The Story Behind Every Song - Cultural Influences to Music

The Story Behind Every Song – Cultural Influences to Music

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Beethoven, my favorite composer went deaf before he composed some of his most famous piano and orchestral musical works. He was very poor, living in Vienna, but didn’t let his financial hardships or disability deter him from playing and composing music.

In my opinion, he was one of the first true composers to really understand the piano. Other composers before him helped bring the piano to the forefront as a true and important instrument, but the harpsichord was very famous still too. I believe that the culture he lived in was a major influence on his music.

Music Around the World


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Every composer creates music based on their experiences and culture. While playing piano for vocalists, they would sing in different languages. Depending on what language they were singing in would determine how I would interpret and play the piano accompaniment part.

When you hear music from around the world, it will all sound different. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? People from other cultures are also unique individuals.

Even though I am from America, I could compose a song and my neighbor down the street could compose another song, but they would still end up sounding completely different.

Because we’re both from America, we may use a lot of the same sounds, rhythms, and instruments, but our own personal style will go into our music. Most of the time when you are from a different country, you can tell if music is from Jamaica, Africa, Mexico, India, or Italy just by hearing it. Your experiences and knowledge bring you to this understanding.

So many different cultures have shaped me as a music teacher.

My Musical Journey & Influences

My journey began in my first grade classroom one December day.  Our class  was called to the carpet to sit around the piano. It is not very often that a classroom teacher has an instrument in their classroom, so I thought this was pretty cool that our teacher  played  for us daily.

On this particular occasion, she played the song “Jolly Old St. Nicholas.” I ran home from school that day and couldn’t wait to sit at the old piano my dad had just gotten from our church. After picking at the notes for a little while, I finally figured out how to play the melody of that song we had just learned, all by myself. It felt fabulous!

culture music

I went on to take piano lessons and learned how many famous composers played piano and composed such amazing music and the rest as they say is destiny.

I enjoy teaching the African, American, and Spanish cultures the most. I love to teach and play the African drumshey are a great way to teach rhythm and steady beat. Student’s love learning how to play the different types of African drums (djembe, talking drum, and African drum) and the dances to go along with the drumming as a group.

When teaching a song from the Spanish culture, we learn the Spanish language first, then the dances that go along with the song like flamenco, and sometimes even add maracas.

When learning American music, my favorite type to teach is folk music. Students love learning how these songs have been passed down from generation to generation and are songs even their grandparents used to sing. There are so many folk dances where kids have a partner and can dance down the middle or in a circle while singing the song.

Teaching Music

When I taught piano and music in the classroom, teaching music from other cultures was so important to me. Not only would my student’s learn the music, but they would learn about what the people of that culture or country liked to eat, how they liked to celebrate, what their families were like, clothes they enjoyed wearing, and so much more.

We would immerse ourselves in the culture we were studying and when it came time to learn a story or song, the students were so into it. One of my favorite memories of teaching about music from other cultures was when I introduced my students to Native American music. They got to see and hear me play the Indian flute I had made in my music in diversity class in college.

The students understanding before that day, was that a flute was just a flute you would see in a modern day orchestra. They had no idea that a flute can look different in so many different cultures but still go by the same name.

I love to hear stories from my friends or other musician’s about their favorite music to study or listen to. There is so much amazing music out there and I love to continue learning more and more about what’s out there. There are chants, raps, gospel, country, pop, rock, jazz, blues, Classical, reggae, and so much more.

Every single style of music originates from somewhere and there is a story behind every single song written. Do you create music? What has country influences your music the most ?

Cultural Influences To Music - The Stories Behind Every Song #cultures #music #kids #learning #stories

 Jessica Peresta is a mom to 3 little boys. Music has always been a passion loves teaching kids of all ages, inspiring them towards music. She has taught elementary music for 7 years as well as private piano lessons. Seeing many who did not have access to quality music education, she started The Domestic Musician site.  Her goal is to teach music to as many children as possible, no matter where they live, what their demographic is, what culture they come from, or what disability they may be facing. Every child can and should learn music. You can follow her on Facebook @thedomesticmusican or Twitter @thedommusician

rwc keepsake art

Fingerprint Keepsake Canvas Art | Craft for Preschoolers

Keepsake crafts are a great way to save the fond memories to look back on. This fingerprint keepsake canvas art is a perfect DIY craft to treasure your little one’s fingerprints! A simple canvas can be turned into a masterpiece with some painty little fingerprints of your little ones! Isn’t a cute keepsake craft for babies, toddlers and preschoolers which can be treasured forever.

