Training Yourself to be Content in Any Situation

My glass is always full. There’s no place for MORE to come in.

Today, I said “No” to an amazing project I would have loved to be a part of. It broke my heart but as a mother, wife, editor, self publishing coach, blogger and author, MY glass has NO more room in it.

When we talk about health, we always miss talking about the mental till of what we all do.

When my son was born, I was depressed. It took me a good 27 days to realize the joy of being a mother. To come back to feeling myself. And no one was close because, well, they meant to give me the space a new family would need.

Today, 12 years later I know that I suffer from anxiety and have to FREQUENTLY course correct to positivity and what brings me to myself. I love being in a state of contentment than joy, since happiness is fleeting. I choose to be content in any situation!

Being content in any situation is however an emotion that one must develop. Without it, the fear of missing out can quickly lead to negative traits.

I have spoken in length in my book #strongrootshavenofear about my struggles growing up as an immigrant child, and the importance of giving each child their OWN value system and identity.

I can only hope my children know that the health of your heart and being begins with the small things that give you joy like coffee, a good read and time to yourself….

All of which need you to know WHO you are. And be okay with it!

Remember, look for contentment, not happiness. Steer back to your inner self for what matters. How do you teach yourself to do this?

  • Give yourself time to process the setback/failure/overwhelm.
  • Look at the perspective from a birds eye view.
  • What is it about US that we need to accept about what just happened.
  • What can you do about the situation next?
  • What is the good that came out of this situation?
  • Look at your life as a whole once again and what you have that you appreciate.

People think I’m a positive person. I’m not. I’m an anxious, impulsive, saying yes to everything, overwhelmed person who has trained herself to constantly find the silver lining. The project I said no to gives me MORE time to work on my books.

The time I have saved gives me more time to give to my kids. There is always a silver lining in the situation you are in.

For a positive outlook and contentment within, we need to only train ourselves to constantly look for the silver lining. Accepting ourselves as who we are. Understanding that our situation is unique to us and for no one else to get out of, but us.

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