Positive Co-Parenting, Even After a Divorce

Getting a divorce is rarely easy. If you have children, the divorce can be further complicated. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll want to keep the following information in mind so that you can provide a healthy upbringing for your child.

Keep the Focus on Your Child

The best way for positive co-parenting after a divorce is to remember that you’re both parenting the same child. While the end of the relationship may have caused you a great deal of pain, your child is going through their own issues at the moment. By putting the focus on your child, both you and your ex can allow the focus of your decisions to remain on a party about whom you both care.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Communication is key. While you don’t have to be friendly with your ex, you should make sure that there is a line of communication open so that you can discuss the important aspects of your child’s life. If your relationship is fraught, keep the communication focused on your child’s needs. Don’t use this channel to argue, but rather share important information for the good of your child.

Be Flexible When You Can

It’s always a good idea to be willing to be flexible when it will benefit your child. There’s a reasonable tendency for many to not want to be the parent who ‘gives in’ to the other, but it’s wise to act in good faith whenever possible. This will allow you to build a better rapport with your ex and encourage the other party to be just as flexible when something on your end needs to be changed.

Know Your Rights Under Child Custody Law

Child custody law can be tricky to untangle. It’s wise to create a custody agreement when you divorce, but your state may also have very specific rights and responsibilities for each parent. These could greatly impact your relationship and the choices the two of you make for your children. Before you make a major decision, make sure that the decision that you want to make is one that would be supported by the law. Consulting with a child custody lawyer, like those at the Law Office of Faye Riva Cohen, P.C., can help you better understand what your rights are.

Positive co-parenting after a divorce isn’t always easy but it is something that has successfully been accomplished by many parents in situations just like your own. Keep the lines of communication open, focus on your child, and know when to be flexible and when to bring the law into the process. If you can set up a plan that focuses on your child, your child can keep both of their parents involved in their life.

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