11 Books to Help Kids Build on Social Skills

Social skills books are extremely essential for children to grow into high functioning adults. It is paramount to personal development and long term success that we provide our children with all the tools we can. For a well rounded development, we want our children to know that they can use every aspect of their emotional well being in dealing with friends and family.

Below are DETAILS of the social skills books included in this esteemed list.

Can a Cookie Change the World?  

By Rhonda Bolling

A true story about a young girl with a big heart who changes the world one cookie at a time.  Ages 6-11

Funny Dragons ABC’s

By P.J. Rogers

Wacky Dragons share unique words in this ABC book for kids ages 3 to 5 yrs.

Marie’s Big Adieu

By Tamara Rittershaus

Marie says a “big goodbye” to her best friend and starts over somewhere new.

Recommended for children ages 4 to 8.

The Elephant in the Room: A Lockdown Story

By Alicia Stenard

Circus animals and a fun-loving teacher gently teach lockdown drills to young children.

Ages 3-8

Edithina Hides the Pirate’s Treasure

By Martyn Kenneth

Three wicked pirates who are terrible at hiding their treasure travel the seas to seek out Edithina because of her ability to put things where nobody can find them, unless she draws a map.

Ages 3-8

Thor’s Dreamland Adventures: Ducks N’ Dragons

As Thor drifts off to sleep one night, he arrives in a stunning world where everything is bright and fun. He starts to make friends with some ducks in a nearby pond when all of a sudden, a dragon appears and starts taking the ducks! What is Thor to do??? Ages 5-9

How Our Skin Sparkles – A Growth Mindset Children’s Book for Global Citizens About Acceptance

By Aditi Wardhan Singh

Aarav asks his mom, “Why do I look different than my friends?” This story is about acceptance and the impact of childhood curiosity towards inclusion. Through a mix of science and culture, this story inspires children to be okay with asking questions and be different.

AGES 3 – 8

I’m Basically a Unicorn

By Melanie Hawkins

This rhyming book is a sweet look at unique genetic traits, illnesses, and abilities in children, and celebrates what makes them special and unique. It can open dialogue about others who may look and act a little differently, & can help promote tolerance, inclusion and empathy for all, because we are really not so different after all!

Ages 4-10

Ben’s Adventures: A Day at the Beach

Come along as young Ben imagines a fun day at the beach with his family and friends – all from his wheelchair — showing that ALL Kids can play and dream!

Age 4-8

Childrens Book on Kindness and Manners: “Little Dino Says Please”: A Rhyming Book for Kids About Dinosaur

Meet Donny, a little stegosaurus who has almost no friends due to his rude behavior. But one sunny morning, he meets a magic butterfly who came to teach him the power of the magical word “Please,” and everything around our dino starts changing. His new friends invite him to play together, his sister lends him her skate, and his mother reads him as many books as he wants before he falls asleep.

Can Quilliam Learn to Control His Temper?

A Punk and Friends Book

By Misty Black

Little Quilliam has a BIG problem. Will he learn how to control his temper before someone gets hurt, or will his quills continue to cause chaos? Ages 3-8

The Adventures of Pookie: Mission Fat Hearts

By Rebecca Yee

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join Pookie, Thor and their new friend Kisa the Elf spread kindness EVERYWHERE. 


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