Better Health With Healing Ingredients In Your Kitchen

‘Popping a pill’ to feel better, seems like the easiest and quickest solution to treating an ailment.

A mild cough or a slight temperature is enough to make most people run to the doctor to get some prescribed antibiotics. *Ironically, frequent use of antibiotics can make the bacteria in our body more resistant to it, thus making the antibiotic useless in its treatment in the future.

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are usually used in the treatment of allergies, headaches, body pain, cold, etc. However, these non-prescription medications come with their own side-effects like dizziness, nausea, bleeding and more.

From thousands of years ago, ingredients from our kitchens have been used to treat different illnesses and diseases. But these traditional remedies seem to have been forgotten, instead of passed on.

So here is a list of a few hidden gems in our kitchens that have miraculous healing properties.

Honey: The Best Antibiotic

Pure honey is proven to be very effective in killing germs that cause human diseases. Honey is the best natural remedy for treating throat infections, common colds and flu. **In addition, it is also used to treat infected wounds and burns, stomach ulcers and other ailments because it is alkaline in nature.

Black Seeds (Nigella Sativa): Healer of all Diseases except Death

Black seeds act as a natural immunity booster and can protect our body against various germs. When mixed with honey, it is effective in destroying bladder and kidney stones. It is often used in the treatment of diabetes, migraines, digestive problems, asthma and chronic eczema. Black seeds help regulate the menstrual cycle, hence it can be very helpful for women suffering from PCOD/PCOS. It also helps increase the flow of milk in lactating mothers.

Carom seeds/Ajwain: The Gut Healer

Carom seeds are the best cure for most stomach related problems like indigestion, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea and menstrual cramps. It is also a natural antacid and helps keep acidity and acid reflux at bay. Drinking a glass of warm water with soaked carom seeds on an empty stomach, aids in weight loss, as it is a metabolism booster.

Carom seeds are also very effective to treat cold, cough, flu, joint pains and arthritis naturally. Being an antioxidant, it purifies the blood and flushes out toxins from our body, thus giving us glowing skin. In new mothers, it aids in healing the uterus and increases the flow of milk too.

Flax seeds: A Natural ‘Wonder-Drug’ for Women

Flax seeds are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and ‘LIGNAN’, which helps prevent breast cancer, balances hormones, maintains regularity of the menstrual cycle and reverses aging in our body. ***They are very helpful in treating PCOS/PCOD naturally. These nutritious seeds lower blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attacks. Flax seeds are very high in fibre, thus they promote digestive health and reduce gut inflammation. They also help reduce the ‘dry eye’ syndrome.

Black Pepper: The ‘All-In-One’ – Antibiotic, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammation

Black pepper is considered to be the ‘king of spices.’ It is known to stimulate skin pigmentation and is used as a natural alternative in the treatment of the skin disease Vitiligo. Black pepper helps lower blood pressure, reduces inflammation and clears the nose and chest of congestion. It stimulates appetite, aids in weight loss and protects against premature aging. Black pepper is also known to be a natural diuretic.

Cinnamon: The Immunity Booster

Cinnamon has the highest source of antioxidants than any other spice. It is a great immunity booster and helps fight viruses that cause cold and flu. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar and helps fight diabetes. It also lowers swelling, reduces inflammation and aids in fat burning. Cinnamon can also be used as a natural mouth freshener.

Turmeric: The Inflammation Fighter

Turmeric contains ‘Curcumin’, which is a cancer-fighting compound that is proven to reduce the growth of cancerous cells. It helps fight chronic inflammation, which plays a major role in the cause of arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Vinegar: A Natural Cleanser

The safest way to consume fruits and vegetables is by rinsing them well and soaking them in a vinegar solution for 15-20 minutes. Vinegar helps get rid of any dirt and/or any residual pesticides. Unless you are growing your own fruits and vegetables, this is the best way to ensure that what goes into your mouth is safe and clean.

With the upcoming flu season, here are some great tips to beat the weather blues.

Raising World Children Cold and Flu Natural Relief

1. Fight the cold – roast some carom seeds/ajwain, put it in a sock and tie up. Inhale the vapors and keep it beside your pillow all night. The soothing aroma will fix your clogged/runny nose. This is by far the best natural remedy for babies and kids.

2. Battle the cold and cough – boil water with some turmeric (antibacterial), carom seeds, & a black tea bag (antioxidant). Once hot, add a teaspoon of VICKS vapor rub and mix. Sit on the floor for inhaling as this is the safest with hot water. Cover your head and the vessel with a thick towel, and inhale for at least 10-15 minutes. To treat babies and toddlers, boil and keep the vessel in the room where they sleep. The vapours will help the child breathe smoothly.

3. Cough relief –  make a honey-ginger syrup with freshly extracted ginger juice, some finely grated ginger and honey. Add this syrup to hot water and drink often.

4. When you get the flu, start your day with a cup of warm water infused with honey, black pepper, turmeric and cinnamon. All the above ingredients have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Wishing good health and happiness to everyone!




**Islamic Medicine, Yusuf Al-Hajj Ahmad


Minali Bajaj-Syed is an Indian, born and settled in Kuwait. Having lived in Kuwait, India and the United States, I have had the opportunity to experience a diverse set of cultures. Thus, I consider myself as a global citizen. I am always learning, evolving and trying to spread some positivity. On most days, I am a mother to two kids and a food blogger on Instagram @cinnamon_cardamom.

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