Children’s Books to Make Holi Meaningful

Holi, the ‘Festival of Colors’ is coming soon, marking the arrival of Spring! A world of colors and life lessons can be found in this two-day celebration. Making this celebration of Holi more meaningful with children’s books, is a great way to help kids build on self growth.

Holi in Northern India is celebrated to mark the advent of spring, when the flowers beginning to bloom. The many colors in the air reflect the bloom around you too.

The meaning of Holi has it’s origins in two stories. And both carry a lot of meaning for most Hindu families, specially to strengthen the bond between couples. One is of the love of Radhna Krishna, whose love is eternal and renowned for being full of naughtiness. The other is the story of Prahlad, whose demon father time and again forced him to renounce his love for Lord Vishnu and pray to him as God.

Here are some books that can make this celebration of Holi meaningful with books :

Let’s Celebrate Holi by Ajanta Chakraborty

Go on an adventure with Maya, Neel and their cute little partner, Chintu the squirrel, as they learn all about this famous Indian festival of colors including the story behind Holi, the colorful Holi markets, the incredible fun of playing Holi, the delicious Holi food and drinks and even about some unique ways of celebrating throughout the country.

Let's Celebrate Holi Ajanta Chakraborty

Holi Activity Book by Ajanta and Vivek

How do you explore the concepts of Holi with your kids in a fun & engaging way? In our latest book, we provide you easy ways for you to do just this!

Other than the usual RECIPES, GAMES, PUZZLES, etc., this book also explores these 6 sub-concepts of Holi:

Holi Activity Book Ajanta Chakraborty

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Celebrate Holi with Me by Shoumi Sen

This book is part of the series From The Toddler Diaries, a series of illustrated books which celebrates the spectrum of Indian festivals as experienced by a toddler. Presented in poetry and color, ‘From The Toddler Diaries’ is designed to drape parents and children in vivid hues of India’s cultural fabric. The inspiration behind this collection comes from an appreciation of a child’s clarity in perception, which is magical in its simplicity.

Holi Book by Sunita Shah from Jai Jais

The Jai Jais bring the ancient tale to life with magical and modern illustrations which engage children around ages 5-8 years and beyond. This is a great story for all children to learn about the Hindu festival, and a great teaching resource for schools.

Sunita Shah Jai Jais

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10 Gulab Jamuns by Sandhya Acharya

Idu and Adu are eager to try the soft, sugar soaked Gulab Jamuns that Mama has made for guests, but they have strict instructions wait. But of course, it is really hard to stay away from such deliciousness and soon the Gulab Jamuns are all gone. What will they serve the guests? This light-hearted, fun story will have kids laughing, reading, counting and yes, asking for Gulab Jamuns to cook or devour.

10 Gulab Jamuns Sandhya Acharya

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Festival of Colors

Siblings Mintoo and Chintoo are busy gathering flowers to make into colorful powders to toss during the festival. And when at last the big day comes, they gather with their friends, family, and neighbors for a vibrant celebration of fresh starts, friendship, forgiveness, and, of course, fun!

Festival of Colors Kabir Sehgal Surishtha

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How Our Skin Sparkles by Aditi Wardhan Singh

The beautiful story of Krishna asking his mother why he looks different is a wonderful metaphor of understanding the how important the many colors of the world in rainbows, flowers and people are essential to accept for children. A must read to teach kids about kindness and confidence.

How Our Skin Sparkles Aditi

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Powerful Life Lessons Holi Celebrations Teach Every Child

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