10 Tips to Minimize Your Daily Challenges in Virtual Learning

Is your school shifting to virtual learning? Here’s what you need to know.

The hop to home schooling during the start of COVID-19, lock down and all was challenging to say the least. It took me time to find my footing and when I did, I chose what to remove from our agenda of the day. We completed school with the lessons that were supposed to be finished, within framework but without focusing on the details of the class.

Which brought me to pen down the lessons and prep work I would be doing for the upcoming virtual school learning that my home will be adopting.

Now, before you look at my tips, I want to ensure that you know  what kind of mom I am. I identify as a mompreneur, ie I work from home which means I have the luxury to choose what our days look like. That also means I am in charge of everything, groceries, home, kids classes, cooking and all in between.

That being said, I had a lot of plans for the second half the 2020 most of which will be taking a back burner. Which brings me to the first point, which I think needs to be said.

Reduce Your Own Work Load

I need to plan for what of my every day, I need to remove. My work on RWC and as an author/entrepreneur means I am on call 24/7 and work whatever hours my kids and life allow me. I was supposed to start a podcast and ramp up my book publishing services and book.

This does not apply to working moms who are not in control of their day job’ requirements but it does apply to at home work that needs to be done and self appointed goals. Go through all your work and mark down what you can do without. Lighten your load and prioritize your daily goals as to what you can do without and what you can let go of. Meal prep will be a life savior.

Have a Working Space for Your Kids and You

You are going to be driven to make a space that’s happy and conducive to learning. Remember though, you want to make a space that is happy for you too. A space in which you can do your work  or read or do whatever jobs that you an do which the kids are in their space, listening to teaches. Things you will need are a small shelf for library, stationary, two kinds of seating for learning with laptops or learning devices and options for room change for both kids. But also think for yourself, plants, your favorite blankets, a charging station, some snacks at hand every morning.

Schedule Your Day Before and After

The good part of the virtual schooling system will be that the day will be that their days will be pre planned but make sure just like with the bus coming, your time to wake up and going up to school beginning is planned out the same day. Have a schedule for after school because the kids ARE going to be cranky after the first few weeks of sitting all day. Getting them to do any home work or extra school work or classes is going to be tough going.

Involve Kids in the Plan

I am not usually one to ask kids for what they like to do but I do talk to them about different ways that could work for them. I plan to discuss with them the kinds of breakfast they would like to have, the books we want to be reading, the activities we want to participate in and what their day hsould look like after the school day is over.

Allow for Flexibility

It’s going to be a difficult time when you begin so don’t stress out. Have your meditation and cooling methods in place because if you stress, it will translate. Remember you need to anticipate the adjustment Period, give room for errors and letting go of that which simply does not work for your family (and you can allow leeway for).


Sitting for hours on the laptop is not going to be easy. Even half the time. So, remember to give them the rewards they so deserve to be troopers. As simple as a point system to earn bigger treats. Or let them learn to reward themselves for jobs well done. A great opportunity to become independent for kids.


Not just for the body. Remember to have a plan to have kids exerices eyes, facial muscles, back. Print out sheets of exercises and keep them where kids can see so they get those eyes moving and back stretched out. That’s why I mentioned two  – three options to sit coz going in their bodies are not going to happy with the long hours.

Extracurricular Device Rules

Now comes the tricky part. With them being all devices all day it is going to be tough call but you need to have rules strictly in pace for how much total device time they can have. Currently my kids get a total of 6 hours of device time for games and friends in a week, excluding TV or movie time here or there. I see this reducing a lot when virtual schooling starts coz I staying away from screens is going to be crucial for personal development.

Planned Time with Friends

Yup. It’s lockdown but I think some socially distanced reading time with friends or a walk or a trip to a local park just to sit around and discuss things in the week day would be great for kids to – 1. get some outdoor sun time 2. socialize so they don’t get lose their skills.

Keep Things Light

During everything, remember, these are unprecedented times and you are doing the best you can. Remember to laugh a lot, capture moments, spend time together and let kids know they are appreciated for trying to do their best.

A situation that is new to you calls for you to understand that it is hard for all involved, specially the kids. Talk to them about being a team and working through the challenges together.

You got this !

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