Improve Your Teacher Communication During Virtual Learning

We are in a new world. Everyone is doing the best of a horrible situation. It would be unfair on anyone’s part to expect things to be normal or not give lee way for errors bound to happen. This is why it is more important now than ever to take an inward look and improve your parent teacher communication during virtual learning.

Sujata ma’am (kindergarten)
Prashant Sir (Physics)
Mrs. Gil (English)
Mrs. Galhotra (Hindi)
Guruji (Kathak)
My Masi (Maths)

Over my first 20 years, these are teachers who left a huge impact on me. For a child to succeed, they need to know the teacher believes in them.

And for that to happen the teachers need to know that the parents support them.

These days I see so many parents “trying” varied ONLINE classes like toys in a store. Kids have to be exposed to a million things and different teachers only because of how much exposure we “feel” we need to give them and we want to see what one teacher provides vs another.

The truth is, NOT a single child can do a good take away from ONE class, specially virtual learning. Building a learning relationship takes time.

You need to give the relationship time to build and interview the teachers’ methodology before committing you child to it. Coz HOW they will teach is all that matters ..

You already know your child and what kind of teacher will be a good fit. A chirpy one, strict, understanding or one that gives positive reinforcement constantly etc…

That apart, “questioning everything teachers do” and “getting your child special attention” is another thing. We need to trust teachers and go to them only when there is an issue…

I hope the coming year, you give the teachers a LOT of leeway specially as they try to tread waters they have never been in before and as humans too, need time to adapt.

Ways to help your child better connect to a teacher –

๐Ÿ’ž Talk to them about listening ears.
๐Ÿ’ž Have them repeat to you right after class what happened during
๐Ÿ’ž Have a proper system in place with the teacher where you take feedback and improvement
๐Ÿ’ž Talk to kids often about virtual ways to be respectful the home and teacher
๐Ÿ’ž Listen in on the class so you can help your child later but do NOT interfere DURING

Help them help our children.

parent teacher communication virtual learning

Here are ways YOU can teacher communication during virtual learning –

  • Let teachers know you respect their boundaries.
  • Ask teachers how they prefer to be contacted.
  • Let teachers know how your child did last spring.
  • Share with teachers what you are seeing at home.
  • Ask for extra support for a child who is struggling.
  • For sensitive conversations, use the phone.
  • Share family circumstances that are affecting your child.
  • Tell teachers whatโ€™s working (not just what isnโ€™t).
  • Acknowledge and have empathy for the challenges teachers are facing.
  • Accept that you will have to make up for spaces left by virtual learning.

The pressure on educators this fall will be immense. This is uncharted territory for everyone, but teachers, especially those who will be doing both live and remote teaching, are working hard under a tremendous amount of stress. Let them know how much you appreciate their efforts. Something as small as dropping a note, or sending a โ€œthank you for all your hard work!!โ€ text can let teachers know their efforts are noticed and appreciated.

๐Ÿค” Do you remember you’re favorite teachers ? What are ways that you can think of to support the teachers in your life?

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