Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Why I gifted my daughter “GOOD NIGHT STORIES FOR REBEL GIRLS” !

When it comes to celebrating children’s birthday, every parent wants it to be extra special. But, it doesn’t mean the birthdays have to be celebrated by throwing a lavish party or presenting expensive gifts. It’s all about things we do to make our child feel loved and valued.

My little one turned four this May month, and we wanted to make this occasion a momentous one. But, this time, we put the idea of throwing a birthday gathering on the back burner. Instead, we concentrated on an excellent gift that should stay with my daughter forever.

Trying to Raise a Self-Reliant Kid:

With the present world’s climate, raising independent, confident kids is day by day becoming a tough task. Additionally, being an Indian, raising an independent girl is never easy, let alone to make her understand her worth.

When all the other external factors, including media, influence your little one’s mindset to make them feel worthless and they need someone to rescue and protect them, you have to put on a serious fight against the society to make your girl understand her worth. It’s like you are against the world fighting an invisible war in raising your kid to be self-reliant.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls:

However, this thought never stopped generations of women from doing it. What would be the guaranteed way to show your girls to embrace her self worth than sharing stories of some great inspiring women who made a positive impact on the world and still remind us “there is hope”. To make this possible, I decided to gift my girl a book written by Elena Favilli “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”, -100 tales of Extraordinary Women.

I have been eyeing on this for more than a year. However, I was waiting for the right moment to give my little one the book. As she is four now, it’s an ideal age to introduce kids about the concepts of self-value, struggles, obstacles, failures and success, and this book would be the perfect choice to teach all those ideas.

I was so delighted to order this book and this book had tales of 100 women who overcame the hurdles and got to be an inspirational person now. I truly believed that if my girl can understand some inspiring women’s life journey, their struggles and their labour they have put into overcoming those hurdles, she can genuinely believe that she can overcome anything.

About The Book:

As you would have already guessed from the title, this book is all about inspiring women who have fought for their rights and who have succeeded regardless of their struggles and hurdles. This book also reminds that, we can achieve in whatever thing we put our mins to irrespective of their age, origin, status, family background, etc., Passion is all that matters.

Each tale is about one page, and in each page, they have highlighted an inspirational quote from the woman. They have used a brilliant illustration, with the picture of each woman on the story page.

This makes the book more colorful and enjoyable. It’s an excellent read for adults too. This book is also a great way to teach cultural aspects as women mentioned here are from a different origin. It’s a crisp opportunity to introduce her to the other countries on our globe.

Unfortunately, the title suggests it’s a book for girls. It’s a fabulous idea to inspire young girls to show them how powerful they can be. But the stories are fascinating and inspiring for also the boys to read.

Gift Set of All Books

And more importantly, its good to show boys that they can imagine women as Presidents, Scientists, Athlete and Formula One Race car driver.

I think despite what my daughter may face as she grows up, there will be at least one story to which she can relate to and overcome it as the woman she inspired did.

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls – It’s a book of fairy tales with a difference: all the stories are true.

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