Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Why I gifted my daughter “GOOD NIGHT STORIES FOR REBEL GIRLS” !

When it comes to celebrating children’s birthday, every parent wants it to be extra special. But, it doesn’t mean the birthdays have to be celebrated by throwing a lavish party or presenting expensive gifts. It’s all about things we do to make our child feel loved and valued.

My little one turned four this May month, and we wanted to make this occasion a momentous one. But, this time, we put the idea of throwing a birthday gathering on the back burner. Instead, we concentrated on an excellent gift that should stay with my daughter forever.

Trying to Raise a Self-Reliant Kid:

With the present world’s climate, raising independent, confident kids is day by day becoming a tough task. Additionally, being an Indian, raising an independent girl is never easy, let alone to make her understand her worth.

When all the other external factors, including media, influence your little one’s mindset to make them feel worthless and they need someone to rescue and protect them, you have to put on a serious fight against the society to make your girl understand her worth. It’s like you are against the world fighting an invisible war in raising your kid to be self-reliant.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls:

However, this thought never stopped generations of women from doing it. What would be the guaranteed way to show your girls to embrace her self worth than sharing stories of some great inspiring women who made a positive impact on the world and still remind us “there is hope”. To make this possible, I decided to gift my girl a book written by Elena Favilli “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”, -100 tales of Extraordinary Women.

I have been eyeing on this for more than a year. However, I was waiting for the right moment to give my little one the book. As she is four now, it’s an ideal age to introduce kids about the concepts of self-value, struggles, obstacles, failures and success, and this book would be the perfect choice to teach all those ideas.

I was so delighted to order this book and this book had tales of 100 women who overcame the hurdles and got to be an inspirational person now. I truly believed that if my girl can understand some inspiring women’s life journey, their struggles and their labour they have put into overcoming those hurdles, she can genuinely believe that she can overcome anything.

About The Book:

As you would have already guessed from the title, this book is all about inspiring women who have fought for their rights and who have succeeded regardless of their struggles and hurdles. This book also reminds that, we can achieve in whatever thing we put our mins to irrespective of their age, origin, status, family background, etc., Passion is all that matters.

Each tale is about one page, and in each page, they have highlighted an inspirational quote from the woman. They have used a brilliant illustration, with the picture of each woman on the story page.

This makes the book more colorful and enjoyable. It’s an excellent read for adults too. This book is also a great way to teach cultural aspects as women mentioned here are from a different origin. It’s a crisp opportunity to introduce her to the other countries on our globe.

Unfortunately, the title suggests it’s a book for girls. It’s a fabulous idea to inspire young girls to show them how powerful they can be. But the stories are fascinating and inspiring for also the boys to read.

Gift Set of All Books

And more importantly, its good to show boys that they can imagine women as Presidents, Scientists, Athlete and Formula One Race car driver.

I think despite what my daughter may face as she grows up, there will be at least one story to which she can relate to and overcome it as the woman she inspired did.

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls – It’s a book of fairy tales with a difference: all the stories are true.

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4 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome RSD

4 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome RSD

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, or RSD, is a medical condition that’s known to cause pain, swelling and skin discoloration among sufferers. If you have a child who has been diagnosed with this condition, there are certain measures that you can take as a parent to help your son or daughter manage symptoms better and live life to the fullest. Here are some of the best ways to help a child with RSD.

Coordinate with a Pediatric Specialist

A pediatric specialist is a doctor who treats many conditions that affect children. The specialist who you choose for your child can devise a personalized treatment plan that’s based on the severity of symptoms and how well your son or daughter responds to certain treatment methods. You’ll want to choose someone who can establish a good rapport with your child and show compassion while also being knowledgeable enough about this condition to implement the best treatment options possible.

Consider Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine treatment often works well in alleviating the physical pain caused by RSD. Ketamine has long been highly regarded for its anesthetic properties that work to numb pain and is one of the safer anesthetic treatments that’s currently available. There are chronic pain services that offer ketamine treatments to adults and children who want to experience relief from their symptoms. You should consult with your child’s doctor to prevent any interference with pre-existing conditions and set up follow-up appointments to monitor how your child’s system reacts to the treatment.

