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In Womagis, her mom tells Olivia, she’s talking gibberish. What follows in a wondrous discussion about languages and how amazingly important it is to partake in multilingualism and create your own language even. Today we review Womagis USA. The book available to us in the United States.

If you would like your child to open up to learning new languages, this just might be the place to start. Experience many languages at ONE time. Multilingualism directly translates to a different way of thinking. When you have another language to use as a resource, it opens your mind and makes you more empathetic. Womagis USA gives you an opportunity like no other. To get a glance into what another language, one that you have not yet seen or even heard of feels like.

In today’s world where we are more divided than united, it is imperative we take every single opportunity we can to introduce our children to different worlds.

If you want your child to be a global citizen, this book is for you. Even if you do not understand the languages mentioned, it is a wonderful way to introduce your child the many ways different languages feel and read. To try to sound them out and let the story grow with you.

In every page, the position of each language changes places, making the book a game. This book really blows your mind though, in the fact that all the text is side by side.

Marta Villegas is the spanish children´s book author and founder of Womagis. Through this book, she hopes to help children build a world of their own. To get creative in their play and reading methodology.

This is one book when the methodology of story telling is more important to focus on when reading than the story itself. Consider it an experience and you will take more about it than just reading a book. 

In short, she and her creative team, aim to shake things up!

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Parents with different nationalities have the possibility to read Womagis with their children.
Children that want to learn new languages can take their first steps with Womagis and in the process make them realize that there are other alphabets and cultures in the world, increasing their sense of tolerance.

At first glance, it is a daunting book. It is so important though, to stay with this book. I would say, this is a great book for kids 5+ and an interactive experience for kids with parents on the first read.

The final pages of the book are filled with activities that help kids get creative with building language blocks of their own. As for the languages themselves, you will find 18

English, Navajo-Diné, Lakota-Sioux, Inuit-Eskimo, Hawaiian, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Tagalog, Italian, Chinese, Polish, German, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese & Vietnamese,

out of which the Hindi and English parts read true to the language which was very reassuring.

The message itself is one of hope and love.

My kids found it interesting and after a few reads now have found their own ways to use this book to get inventive.

You can connect with them here. Write a letter or get the books into your stores.

You can also find a number of activities to do via their website.

We at RaisingWorldChildren.com, pride ourselves in finding books that break barriers and build a growth mindset that is global in nature. For more of our book reviews and lists, you can find them all here.

Review of Womagis

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