Books for Helping Children Build a Growth Mindset

Books are a huge part of a child’s growth. Many a times, stories help build a mindset of growth where conversations fail. Below you will find some of the most unique books that help your child build a mindset rooted in confidence, learning about consequences, moderation, and more. Books that help in character building from the ground up.

“What Should Danny Do”

This is a choose your own adventure book that empowers children (and adults) to see the consequences of their own actions. As a parent, this book is so powerful. Flipping back and forth between scenarios open the discussion for the kids to see how Danny’s day would change based on the decisions he makes… should he throw a tantrum for not getting the plate that he wants for breakfast or should he let it go and learn to share. Each situation is relevant to real life examples and drives the point home that our children have the ability to change their life.

Kindness Starts with You

This is a great book to incorporate kindness into school days for your child. I actually plan on making a post on my social media to recommend the author and this book as well as sharing the info about our kindness challenge I encourage and help my son do. Kindness does matter and this book is a great way to encourage others to start. Will be reading more titles from this author.


The Fantastic Elastic Brain

Lets talk about various aspects of the brain and how it works, but my favorite is the neurons. I now tell my students turn on their neurons. Even though learning is sometimes tough, we need to persevere and work through the discomfort and that’s how our neurons get turned on. As more neurons are turned on, the faster and more powerful the brain works. This really gets my students excited and it motivates them. Every kid needs this book!

The Magnificent Thing

Child-friendly language and charming illustrations are a perfect combination in this story of hope, perseverance, and hard work as a little girl endeavors to create the most magnificent thing. She fails more than once, even becoming so frustrated that she gives up. But determination wins the day when she takes a look at all her “failures” and discovers each has an element that is just right.

What Do You Do With a Problem

Kobi Yamada’s books are entertaining for both children and adults. This is a great follow-up to “What do you with an idea?”. In both books, the author writes about the feelings of being faced with an idea or a problem, mustering up courage and facing them. The illustrator does a great job turning abstract ideas into something concrete. The book does provide us with some talking points. “Remember when you were scared to get up the slide? That’s how this boy felt.”

Rosie River Engineer

Andrea Beaty has written a children’s novel for children and adults alike. It features an endearing character, Rosie, and her desperate hope of becoming an engineer about how young Rosie has big dreams and even though the dream seems too big, it takes just one person and the perfect words to spark her spirit once again after a failure leads her to calling it quits.

The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes

Success doesn’t really come unless you have failed first. The book was fun and there’s a bit of a twist when the kids think she’s going to fail but she doesn’t – the failure comes in the next pages. It kept them on their toes and sparked a great discussion, both on the author’s pacing and the positives of failure if you learn from it. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to incorporate growth mindset.

Beautiful Oops

For kids who are a perfectionist but feel that they can’t draw something perfect. Kids love this book and it has inspired children to use their creativity if they “accidentally” rip a piece of paper. This author has taken one’s imagination and turned it into an amazing piece of art. Beautifully done.

How Our Skin Sparkles

“Why do I look different that other kids in class?”, Aarav asks his mom. What happens next? Read on to see how Aarav’s mom using science, culture and concept to talk to him about skin color and acceptance, of self and others. With easy to read rhymes, sibling love and thoughts to explore, this story talks about how one can truly see everyone as they are inside. This book is a must have for any child who wants to learn a little more about themselves, the world around them and how we truly sparkle!

Anjali Forever

We can all relate to wanting to change something about ourselves, and in Always Anjali that concept is explored through Anjali wanting to change her name due to being teased. This story was captivating for my students. Our school has read it and from grades K-5

The Magic Is Inside You

The author Cathy Domoney has shared such a great, powerful and much needed message for kids who deal with lack of self confidence. The characters are brought to life. Cathy has done a phenomenal job dulling and drowning the negative voices children often dialogue with internally and bringing up the positive voices that requires encouragement and praise. Cathy has offered activities for adults to help children improve their self esteem is invaluable.

What Do You DO With an Idea

Insightful for children & a reminder to adults to not ignore ideas. Possibly a clever addition to a corporate brainstorming meeting. Very clever, one of the better children’s books I’ve savored. I have this & one of it’s companions as coffee table books & adults can’t be pulled away once they start reading. A wonderful book for budding entrepreneurs. The world certainly needs to nurture more kids who are.

What Were You Thinking

It outlines a simple four step strategy which kids can practice to help them smooth out their responses and ensure that the result they get is the one which they want.Can also open conversation about intentions & how humor doesn’t lessen the pain of hurtful remarks/behavior. This book offers another tool for helping kids fine-tune their emotional literacy and expand their menu of choices. By exploring the gap between intended goal and actual results, families can teach kids to recognize and choose strategies that serves them better.

Cami Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets

Will the treats catch up to Cami? Where is she getting them? What happens at the dentist? The story is fun and relevant. An important book about self moderation. Do check out also, Cami Kangaroo has too much stuff.

Strong Roots Have No Fear

Finally a book for parents to lead by example. Read Aditi’s story and how her values helped her be rooted in spite of feeling like the Girl From No Where. Find many talking points that the author provides to help your child grow confident early and develop a global mindset accepting of all, specially themselves.

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