Lohri, Makarsankranti and Pongal – Books, Printables & Activities

Celebrated on the January 13th and 14th respectively and for the same reason, different states of India celebrate these auspicious day in different ways. Rejoicing in the fruits of harvest.

Celebrated by Punjabi Indians on the 13th of January, Lohri is marked by a bon fire, colorful clothes music and dancing. Popcorn, sesame, chikki are enjoyed. Makar Sankranti is celebrated on 14 January every year.This particular festival is celebrated by many more states, in different ways. This day is marked differently by the element of traditional prayers and kite flying. Celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Pongal this is a grand festival of four days. Learn more about the festivals celebrated during this season  and WHY they are celebrated HERE.

So, how do you make these festivals relevant to kids today?

With books, fun activities and food of course!


Let’s start with books. Here is a list of fun books you can read with your kids about these festivals.

Lohri – the Bonfire Festival

Bola – the Festival Kite

Festivals All Year Round – This is not specific but talks about the many festivals around the year.

Creative Writing

It is important to teach kids how to relate to new festivals. Click here for PRINTABLES you can use to help kids better learn. They can discuss with you and answer or search online and create a resource.

Similar printables for





Writing printable for Makarsankrati / Khicheri

Generic Festive printable


Rangoli Drawings for Pongal / Khicheri

Rangoli is decorative drawings that can be made with colored powder, chalk, playdough or more…

You can also color books with color pencils to mark the occasion.-
Rangoli Books

Make a Kite

As mentioned above, you can simply draw a kite but making a kite would be so much fun and flying it out marks these occasions.

Craft with Sticks

A simple craft to do with kids, using sticks, colored paper and glue. You can use this as a wall decor or card cover for sending wishes to family and friends. Source of pic unknown.

Conversations over Food

Lohri – Sarson da saag, Makke di Roti, Atta ladoo, Gur, Gajjak etc

Makarsankranti – Tilwa, Raamdaane ke laddoo, Undhiyu, Puran poli etc

Pongal – Veg pongal, Rava pongal, Bisel Bhaath, Lemon Rice etc

India’s culture is diverse! It is essential you have these conversations about the many, many subcultures within to have a better appreciation of what Indian culture entails.

You can go to this post to see what foods mark these festivals that fall around the same time. Conversations about the significance, reasons and how they are celebrated about the world go a long way to expanding your horizons or having a better appreciation of your own.


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