Track Symptoms

Simply keeping a record of your child’s symptoms can be an effective way to find the right solution. This record can be used for you to know what exactly makes your child’s pain better or worse. You can also gain a better understanding of the specific factors that can trigger symptoms so that you can try to help your child avoid them. The record that you keep should be shown to your doctor so that the information can be recorded in your son’s or daughter’s medical file.

Encourage Participation in Activities

Your child’s RSD shouldn’t stand in the way of living a productive and fulfilling life. By encouraging your son or daughter to partake in activities that many children enjoy, you can help your child maintain better physical and mental health. Even participating in sports can be good for children with RSD if symptoms aren’t too severe. While it is important to listen when your child expresses pain, it is important to encourage them to take time away from resting to have fun.

You can help your child manage his or her RSD symptoms better if you work together to find the right solution. Even though RSD has adverse effects, your child can learn ways to cope with the condition better.

4 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome RSD

4 Services You Need for Your Family’s Next Road Trip

Make Camping a Wholesome Experience for Little Kids

Camping is a very fun activity and it really helps to make a strong bond and connect with your kids. In this post I’m going to share with you some tips while camping with your kids.

1. Give them Jobs

Give your kids something to do as soon as you reach the site of camping.

It will keep them busy and they will not do any mischief. Especially at the beginning of camping you will have to set up the tent etc so you can give them job or something to do related to the setup. It will keep them busy and they will not bother you while you are doing your work.

This also makes kids responsible and part of the camping experience.

2. Make Rules

You should make some rules before camping or during the camping.

The rules could be as simple as “No shoes in the tent”. If you allow your kids to bring the shoes in the tent then it will make everything messy inside with dir, grass etc.

So you can set up little rules like this, it will enhance your camping experience.

Another example of a good rule is not watching anything on screen like tablet etc. You can also not take tablets with you all together.

While camping you should play board games or outdoor games and avoid digital games. Setting up rules while campaign also helps to build discipline in children.

3. Storage

Get some cheap containers and take them with you while camping.

During camping you have very little space so these containers will help a lot. You can put things in containers. This will make your camping experience very organised and avoid any kind of mess.

It is very useful especially while you are camping with kids. Also make your kids to put things in storage container at their place every time, this will build a habit of organisation in kids.

4. Make Simple Meals

While camping with kids don’t spend a lot of time preparing meals.You should get some simple meal ideas from Pinterest before camping. The meal preparation should be simple. It should take very little time and it should not be complicated and include a lot of ingredients.

Make Camping a Wholesome Experience for Little Kids

5. Prepare Before Camping

You should prepare before camping as much as you can. As mentioned in the above point. You should decide your meals and its ingredients.

Carry fresh and pure water purified by a good water filter with you as many diseases spread through impure water.

If you have been camping before then remember that experience and make a list of things you should carry with you accordingly. Imagining you are at the camping, will also help you to make a list of things you should carry with you.

6. Carry Medications

You should always carry a first aid box with you while camping. Also if you or any of your family members have any kind of allergies then you should carry medicine related to it as a precaution.

7. Allow Your Kids Cook

Cooking is a fun activity. You should allow you are kids to do simple things while cooking. They will love it and will enjoy it.

It will make them apart of the camping experience. Just keep an eye on them.

8. Take Some Games with You

While camping with kids you should take some outdoor games with you. Games like football, ring toss, capture the flag are very fun to play during camping.

9. Give Children Freedom

While camping with kids you should give them some freedom. Nowadays kids spend most of their time indoors and camping is the only time to spend outdoors with nature.

So let them observe things and let them touch things. Just keep an eye on them.

Make Camping a Wholesome Experience for Little Kids


Akash Sharma is a blogger from India. He likes to write helpful articles especially on parenting topics. He loves camping, reading and writing.