Make Camping a Wholesome Experience for Little Kids

Camping is a very fun activity and it really helps to make a strong bond and connect with your kids. In this post I’m going to share with you some tips while camping with your kids.

1. Give them Jobs

Give your kids something to do as soon as you reach the site of camping.

It will keep them busy and they will not do any mischief. Especially at the beginning of camping you will have to set up the tent etc so you can give them job or something to do related to the setup. It will keep them busy and they will not bother you while you are doing your work.

This also makes kids responsible and part of the camping experience.

2. Make Rules

You should make some rules before camping or during the camping.

The rules could be as simple as “No shoes in the tent”. If you allow your kids to bring the shoes in the tent then it will make everything messy inside with dir, grass etc.

So you can set up little rules like this, it will enhance your camping experience.

Another example of a good rule is not watching anything on screen like tablet etc. You can also not take tablets with you all together.

While camping you should play board games or outdoor games and avoid digital games. Setting up rules while campaign also helps to build discipline in children.

3. Storage

Get some cheap containers and take them with you while camping.

During camping you have very little space so these containers will help a lot. You can put things in containers. This will make your camping experience very organised and avoid any kind of mess.

It is very useful especially while you are camping with kids. Also make your kids to put things in storage container at their place every time, this will build a habit of organisation in kids.

4. Make Simple Meals

While camping with kids don’t spend a lot of time preparing meals.You should get some simple meal ideas from Pinterest before camping. The meal preparation should be simple. It should take very little time and it should not be complicated and include a lot of ingredients.

Make Camping a Wholesome Experience for Little Kids

5. Prepare Before Camping

You should prepare before camping as much as you can. As mentioned in the above point. You should decide your meals and its ingredients.

Carry fresh and pure water purified by a good water filter with you as many diseases spread through impure water.

If you have been camping before then remember that experience and make a list of things you should carry with you accordingly. Imagining you are at the camping, will also help you to make a list of things you should carry with you.

6. Carry Medications

You should always carry a first aid box with you while camping. Also if you or any of your family members have any kind of allergies then you should carry medicine related to it as a precaution.

7. Allow Your Kids Cook

Cooking is a fun activity. You should allow you are kids to do simple things while cooking. They will love it and will enjoy it.

It will make them apart of the camping experience. Just keep an eye on them.

8. Take Some Games with You

While camping with kids you should take some outdoor games with you. Games like football, ring toss, capture the flag are very fun to play during camping.

9. Give Children Freedom

While camping with kids you should give them some freedom. Nowadays kids spend most of their time indoors and camping is the only time to spend outdoors with nature.

So let them observe things and let them touch things. Just keep an eye on them.

Make Camping a Wholesome Experience for Little Kids


Akash Sharma is a blogger from India. He likes to write helpful articles especially on parenting topics. He loves camping, reading and writing.

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