What Teenagers Want Every Parent to Know

As a teenager myself, I have some prime expectations from my parents, which I am sure are common to most of the teens today.

Successfully raising a ‘teenager‘ is no simple task. It requires a lot of patience, time and attention. I often refer teenagers as “Whiskey in a cup” because of how complex yet manageable they are. Every parent aims at raising their children into happy adults, who are capable of having the best that life offers them.

Here I have listed for you some of the things that teenagers want every parent to know.

Give us your Love, not your thoughts

Teenagers are full of spirit, they possess their own dreams and yearn for a nourishing environment that helps them grow. Trust their capabilities and do not impose your incomplete dreams on them. All we want, is to grow individually and become the person we are meant to be. We want our parents to stand strong, while we shoot through towards our future.

Hear us out

We have so much to talk about, right from our first crush to our stupid lengthy assignments or about the fights we’ve had or the betrayal stories. Sometimes we need no advice nor any guidance but all we need is a listening ear. We want you to become our ‘go to’ person.

Express love, Appreciate us often

We realize your immense love for us but a gesture from your side really makes our day bright. Having love for us and not showing it, is as good as wrapping a present and not giving it. Sometimes we can plan a day together to do our favourite things or maybe you could write me a letter; we just want things beyond normal conversations on the dining table.

Try not to criticize our actions

We know the importance of an elder correcting us when we go wrong, but if it isn’t done in the right way it may just lower our spirit. Do not correct us in front of our extended family or peers, we feel insulted and it negatively impacts our relationship. Also, do not criticise us too often, we expect your encouragement in all our endeavours.

Answer our questions

No matter how silly, inappropriate, stupid or serious it may sound, please ensure that you have cleared the doubt that arose in our bustling mind. It avoids our dependence on an improper source to find the answers we are looking for.

Keep a track of our mental health

Unfortunately, a lot of teens suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. As teenagers, we want every parent to know that merely praying for our mental health isn’t sufficient, empathize with us. We require you to keep a track of our mental health by communicating with us everyday, this helps us navigate our negative emotions and find better solutions.

We don’t need a superman to save us from difficulties, we want to face them. So we aspire to be strong enough to stand for or against whatever and whenever, alone or together.

Mansi Lisha Pinto, a 18 year old who is currently pursuing a career as a Chartered Accountant. Her passion for writing started during her school days and developed thereon, from winning small competitions in School to Writing plays for the College. You may read her content on Instagram @she_writes_18 or contact her directly at pintomansi@gmail.com

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