Teaching Kids the Art of Film Making

Your child is interested in film making, but you aren’t sure how to help. Nurturing a child’s creativity and desires is a good thing, and the following are a few ways you can nurture this passion. Teaching kids the art of film making is not that difficult.


One thing you can do is encourage your kid to learn about filmmaking. The best way to do this is to send your kid to a film class or camp. You can also have your child take a few classes online that will delve into this art form. Your kid is going to learn how to use some of the equipment and how to properly tell a story.

The passion and the eye is inside your kid. What education will do is refine things a bit. It may be a good idea to use free resources first, like library resources to see if your kid is willing to continue his or her education. You don’t want to pay money for a class and find out your child doesn’t want to put much work into this.

Invest in the Equipment

Helping your kid learn how to film is just one step. The next thing you can do is invest in the equipment. Your kid is going to need all sorts of tools to tell stories through this medium. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on this. Have your kid start with older cameras and recording devices.

Some of the common equipment can be bought used online at reasonable prices. You’ll be allowing your child to get familiar with the equipment. Accidents happen when you’re learning how to handle a camera, and it’s better to have those accidents with items that didn’t cost too much.

Get the Software

You also want to invest in the software you’re kid is going to need as he or she films. For example, your kid is going to need a good editing program if he or she wants to learn how to speed up a video or how to add transitions between scenes.

Depending on how complex the editing software is, it could take your kid a long time to get the hang of it. Talk to your kid about this before you introduce the software. You want him or her to understand that patience is key when it comes to mastering these types of software systems. The school you send your kid to might teach some of these programs to add finishing touches to your kid’s movies.

Get Involved in the Storytelling

Okay, your kids won’t have a crew of workers and actors to work with. Some of the lucky ones will be able to enlist friends to help them tell stories, but the chances are you’ll have to jump in from time to time. Allow your kids to direct the story and run the shoot.

It might be a good idea to consider talking to family members or friends who can lend a hand from time to time. If you are asked to be an actor, learn the lines your kid gives you, and be the best actor you can. As strange as this might be at the beginning, it’s good to participate in your child’s dream like this. You can bond with your kid if you join him or her with this passion.

Start Showcasing the Projects

Letting your child tell a few stories on film is one thing, but now you’ve got to show them their work on the big screen. You could rent a screen from your local theater, but that’s a bit expensive. You can do the next best thing, which is to show these movies at home. Consider purchasing a real home theater system complete with a projector and a screen.

These systems allow you to create the theater experience at home. Depending on the placement of your projector, you could make the image look quite large, which is going to be cool for everyone. Ask your family members and friends to come to the screening of your kid’s movies. Make this screening as special as possible. Bring the popcorn, and ask folks to dress up. Do everything you can to show your kid how special the stories are.

Now, you know what to do for your young filmmaker. Talk to your kids to find out what they want from you as they work on their passion.

What would you add to this to add to teaching kids the art of film making?

teaching kids film making

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