Raising Mindfulness – Diverse Reading Challenge

Summer is upon us. This means we are all looking for books to help our kids raise their level of mindfulness via books. This diverse reading challenge around mindfulness provides you not just with ONE book but each book is a part of a series of books that all empower children to be mindful, empathetic, kind, confident and build a strong value system while providing a global view.

Buy them via the links provided or find them at your local library. You can even make a request to your local librarian or add a book request on your library’s website.

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Dancing in Thatha’s Footsteps

by Srividhya Venkat

On Sundays, Varun has his karate lesson, and his sister Varsha heads to dance school with their grandfather. One weekend, Varun reluctantly accompanies his sister to her lesson. Bored of waiting, he peeks into the classroom, and almost immediately, he is fascinated by the rhythm and grace of bharatanatyam, a dance from India that Varsha is learning to perfect. Varun tries a few moves at home in secret because…well, boys don’t dance, do they? His grandfather is not so sure. Will Thatha be able to convince Varun to dance in his footsteps?

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I Can Handle It

Kids learn well through repetition, and simple easy to ‘get’ language. Your children will incorporate the mindful mantra I Can HandleIt almost immediately after reading this book!

Positive self-talk is incredibly important for improving and maintaining mental health and the mindful mantra books are a way to plant that positivity right into a child’s head! Help your child learn to handle difficult emotions along with Sebastien, and provide a tool for lifelong confidence.



Bentley the hippo has a dream to go to the moon. As his journey begins, he runs into a silly monkey, Jaxon, who thinks throwing bananas is sharing. Bentley’s goal is to inspire children to do better, be kinder, accept and respect each other regardless of size, color, shape, gender or religion; and to help those that face other difficulties and challenges. Without “preaching” Bentley teaches children valuable lessons. Bentley’s bubbly personality inspires children to be curious as to what will happen next in this 5-book series. Get ready to fall in love with Bentley.

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Cami and Wyatt Have Too Much Screen Time

by Stacy C. Bauer

Cami and Wyatt love their screen time. Watching movies and playing games on their tablets is so much fun! But are they missing out on other things? And are their family and friends feeling ignored? Screen time addicts of ALL AGES will find this book relatable and funny. Parents in particular will appreciate the gentle suggestions that inspire and empower kids to power down. Join Cami and Wyatt in the third book of the Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too series, as they try to break this bad habit and find their way back to the real world.

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Do you wish your child could be more responsible with money?

Kass budgets her money carefully and expects her brother Joey to do the same. But Joey spends every dollar he earns. When he realizes he hasn’t saved enough money to pay for something he’s been dreaming about, Joey must either learn to budget or risk giving up his dream.

A Boy, A Budget, and a Dream helps teach financial literacy and money management to children ages 4-8 in a fun and easy to comprehend way!

Hanuman Chalisa was composed by Sage Tulsidas in the 16th century in Awadhi language. (that’s over 400 years ago). Hanuman is a devotee of Lord Rama and one of the well-known characters in the Hindu epic “Ramayana”. Hanuman is Hindu’s original super hero, the monkey god. Hanuman Chalisa holds a special place and importance in the Hindu religion as it highlights Hanuman’s unique qualities. There are forty verses praising Hanuman, each line has been translated by The Jai Jais for children to easily understand. Chanting the Chalisa creates positive energy and vibrations. Children who recite the Chalisa, will be filled with wisdom and strength. Sometimes children try to do things that can be challenging or tricky, and can cause them to become sad or frustrated. Praying to Hanuman can help children accomplish difficult tasks. He can bring peace and happiness to their minds, and achieve well being.

From the seriesThe Jai Jais Legend Series

I Love BOBA!

by Katrina Liu

“I love BOBA!” is a colorful rhyming picture book inspired by the author, Katrina Liu’s, love of boba. With the bubble tea craze happening worldwide, it’s hard to believe that there isn’t a children’s book out there that celebrates this spectacular drink! This 36 page picture book features whimsical and fun illustrations that include so many amazing reasons why boba is so great! As if you need a book to convince you!

