Ultimate List of Uplifting Holiday Books 2020

The holidays are a truly blessed time. With Diwali moving onto Thanksgiving to Hanukkah and then Christmas and a new year. Every year, the world cheers together and the world sparkles.

To celebrate, we have put together the ULTIMATE list of holiday books released by self published authors from around the WORLD.

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Sparkles of Joy – A celebration of Diversity and Inclusion

mark the joy that the celebrations of Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas bring into the lives of all those who celebrate them and share them with the world. Launched on Diwali 2020, this book hit #1 in multiple categories on Amazon among tens of thousands of books. Perfect for early readers, aged 6-10 years old. A must for diversifying your library and building the conversation around much needed social skills, kindness, diversity and inclusion.

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Cami and Wyatt Share the Christmas Spirit

This is a heartwarming children’s book you’ll want to read again and again. Full of Christmas magic, this beautiful picture book will remind you that the true meaning of Christmas lies in our hearts. Hop along with Cami and Wyatt as they spread Christmas joy in this beautiful, heartwarming holiday book, the fifth in the award-winning Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too book series.

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What Happened to Santa’s Beard?

A fresh, funny take on the Santa story. Got us in the Christmas spirit and made us smile. This little book is a fun take on Christmas that is both timeless and relevant for today – even Santa can’t escape being influenced by the media. Beautiful, colorful illustrations. Appropriate for children of all ages. I’d love to see the author and illustrator of this wonderful little book develop a series of tales of holiday misdirections and misconceptions.

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My Magical Reindeer Surprise

It’s the season for giving with a kind heart. This extra-sweet Christmas book will spread joy to all families with a magical reindeer surprise recipe. Maybe you can start a new tradition on Christmas Eve! The book is written for children who 3 – 9 years old but is an amazing read for all ages!

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Santa’s Christmas with a Mask

A lockdown at the North Pole has made Santa so nervous! How would he get all the presents ready on time for Christmas – for all the good girls and boys?

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It’s Not Easy Being Santa

It’s Christmas eve and Bug accidentally finds a stack of letters that kids have written to Santa.
Santa won’t receive the letters in time, so Bug wishes on a shooting star:
His wish is granted and he gets a surprise visit from his considerate team of reindeer.

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The Great PJ Ride

Bursting with Christmas magic, The Great PJ Ride invites readers to join a cozy PJ cruise through twinkling lights, dazzling decorations, and an extra-special surprise! The Great PJ Ride is a fun Christmas activity that you can do with your own family and build wonderful holiday memories.
For anyone that loves going to see Christmas lights during the holidays, or if you’re looking for a fun new tradition that the whole family can do this year, this book is a must read! Grab a copy for your Christmas book collection, or as a gift!

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Douglas Fir’s Wish

A small, hopeful Christmas tree wants nothing more than to be a family’s Christmas tree. It’s his life goal. After being passed over for years and threatened to be put at the end of the road – Douglas unroots himself and sets off to find a family. Douglas ends up on a life-changing journey that changes his life and others’ lives in the process. While he goes out with the intention to change physically, it is the emotional change that makes a true impact on his life.

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Santa’s Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right Night Before Christmas

Discover a new holiday tradition your family will love!”One Christmas Eve it was a cold stormy night; and nothing at the north pole was going quite right…” Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!)Night Before Christmas is a whimsical tale of Santa’s journey through a Christmas Eve that doesn’t go as he expects. One small event leads to a series of surprises that change Santa and Christmas as we know it. It’s a story to spark the imagination, make kids giggle, and bring a smile even to a grownup’s face.

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If Santa Didn’t Have A Big Sleigh

Lucy and Mary love Christmas. It’s their favorite time of the year! However, there is something that worries Lucy a lot: If Santa did not have his sleigh, how would he bring his gifts to all the children of the world? Luckily her mom knows the answer to that question… and she is going to tell them!

The Angel With One Wing

Tommy and Joshua, are inseparable angels, who love somersaulting through heaven. They are looking forward to announcing the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. Joshua loses a wing and Tommy unselfishly gives one of his wings to Joshua. How will Tommy be able to go announce Jesus’ birth since he can’t fly?


Where Does Santa Go On a Vacation

Santa and Mrs. Claus are ready for their own vacation. After a busy holiday season all around the world, Santa can’t wait to spend time with Mrs. Claus and have some fun. But with the whole planet at their fingertips, where will they go and what will they do?

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Ham Hands- The Christmas Elf

Everyone knows that Santa and his elves wrap the most beautiful presents. But have you ever gotten a present that’s…not? Too much tape? Not enough paper? A ribbon that just doesn’t curl? Well there’s a story behind those presents. The story of one very special elf, two big hands, and an even bigger dream.

