Teaching Kids Beauty is as Beauty Does

Fair is lovely! That’s what we grew up with.

The truth is, even today MANY consider being “fair” to being superior. Specially to the older generation in India (I can speak only per my experience), who pass thoughtless comments on everyone’s appearance.

These thoughts have come to me as I made a Tik Tok using Priyanka chopra’s voice (Instagram.com/raisingworldchildren) . Priyanka Chopra herself was part of fairness cream campaigns that she now regrets. Just yesterday, some one commented that some indian jokes do not translate to other languages. I noted, it was because outside of Indian mindset body issues like baldness, being dark, being fat is NOT considered FUNNY. It appalls me how often I hear comments on others’ appearances with no regard for how it makes them feel.

When I go to India, I’m too fat and thus passed comments on , and others in my family are too thin so they are made fun of. And the amount of self deprecating comments I hear by people about their own appearance is CONSTANT! No one seems to remember the effect of such negative self talk has on kids.

THIS is why we need to empower our kids early with body positive conversation and acceptance of all as they are. Read the children’s book How Our Skin Sparkles with your kids.


To help your kids build NEW beauty standards, and accepting themselves as they are, you can find books on our website below.

Body Positive Books That Build Confidence

Beautiful is as beautiful does …

Have you experienced this in your sub Culture ? What has your experience been like ?

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