Book Collection to Build Empathy for World & Self

The world is changing constantly. Our children need to know the kindness they need to show, for others and even themselves. The best way to lead our kids towards thinking beyond themselves is through stories of kindness, self care, compassion and introducing them to new worlds. The below books make the perfect collection to show your child that the world is bigger and kinder with them being kind and gentle.
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What Kind of World Would It Be?
This book shows how simple, daily social interactions such as a kind word, helping hand, or selfless act can have a huge impact on others, and can fill the world with kindness. Share the message of kindness with the children in your life by asking, “If everyone acted just like me, what kind of world would it be?”
How Our Skin Sparkles
We all may look different, have different choices but we are all the same inside. This is a book against racism and prejudice. It helps parents talk to kids about acceptance, of self and others. It is more important now than ever to help our kids build a growth mindset that is global in nature.

Little Cat Needs Space

Often those close to us need space, for growth and understanding. Little Cat loves quiet and calm space. Dog doesn’t. When Dog wants to spend more time in Little Cat’s space, Little Cat gets frazzled and then she gets clever. Little Cat makes plan after plan to get back the space she wants… until she finds the space she NEEDS.


A Spark of Kindness: A Children’s Book About Showing Kindness

Kindness is the most powerful lesson you can teach your children. By reading this story about little Joey, your child will learn the meaning of kindness, how to achieve it, and how to spread it to other children. Joey will demonstrate examples of kindness by interacting with his mom, sister, and his classmates. This story will teach your child that just a spark of kindness is enough to make someone happy. Friendly and fun, this book is instructive and carries one of the most important lessons, “If you are kind, kindness will come back to you.”
Fight the Germs
Comfort your child and carefully answer all of their questions by using the easy-to-follow story in this book. Let them know what is going on in the world, keeping them safe without leaving them scared. This story is designed to promote positivity, knowledge, and hope for your young ones. Get it now to have an healthy conversation with your children.
While the Lockdown has been a confusing and uncertain time for us as adults, one can only imagine what it must be like for the children who cannot quite grasp the severity of the situation.
Aurora’s Orchid
Aurora, a beloved mom to four young children, is determined to create memories with them in her childhood home in Rincon, Puerto Rico. One year, she plants an orchid with her children and spends the summer teaching them to tend to it in the hopes that it would grow into the beautiful plant she knew it could. As the days, weeks, months, and even years pass, Aurora teaches her children patience as they skeptically wait for the flowers to bloom. This heartwarming tale–based on a true story–shows how the thoughtful guidance of a loving mother could teach patience while leaving a lasting and beautiful impact on those around her.
Super Science Squad- The Lost Pixie
Working together is the foundation of personal growth. Join the Super Science Squad on their newest adventure to Pixieville. Together, they will use science to help find a lost pixiie. The best part, you can do these fun experiments at home! What better way to learn about science?
Roo The Little Red Tuk Tuk
FINALIST at the WISHING SHELF BOOK AWARDS 2019 This is a collection of very short stories so you can read a page-a-day with very young kids There are hundreds of books about cars, trains, trucks, and various construction vehicles in the market. Have you ever heard of a tuk tuk? Whether you wish to introduce cultural diversity to your kids, encourage them to travel or see exotic places through a book, this will encourage your children to explore the world with a new friend… Roo is a little Tuk Tuk. Join Roo as he recalls the many ups and downs of his life on the roads of Colombo (the commercial capital of Sri Lanka). From road races, to Polo tournaments, to animal rescues, this little vehicle has lived life to its fullest. Experience the joys and perils of Tuk Tuks on the streets, and learn many life lessons along the way with this courageous Tuk Tuk who is always ready to lend a helping hand and spread some cheer. You are never too little to make a difference…
Kynnedi’s World
Kynnedi lives an exciting life for such a little girl. She enjoys exploring the world around her, learning new things, and making memories she’ll never forget! You’ll love finding out about her family names, meet her dog Tyson and what she likes to do on the weekends while also giving your little one a chance to share their world too! Follow her adventures and listen to her insights as she gives you the world through her eyes, introduces you to the key players in her life, and invites readers to share their own experiences in this fun, interactive book.
Being kind to ourselves is so important. A little girl refuses to lather lotion onto her dry skin despite her parents’ insistence. As her dry skin gets worse, her imagination takes her on a transformation. What will she do?
I’m A Little Big Brother
I’m A Little Big Brother is a story of how a little brother learns about his brother’s Autism. He learns that he can be a big brother even though he is the youngest.
It’s Bedtime Lil Marco
Lil’ Marco loves to play and could play from sunup to sundown except every evening, without fail. Except playing does not stop his eyes from getting heavy. They get heavier while playing during and after his bath. It is very important to know when to listen to our body and let it rest.
Mom and Sage embark on an amazing adventure to Fizzle Valley to get more flakes, but the mischievous pixies will do everything in their power to stop them. We love our moms but do we realize how much fun we have with them. This is a great book that helps transition from picture books to chapter books.


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