes to giving them an all rounded development, are we doing a good enough job?

During the lockdown more than ever, I have seen kids aged 7-13 and teens overnight becoming authors, teachers, entrepreneurs, youtubers, tik tokers, influencers. SMH

And this is not a “Let’s try this out and have fun with it.”

It’s a, “This is my job now. “Their parents are managers or have have professional people managing their life.

What in the world have we come to when we feel the need to PUSH our kids to be the BEST versions of themselves in front of the WORLD?

Why can’t we let kids be kids?

They have a talent. Just share it on a blog, on account without promoting it and asking people/strangers to subscribe to it.

Yes! I know not every child who is in in the online sphere will kill themselves but it WILL CERTAINLY have a detrimental effect on how they VALUE themselves.

The virtual world is NOT a safe one. Specially not emotionally. Why then are we not talking about moderation to them.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be MINDFUL and CONSCIOUS about your actions. About YOUR INFLUENCE. About WHEN TO STEP BACK. And when to KEEP PUSHING. When to pivot and when to just STOP. When to LISTEN and when to LET GO.

Do we think CHILDREN have that sense? Hell! I’m 40 and still learning all the above. And I have been in the online space since 7+ years in totality now. Kids are just NOT mature enough for it ALL.

Yes! Some kids are specially gifted. And they will naturally be recognized.

Trust time! Talent gets honed with age, experience, and practice. Let’s provide kids the space to grow naturally.

Let them have MINDSET to grow and then let them seek out their path. This is why my book talks a lot about how parents can nurture talents and build a growth mindset early.

Our world currently is SO CHILD DRIVEN, that we as parents have lost our paths.

My kids often say, “I want to be a youtuber.” I tell them. The online space is not a safe one. I work in it. I know the ups and downs. Plus, I do not want them to hang their validation at SUCH a young age on numbers, likes and metrics. Maybe when they are 21+ and KNOW what they want to dedicate their life to.

Instead these growing years should be about what kind of a person they become.

Sigh! This is my plea to parents who want their kids to shine. Take a breather. Their time will come. Let them live their life in the outdoors. Running in the sun. Playing with friends. Talking online to friends in a safe space. Just love them for WHO they are NOW.

They have a lifetime be become who they were meant to be.

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