The Time Traveller — By Sanjith Vijay

The story is about a man called Bob. He was a happy go lucky guy. One fine day, bob was walking on a sidewalk, whistling.

Bob: (Gasp) Wow..!!! a time machine…

He went near to it and sat inside the machine.

He was whistling and exploring the machine in astonishment. Suddenly, the machine started working. He traveled to the dinosaur period.

Bob was so thrilled, at the same time a bit frightened. Suddenly, she realised there was something coming towards the time machine. He peeped out and saw a big TRex.

(Bob hold his mouth tight as not to shout and ran away from it)

He hid behind a rock, so the dino can not see him.

Bob: oh, noooo!

(The TRex was guarding the time machine.)

He was looking around him to see how to escape from there. He then saw a cave nearby. He sneaked silently and went into the cave.

Bob saw a lonely man sitting next to a fire, cooking something to eat.

Bob went near to him and tapped on his shoulder.

Bob: Hey You! There is a TRex outside guarding my time machine. Can you help me to get my machine?

Caveman did not talk but nodded his head in agreement. They made a deal, if the caveman can kill the dino, he can take it’s parts to eat and Bob can leave with his time machine.

They both went out with caveman’s weapons and hid behind a tall grass.

Caveman started to throw a spear without even thinking of a plan. He threw his spears again and again until it hit the dino straight in his head and throat. Finally TRex was defeated.

Caveman: (in happiness) heeee yahhhhh…!!

Bob let the caveman to take the dino parts and greeted him goodbye. He happily got into the time machine, whistling. Bob started the machine and came back to the current time. Happy Bob took the time machine with him and used it wisely thereafter.

                                   The End


Sanjith Vijay, a 7 year old is a second grader who loves to write fictional stories. He also loves to play with his friends and toys.



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