5 Things You Should Encourage Your Child to Try in College

You want your daughter or son to gain more than a degree. As you try to ensure your child receives a well-rounded education, you need to make sure they’re taking on new experiences. Check out this list.

Here are the five things that your child could enjoy while in college. Encourage them to try one or more of these suggestions. Any of these activities could be perfect for your daughter or son.

1. A Part-Time Job

If your child hasn’t worked a job before, now would be the time for you to possibly suggest it. Have them check with their school. Know that there likely are jobs that will work with their class schedule. If you two can’t locate the desired position on campus, you still have options.

Popular part-time jobs for your kid to consider are bartending or waiting tables. Retailers likely have schedules conducive to your child’s classload, too. Finally, think about companies that hire people with their major. Even if the business only wants to give your child an unpaid internship, realize that the experience could be very valuable for them.

2. Studying Abroad

When you encourage them to broaden their horizons through travel, you will create a more experienced and well-rounded adult. Your daughter or son will better value different cultures. Add their coursework into their travels, and you have even more reason to facilitate this activity. Also, your kid will create magical memories to carry with them through their life. If you’re worried about paying for this, you can locate financial assistance.

For those of you who are worried about their safety, understand that every year college students take off for study abroad programs. Say your child wants to study in Canada. You can utilize the services of a credentialed company whose goal is to prepare your kid for success.

3. New Friendships

Also, encourage your child to meet a lot of new people from various walks of life. Let them know that college is a wonderful time to forge new friendships. Remind them that adults of all ages, too, can become new friends.

Make sure they are getting to know their professors beyond their coursework. Some instructors will invite their class out for a happy hour. If your kid is 21, then you should be okay with this. Be certain that your child is establishing relationships with the right people in their major of study to facilitate internships and to serve as references for their post-college job application materials.

Your daughter or son also should be networking within various organizations on campus and in their community.

4. Fraternities and Sororities

Have you and your child ever discussed the benefits of joining a Greek organization on campus? Did you know that some of the most successful people in the world belong to fraternities and sororities? Brad Pitt, Carrie Underwood, Matthew McConaughey, and the late Dr. Maya Angelou are a few names that might ring a bell for you.

If you’re worried about their grades slipping, know this. Pretty much all of your Greek organizations require certain academic standards. While a pledge and before being initiated, your child will have to attend designated studying sessions to make sure their grades won’t take. Not only will your kid have to maintain certain grades, but you also might appreciate that they have to participate in various community service projects.

5. Volunteering

Fraternities and sororities aren’t the only organizations where your child can volunteer for causes. Usually, in their major, your kid has clubs they can join. All across campus, too, you should know they have opportunities.

Ask them to go into their school’s student activity center. Tell them to see what needs there are. In the community where your daughter or son’s school is located, there also should be opportunities for you two to consider.

Five Great Ideas for Your College-Age Kid

Any of these aforementioned suggestions could be perfect for your child. Why don’t you send this over to them to see what they think? Remind them it’s important to gain more than their degree.

Best wishes to your child’s success. Go with one or more of these recommendations to help steer them in the right direction. Don’t give up until you find something they will enjoy.

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