Cousins Forever

Cousins Forever is a beautifully written and illustrated book that captures the special relationship that cousins share. When one of the two families moves abroad, the two cousins do not let the distance come between them. They talk often about their friends, animals, different seasons, and outdoor activities, via video chat. With new words and languages being part of their everyday life, the two girls come up with a fun, painting game, the “Word Swap”.

A lovely tribute to the unique friendship of cousins. Parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents can share this book with little ones who are just beginning the lifelong journey as cousins together. Close friends are family also, so if you don’t have an extended family, your child’s best friend may also be referred to as a cousin. Available in 18 languages.

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Little Cat Feels Left Out

by Dori Durbin

What is so special about Mr. Fuzzby? He can’t possibly be a better best friend than Little Cat… right? Is Little Cat being LEFT OUT?

Little Cat sets out on a mission to learn what makes Mr. Fuzzby tick. But what she discovers about true friendship will surprise children and parents alike!

Friendships can be tricky, help your child see them in a new way! If your child has ever struggled with disappointing friendships or feeling LEFT OUT, then this book is for you both! Help your child identify behaviors of good friends, ways they can be even better friends, and that no one ever has to FEEL LEFT OUT!

With relatable, child-like animal characters and comical illustrations, “Little Cat Feels Left Out” will engage and elate even the youngest of readers. Be prepared to read it again… and again!

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My Sister’s Super Skills

by Lauren Mosback

David is having a rough day…but his emotions are no match for his older sister Lily, who swoops in to save the day with some super skills! When Lily observes her brother feeling frustrated, sad, and irritable, she quickly shows him some helpful tips and tricks to help him feel better. And though David might not feel like jumping up and down for joy at that very minute, he soon learns that an improved mood is just a few actions away. Will Lily’s super skills be enough to save the day?

Fred the Super Saves the Mangroves

by Pina Bird

Fred’s new adventure takes you on a trip deep into the mangrove forests of Australia. While taking in all the beauty of this new habitat, Fred discovers that the forest is at risk and needs immediate help. How will Fred and his friends save the mangroves? Join the adventure and find out what they learn about the mangrove forests.

From the series – Fred the Super Series

A Curious Boy Named Jeff: Based on Jeff Bezos’s Life

by Kay B

Jeff is a very successful person. He runs his own company called Amazon. Amazon helps people buy and sell anything using the computer and internet. So, how did Jeff become successful? What is one value that has helped him? BEING CURIOUS!

Jeff likes to read, ask questions and observe the world around him. He discovers new things every day and every day he works to help makes peoples’ lives easier. We always teach children about remarkable people of the past. But what about those in the present? What can children learn from them?

Little Kids’ Big Lessons series focuses on successful, inspirational people of today, and highlights a key value that has helped each one of them achieve their success. The first book of the series is about Jeffrey P. Bezos, founder of Amazon.

From the series – Little Kids’ Big Lessons Series

I Love Masala Me

by Nikita Gupta

Joselyn and Amit are children that belong to two worlds, and two different but beautiful cultures. Growing up, they could choose to assimilate into American culture completely, or they could choose to embrace their multicultural heritage. They both decide to celebrate the richness of their multicultural (Indian and American) identities. This book is a celebration of culture and multicultural identity through food from chicken nuggets and chicken pakora, to cheese curds and paneer tikka, etc. Find yourself immersed in a delightful children’s book that explores the gift of being a masala or a multicultural child, all while you enjoy learning some Hindi and English too. I love masala me is a simple story that encourages children not to shun being different but to love it. In today’s diverse and divisive climate, self-love, acceptance, and inclusion are of the utmost importance, and what better way to convey this message than through food.

Sparkles of Joy

by Aditi Wardhan Singh

Empathy comes from knowledge.

Caleb, a new neighbor, joins a Diwali themed play date. Will Riya and her friends be able to make Caleb feel comfortable?

Explore Diwali, Christmas Hanukkah , similarities and differences. Find out how cultures around the world sparkle in different ways. Enjoy this fun story that takes you around the world, written by multi-award winning Author Aditi Wardhan Children.

