Explore These Popular Snacks Around the World

The world loves to snack, so what better way is there to celebrate diversity than food? From European chocolate goodies to spicy nuts or savory meat snacks, here are 10 popular snacks around the world, from 10 different countries.


Here are 10 Different Snacks from Around the World

South Africa

South African’s love to munch on J&M Biltong, a type of beef jerky but different. It’s made from a variety of meats including beef, ostrich, and wildebeest. The centuries-old method of massaging the meat cuts with vinegar and spices, then drying it naturally makes for a tasty snack.

The Netherlands

The Dutch are fond of Stroopwafels, a cookie version of the breakfast waffle. They were first made and sold only by bakers in the South Hollan city of Gouda during the 1800s. You’ll find them everywhere in the Netherlands today. They’re made by pressing two thin layers of dough in a waffle iron and then filled with a caramel syrup sandwich style.


The tiny country of Switzerland is famous worldwide for more than its chocolate, but one snack you’ll only find inside Swiss borders is the Migros Appenzeller Biberli, a soft-baked gingerbread cookie filled with marzipan (alone filling). Once only baked for holidays, they can be bought at Migros, the nation’s largest supermarket chain all year long. Best of all, since the chain is a co-op, they’re baked by locals.


Arnott’s Tim Tams are recognized all across the planet, but they were first made by the Huntington bakery in Sydney, Australia, and the Aussies consume 45 million of them every year. Tim Tams are made of two chocolate malt biscuits with a cream filling and covered in more chocolate. Get them in dark chocolate, white chocolate, mint, and caramel.


The Scots relish their teatime, and all across Scotland, you’ll find Tunnock’s Teacakes – tiny cookies topped with a dollop of meringue and dipped in chocolate. The teacakes are the invention of the company’s CFO, Boyd Tunnuck who first made them in 1960. However, the Tunnock Bakery has been a Scottish legend since 1890.


You may have noticed that Cashew Nuts are often used in Indian cuisine either as a garnish or made into a paste to use in curries. But for snacking, the nuts are coated with a mix of Indian chili and other spices. You can get them from roadside stands or in markets packaged as Hot & Spicy Cashews by the Laxmi company.


Skyr, a low-fat dairy product is proof that Icelanders like to snack healthy. Similar to Greek yogurt, it has probiotic milk cultures native to Iceland. It comes in cups and in yogurt-familiar flavors like strawberry, blueberry, and vanilla.


In Japan, Onigiri Rice Balls are stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in seaweed. These treats are sold at 7-Elevens across Japan and are as common as the U.S. Slurpee. The fillings include salmon, chicken, turnip wasabi, and grilled beef kalbi. Store managers manage the inventory so that the snacks all always fresh. Go on for more snacks around the world.


A snack called Honey Butter Chips became wildly popular on the Korean Peninsula in 2014, so much so they became hard to find. Competitors jumped on the bandwagon for the sweet and salty snack market and came up with honey mustard flavored Nongshim Sumi Chips. The tangy and sweet wavy potato chips quickly outsold Honey Butter Chips. They’re sold in Korean convenience stores.


Those who are fans of Flaming Hot Cheetos will love Takis, their Mexican cousin. Takis are even hotter and crunchier and come in varieties such as Lime and Salsa Brava and Hot Chili Pepper. They’re sold in convenience stores and supermarkets all around Mexico and are super cheap at only five pesos which is equal to about 28 cents.


When traveling in the Caribbean you will be sure to make a stop in Jamaica and this wonderful island country has a great deal to offer as far as cuisine. The most popular Jamaican snacks are Chanchitas Banana Chips and jerk seasoning. This take on a traditional snack can be great for the waist line as the bananas and plantains they come from are all natural.

Of course, the best way to enjoy these tastes of the world is by traveling to the country they’re native to. But thanks to the Internet and worldwide shipping, some of these popular snacks can be enjoyed right at home.

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