Compete Tutorial here 


Supplies needed:
  • 6×6 Canvas
  • Kids paint
  • Peel and stick Countertop sticker or any sticker
  • Any paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  1. Collect all the materials mentioned above. Now take a peel and stick countertop sticker and cut it into a size of the 6×6 canvas.
  2. With a help of any paper trace and cut a heart shape from the 6×6 countertop sticker as shown in the video.
  3. Now carefully peel the sticker and paste onto the canvas.
  4. Choose your desired colors up to 3 and help your kid to do the fingerprint painting on the canvas that is not covered by the sticker.
  5. Let it dry, sometimes you can leave it for overnight.
  6. Once the paint is dry, carefully peel the sticker from the canvas.

Viola! you have an adorable keepsake fingerprint painting to treasure forever. I am sure this works as a great gift for your loved one’s birthday, mothers day, fathers day and valentines day too. Do you have any other idea for a keepsake craft? Share with me in the below comment section.

Fingerprint Keepsake Canvas Art | Craft for preschoolers

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Mother's day canvas painting

How To Make A Kid’s DIY Canvas Painting For Mother’s Day Card

Waited until the last minute? Looking for a fun and easy card or keepsake for your kids to make for Mother’s Day?

Then you are in right place.

This sweet DIY canvas art is simple to make and great for children of all ages! With a simple rose stamping, you can make mom feel extra special with a beautiful bouquet canvas art for your mom or your grandmother. They make wonderful keepsakes and will be treasured for years to come! Let’s get started with the supplies you need.


Supplies Needed:
  • Lettuce head
  • Kids paint
  • Chenille stem
  • Satin ribbon
  • Any decorative embellishment
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Marker

Easy day card for all people who waited till the last minute. Make the mom in their life extra special.

  1. Pour some kids paint in a palette and dip the lettuce head on the color and make the rose stamps on the canvas.
  2. For the stem, use a chenille stem and glue it to the canvas. I used hot glue gun which is not advisable for kids to do alone. Adults can help this part.
  3. Create a bow from a satin ribbon and paste it to the stem. You can use any embellishment to decorate the bow.
  4. Add a personal touch to this bouquet art by making leaves from your little one’s thumbprint.
  5. Finally, add your love note.

Yay! A beautiful bouquet Canvas Art gift is ready to surprise your Mom or your Grandmother for this Mother’s day. A great alternative to an easy Mother’s Day card.  I am sure this will remain a special gift to them.

We would love to hear from you. Make this and show it off! Email it to us at contact@localhost or upload it on social media and tag us. @passionatemoms,@raisingworldchildren. We would feature the best ones on OUR platform for the world to see!

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DIY Corner, Label, Paperclip Bookmarks

DIY Paper Heart Garland – 2 Different Ways

Have you started planning on Valentine’s Day decor yet? I think it’s just about time and  I decided to start with this super simple paper heart garland. Here I am going to show you two different methods to make your own garland. It only takes about fifteen minutes to make and it is a perfect craft for kids.

The little paper hearts garland can be hanged anywhere and it blends perfectly.  Most importantly this is a decoration you can use year-round for any occasion because you can mix and match any shape, colors, sizes and paper to create a festive touch.


1. DIY Crepe Paper Heart Garland:

Supplies Needed:

  • Crepe paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Satin ribbon or Twine
  • Glue gun


  1. Cut the crepe papers into small pieces of equal size. Bring together and fold it into the half.
  2. Using a pencil draw a half heart starting from the folded edge.
  3. Cut the crepe paper over the heart trace to make the paper hearts.
  4. Fold each hearts into half and paste it together placing one above the other using glue stick.
  5. Apply some hot glue in the middle of the hearts and paste the satin ribbon or twine in the center.
  6. Now paste the last piece heart with the first one so that the satin ribbon remains in the center of the joined hearts.
  7. Repeat the same steps until you reach your desired length of the garland.

DIY Heart Garland Day Crafts - Different Ways To Make Heart Garlands | Easy Valentines Crafts for Kids

2. DIY Construction Paper Heart Garland:

Supplies Needed:

  • Construction paper or any color paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sewing thread


  1. Cut the construction papers into small pieces of equal size. Bring together and fold it into the half.
  2. Using a pencil draw a half heart starting from the folded edge.
  3. Cut the paper over the heart trace to make the paper hearts.
  4. Now carefully fold it as shown in the video. Make sure you don’t press it too much which might leave folded marks.
  5. Draw some patterns as you wish and carefully cut them out. You can experiment with different patterns on each heart.
  6. Open the paper heart and see the makeover you did for the paper hearts.
  7. Take a sewing thread and carefully string the paper hearts.
  8. That’s It!  Your valentines day decor is ready to be hanged wherever you like.

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