Get Kids Active Outdoors During Summer 2020

As many people continue to quarantine their families for the summer, the question arises about what to do with children. After all, the weather is beautiful and sunny. Most children want to get outside and enjoy the fun. However, this summer looks different because of the coronavirus. Thankfully, there are ways to make sure your little ones get outside (and OFF devices) and remain active this summer.

Consider the following ideas.

1. Rollerskating/Rollerblading

There’s nothing quite like putting on a pair of roller skates. Even though it’s not quite like the experience of flying, it can come pretty close. In order to maintain distance, take your children to a local empty parking lot. If you simply go to an area that won’t have any car traffic or foot traffic, it’s okay to let the children roam freely as they enjoy their skates or rollerblades for a while.

Be sure to provide knee pads and safety gear for the children as they roll around. Even though they might not want to wear the safety gear, they have to remain safe. Plus, the hospital isn’t necessarily the safest place to go during a global pandemic. If you can avoid any serious injuries by providing safety gear, it’s better to put those protocols in place.

2. Water Play

If you have some open space in the front or the back of your home, you can set up a water park at home. If you have little children, you can purchase a kiddie pool that’s inflatable. It can provide tons of fun. If you have big kids, toys like water guns will always go over well. You can also let everyone fill up balloons

3. Walking

After dinner each day, take your children out for a walk around the neighborhood. If you’re going to be in an area where you’ll come across a lot of walkers, make sure you all walk with your masks on. The evening hours are perfect because the temperatures tend to be a bit cooler. Lather sunscreen on everyone before heading out. After a simple mile or two, everyone will be ready to come back inside to relax. It’s a simple way to get some fresh air on a daily basis.

4. Biking

Biking is the perfect way to get kids to remain active and safe. They’re not staying in one spot for too long. They don’t necessarily need to wear masks if they’re in an open space where people aren’t around. It’s so important for children to wear their helmets and any other safety gear. It’s also wise to make sure the tires are in great shape. If you’re doing your best to make sure your children remain safe from the virus, you don’t want to drop the ball in neglecting the care of the bike tires that will be carrying them around.

5. No-Contact Sports

No-contact sports can be awesome for times when you all visit an open field. Pack a picnic basket and bring the entire family out to a local park where there’s a field. You all can enjoy no-contact sports like baseball. Don’t underestimate the beauty of simplicity either. Let the children play catch. Play with a frisbee for a fun time. Soccer and dodgeball are great options that you all can play as well.

When you’re going to a local park, it’s not uncommon to find a playground. Ideally, it’s best to avoid the playground altogether. If there are children already at the playground, avoid it all costs. If no one is currently playing there, bring disinfectant spray and wipes to cover all of the surfaces. It might seem like overkill, but it’s better to remain as sanitary as possible. While you all enjoy the no-contact sports in the open field, there are other ways to remain occupied when they’d like a break. In addition to enjoying the picnic food, bring other activities like puzzles, bubbles, and jump ropes.

Though it can be a very challenging experience to get children to follow the rules when it relates to remaining safe during the pandemic, make sure they’re not overwhelmed. As a parent, you can create experiences that will keep them safe as they continue to have fun. Even though you won’t be able to experience the summer in the way you might’ve planned, get creative. It’s still possible to have the most memorable summer yet.

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