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Giving Not Getting- A Christmas Lesson

What to do when your child is selfish and greedy, especially around Christmas time? Read about siblings who can’t wait to find out what they are getting for Christmas and how selfish they become. The parents are finding that the kids are arguing a lot about their Christmas list. Find out what the parents do to help the children learn the true meaning of Christmas. Great book for all children to read and learn from.

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The Great Latke Cook Off

A Chanukah book about family tradition, friendly competition, and delicious recipes. A wonderful read for families of all backgrounds!

Little Krampus and the Magical Sleigh Ride

Little Krampus dreams of riding Santa’s sleigh. When his father says no, he still sneaks away!
Is he doomed to be gifted with naughty-kid coal? Or will Christmas magic get everything under control?

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How Santa’s Got His Reindeer

Everyone knows that Santa uses reindeer to pull his overflowing sleigh each Christmas. But do you know why he chose reindeer? Or how he got them? This delightful children’s picture book is 34 pages and is filled with 14 full color illustrations showing how and why Santa chose reindeer. Children meet Grandfather Frost, the iconic symbol of Russian winter, New Year’s and presents. Readers are exposed to the reindeer herders of Siberia and are given a brief insight of how they live and dress. They are introduced to a Shaman and his magical powers. And finally, children have their questions answered about Santa and his reindeer.

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A Silly Milly Christmas

Silly Milly is back for the most willy-nilly, very merry holiday ever! Lyrical limericks and vivid drawings will have both children and adults laughing with delight as this real-life Great Dane spreads holiday cheer with her unique “petitude. Pet owners will surely recognize her big-dog antics!

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A Christmas For Toys

Up in the bedroom, ’twas Christmas Eve night, and the toys were awaiting an incredible sight. Santa Bear was due to arrive very soon! Toy reindeer led the way beneath a bright white moon. Join the adventure with all of the toys. It’s a story that’s perfect for all girls and boys!

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Am I Ready for Christmas ?

If you could ask Santa for anything this Christmas what would that be? A new doll? A monster truck? A swimming pool? Will these things bring you Christmas Joy? Follow the journey of one little boy as he struggles to ask Santa for the perfect gift and to find the answer to the age-old question “Am I Ready for Christmas?”

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Just ‘Believe

A Children’s Christmas story about a young girl named Bella who has a unique Christmas wish, a donkey. Join Bella on her journey to see if Santa is real while being reminded to just believe in yourself and the magic of Christmas. Best for ages 4 – 10.

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Cutie Sue and the Christmas Miracle

The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner and Cutie Sue makes her wish list for Santa Claus, but there is something she is looking for on Christmas eve above all the gifts. Will her Christmas wish come true this year?

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Everyone talks about the Christmas elves who make all of the toys for children, but no one seems to think of who’s making all the clothes! Meet Toggs, the Christmas elf who has a passion for fashion, a wizard with the scissors, and a head for thread. While Toggs loves his work so much, he feels at times neglected and disrespected. He soon finds his fears to be silly. An example of the importance of self-confidence and not allowing fears to overcome one’s true calling.

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Tree of Light

Tree of Light is the heartwarming tale of Aaa’Lee, a little seed who grows into a magnificent tree. Aaa’Lee learns to breathe, flow and shine her light through all kinds of challenges. One of them is to work through feeling worried about and forgiving Indigo, a bird who accidentally hurt her branch. The adorable pair eventually become great friends and, ultimately, very happy tree-mates. Together, they flow with the winds of change and appreciate the world around them Tree of Light is a wonderful picture book for ages 2 – 9.

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Where Would Santa Go

Join Santa in this playful sleigh-ful Christmas adventure as he shows you all his favorite places around the world from his magic sleigh on Christmas Eve. Now you can answer the question, Where Would Santa Go? Perfect for girls and boys, ages 4+.

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Doodle and the Magic Christmas Float

n a tiny town called Tinsel, there lived a young girl named Doodle. One day while Doodle and her friends were walking through the woods in search of the perfect Christmas tree, they stumble upon an old rusty trailer. With a little love and the help of her grandparents “Mimi and Paw-Paw”, Doodle and her friends will bring some Christmas Magic back to their town along with a new friend.

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A Gift for Santa

This wonderful and fun story is not only about Christmas, but it is also about friendship and kindness. It is a few days before Christmas. Snowflakes are flying in the air, and the children are drawing their Christmas wish lists. However, there is a little boy with a big problem that worries him: what gift would make Santa Claus happy?! And then he gets a great idea. And what do you think would please Santa?

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