The Sparkling Me Series books are ideal for elementary aged kids, preschoolers and teachers. Conversation starters, a Diya making activity and a resource guide come with this book.

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Children’s Books about Hair Loss

Hair loss can be super embarrassing for many, be it through natural causes, cancer or alopecia. It is wonderful that there are so many books today that help build confidence and empathy within children, about being body positive in a variety of ways.

September was Alopecia Awareness month and we were honored to come across these books that not only raise awareness about hair loss and how it feels, but also help kids build empathy and inclusion within, for those who may be suffering.

Click on some of our favorite hair loss book covers to explore this condition with your kids  –


The little girl in NOWHERE HAIR knows two things: Her mom’s hair is not on her head anymore, so therefore it must be somewhere around the house. After searching the obvious places, the story reveals that her mother, although going through cancer treatment, is still silly, attentive, happy and yes, sometimes very tired and cranky. She learns that she didn’t cause the cancer, can’t catch it, and that Mommy still is very much up for the job of mothering. For any parent or grandparent, NOWHERE HAIR offers a comfortable platform to explain something that is inherently very difficult.

My Hair Went on Vacation

This story is about Rosie, who lives in Chicago.
Within three weeks she lost all of her hair and asked, “Where did it go?”
Rosie loved to rock the bald, without even skipping a beat.
She happily wore sunscreen—not even a hat!—in the summer heat.
At bedtime, Rosie would tell her own stories with a smile on her face.
She’d imagine her hair going on magical adventures all over the place.
From a young age, Rosie loved herself and was not phased by her look,
So her mother decided to share her spirit to teach others through this book.
Come on this adventure with a confident bald girl,
Who tells us ”Bald is beautiful!” as she smiles with a twirl.
We hope this book can inspire you to love others as they are,
And to love yourself every day, whether your hair is near or far.

The Girl With No Hair: A Story About Alopecia Areata

Kelly looks back at her years of learning to live with alopecia areata, a disease which causes hair loss. This light-hearted story follows her from diagnosis as a small child, to coping with the social and emotional implications of her condition, to gaining the understanding and acceptance of her peers and teachers.

Who Are You?: Ella the Enchanted Princess

In a beautiful kingdom, hidden beyond the Enchanted Forest, lived a young princess named Ella. She was different from other princesses, Ella had no hair. She often tries to hide her head with scarves and headbands and doesn’t like looking into mirrors. Ella always dreams of one day exploring beyond the majestic doors of the castle. However, to do that, she must pass through the Grand Hall, but there are so many dreaded mirrors on the walls. These mirrors are the guardians of the castle, and will not let anyone pass unless they are recognized.

Join Ella on her first adventure through the Grand Hall! Why don’t the mirrors know Ella, and what will she have to do to leave her room and explore?

Mum, where is your hair? 

Join a curious child search here, there and everywhere, for their mother’s hair. Every page is an illustration of an imaginative adventure, taking the child on a fun journey to realise that their mother’s hair loss is nothing to fear.

The rhyming magical storyline features fairies, animals, mermaids, and pirates. The colorful illustrations and repetitive sentences are perfect to be read aloud or with children, allowing the audience to quickly become absorbed and familiar with the sentences.

Dad’s Bald Head

Pete’s dad has very little hair to comb. And what he does have looks a bit, shall we say, scraggly? Every day Pete tries to help him neaten it, but every day the hairs pop right back up. Well, this dad has had enough! One day while shaving, Dad just keeps . . . on . . . going. He shaves off every single one of those scrawny, scraggly hairs.

Pete isn’t sure what to think of his new, bald Dad. He looks like an egg, or a kickball. Not a Dad. As Pete’s parents help him to embrace this shiny, new, bald head, young readers will recognize the challenge of dealing with changes, big and small, in their own lives.

Shreya’s Very Own Style

“Shreya’s Very Own Style” is a story about self-love and acceptance. Though Shreya is a champion on the soccer field, the coolest scientist at her school and dances like a star, she just can’t seem to figure out how else to style her hair. After all, how would she explain the patches on her head with no hair at all?