We All Have Sacred Spaces

When I received the book We all Have Sacred Spaces for review, I was extremely pleased as to it’s diverse nature. I am Hindu. But I visit churches, mosques and gurudwaras with the same reverence that I do any temple. This book, We All Have Sacred Spaces is a wonderful introduction to children around the world, for parents who don’t have access to visiting sacred places locally.

It was wonderful to get a glimpse into Buddhist temples and Jewish synagogues, which I have never been to.

The author has done a great job of representing cultures around the world through each aspect of the places of worship and the meaning behind them. I love how she has tried to incorporate so many religions. It makes it a wonderful resource for parents and teachers alike. When we want to teach our kids to build a world of joy together, we want them to know what they are accepting.

Also, the respect in one’s eyes for all these sacred places increases drastically once you understand the meaning behind what each one represents.

I specially loved the glossary behind the book to explain the many words in the book that may be unique to people who are unaware of what they mean.

This book is a great diversity and inclusion resource for multicultural families everywhere.

Ideal for kids aged 6 – 12 in my opinion.

Value based reading –

This book is sure to bring up some wonderful conversations with your children about how the world is different than us. You can download our diversity and inclusion activity book to help build more conversation around acceptance and anti racism.


We All Have Sacred Spaces – Book Description

Ever wonder about the inside of an Islamic mosque or a Sikh gurdwara? Ever wonder what the first worship spaces were like? Do you know which religions usually require removing shoes or wearing head coverings? Travel around the world and explore the ins and outs of sacred spaces from seven of the world’s major faith traditions – all in one volume. The similarities and differences might surprise you!


About  Rev. Dr. Vicki Michela

My absolute favorite activity is helping kids explore the beautiful places and profound practices associated with the world’s religions. It really is the perfect way to combine my training in cognitive development and my interfaith spiritual practice. Yep, I have a Ph.D. with dual specialties in neuroscience and cognitive development, and I worked as a Psychology professor at a small college outside of Asheville, NC for over a decade.

Then, I developed an interfaith Sunday School curriculum for kids age 3 through 8th grade at Jubilee Community Church, also in Asheville, and became an ordained Minister of Education a few years ago. Now, I enjoying sharing what I’ve learned with kids (and adults) of all ages! Our books are geared to families, teachers, and churches interested in improving religious literacy, promoting religious pluralism, and facilitating a deeper understanding of the world around us. Thanks for being a part of this amazing journey!

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