Making Your Child’s Birthday Special During Lock down

My daughter’s birthday is coming up soon. I dread to think how we are going to get through the day. Not because we had a lavish birthday planned but because it makes all this real for my kid. Which is why I am going to try to make this birthday more about memories than being inside, corona or missing friends.

My daughter loves her birthday just like her mama. We are people people. Having our friends around us makes days extra special. And I know this time now has been hard, not just because we have been home for almost 3 weeks now, but because they miss friends.

Being a person who likes to plan ahead, I have observed what people are doing online and some other ways that I can think up to make the day grand!

Remember, one of the most important things is asking for help from friends, even strangers.

An Online Birthday Event

I had done this for her 1st birthday, where I had invited my friends from all around the world and walked them through all her firsts. I think this time I will do the reverse, where I will have all my friends around the world, leave video messages in the online event and go live at a certain time to celebrate with them.

Hire a Character/Princess

There are online services that are reading/talking/celebrating with your child. If interested, leave a comment below and I will find a service that can help you.

Dance Videos

I recently got into Tik Tok and the app makes it super easy to put together short dance videos. This would be a great way to celebrate.

Books for Helping Children Build a Growth Mindset

Wish List Sent to Friends

She doesn’t want for much, but she has certain likes. I think this year, I may put to my friends a list of books that she would love to have. We have lot of book lists on this site if you don’t have an idea of what books to ask for. I would make sure the delivery was planned 3 days before her birthday so that the books have the time outside before they need to be brought in.

Drive By Birthday

Ask friends to drive by our home at a given window of time. Have the kids out at that time and while maintaining social distancing, throwing their birthday wishes or confetti out of their cars to make the day special.

Kids LOVE Getting Mail

So, whoever cannot make it in the drive by birthday, I would love to ask to drop her a birthday card. I have seen online, that people are asking in their local / favorite mom groups for wishes for their kids. People are sending cards, video messages and more straight to the mom’s inbox to share with the kiddo. A lot of fun!

Giving Back

I always recommend giving back to those in need. This year, I think we would brain storm for a way that enables us to donate items, our toys, money or time to a charity of her choice.

Getting Crafty

Not creative…not a problem. Go online and find ideas to make a special but elaborate birthday craft. This is specially wonderful for kids who enjoy getting creative with paints or seeing something fun being made by their hands. Our Pinterest has a tonnes of crafts you can do that same.

Baking  in the Kitchen

Make your own cake this year. Or cupcakes or brownies or whatever you like to get cooking. Get creative, not just with your meal but with your dessert. Let the birthday kid make it on their own.

Outdoor Fun

If it’s warm where you are, borrow / buy a second hand bouncy house or splash pad or play area for the special day. Make sure to sanitize it completely. And remember, this is not a community event but just for your kiddo.

Take a Virtual Tour

There are many virtual ways to visit a new place these days. Have your kids get into a blanket and take a virtual tour of a museum or park.

Movie Night Marathon

Pick your kids favorite movies/shows, get those snacks together and get cozy enjoying the movie with your favorite characters or stories.

Video Calls with Family & Friends

My kids love their friends and this time was made easy only after I got in touch with all their friends onto a platform where they could connect with each other. Just knowing their friends are  a click away really helps kids feel a little better. Make sure to get your kids on the calls with those they care about.

Drive to an Open Place They Love

I may not do this but I have seen people drive to a near by lake or open park and just be in the open air or go fishing. The change of pace and place does wonders for a child’s day. Don’t forget to maintain social distancing.

Online Games with Friends

There are fun games like this, you can play with your friends , far and near (well, physically) . It should make for a lot of laughs. This would be great for kids 7 and above though, who can read and type.

Scavenger Hunt Around the House

Have the birthday kid start from a spot and go to the next place depending on the clue they get. A lot of fun usually, specially so now. You could also just play hot and cold with their gifts or hide small Easter egg like things in the back yard and give them a special prize for finding all.

Birthday balloons When They Wake Up

You can do the classic birthday balloons around their room the night before or have them fall down when they open the door. Who doesn’t love balloons ?

There is no time like now than letting go for some of your usual ways and stepping it up personally. Go overboard with the decorations around the house. Plan in advance and make the birthday last all week long. The little kiddos deserve it, specially for being such troopers.

And remember, if this year you don’t feel like doing ANYTHING but just lounge around in pajamas, that’s okay too!

Any more ideas ?? Feel free to share them below. 

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