How to Talk to Teens About Acne and Hygiene

Teens’ acne can be devastating for a child’s self-esteem. While there are many products on the market, it is important to find the right strategies that target the underlying causes of your teen’s acne. Since this is a sensitive subject, you might be wondering about how to even bring this up without hurting your child’s feelings. These tips will get you started on opening up a dialogue with your teen about how they can get clearer skin.

Choose a Comfortable Time to Talk

Talking to a teenager can sometimes be challenging, especially when it pertains to something that makes them uncomfortable. Start by making sure that you have your teen’s full attention. Turn off the television, and try to talk to them away from their siblings just in case this is a sore subject. Then, start off by asking open-ended questions to see how your teen feels about their acne. Let them know that they have your support and understanding to find ways to end the cycle of new pimples appearing.

Have an Action Plan in Mind

Your teenager probably has no idea of what they can do to get their skin clearer. In fact, they may even be doing some things that make the problem worse such as scrubbing too hard or using the wrong products. Suggest visiting a dermatology clinic with your teen. There, they can learn about what is causing their acne. They can also get treatments that help to clear their pores and end blemishes on their skin.

Set Them Up for Success

Your teenager’s treatment plan will likely consist of in-office care along with things that they can do at home. If your teen is prescribed medication, then help them set up an alarm system that reminds them to take it on time. Teens may also need you to set their bathroom up with the hygiene supplies that they need to keep their skin clean. Stock up on anything that your teen needs and store it in a place that your child can access it as needed.

Help Them See Their Progress

Once your teen is working on a treatment plan, it helps to provide them with some encouragement. Take before and after pictures that you can use to see what works. Your teen can also keep a journal to track how they feel emotionally as their skin clears. Keeping the conversation going helps you adjust your teens’ acne treatment plan as you learn what works the best.

Watching your teen struggle with skin problems is upsetting. You might even remember when you had your own problems with acne. Remembering what it was like as a teen helps you approach this subject with sensitivity so that you can guide your child to solutions that work.

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