An example of a growing family in the right home.

Know Before Choosing a Home for Your Growing Family

Shopping for your next home is exciting and sometimes intimidating. There may be so many houses to see.  You might not be sure which one will be best in meeting the needs of your growing family. Will your two preteen boys share a bedroom? Can your fourteen-year-old daughter use a converted basement to entertain her friends? While some of these decisions require family discussions, others should center on the properties you consider buying to ensure your family has all the space needed for each person’s needs.

Three vs. Four Bedrooms

You may be trying to decide whether to buy a house with three bedrooms or four. With two kids and possibly future additions to the family, you might wonder if three bedrooms will be enough. Additionally, you might need an additional spare room as a home office or exercise room. Or should you buy a four-bedroom home for potential use? A real estate agent can help you evaluate a particular home’s structure to see if one of the four bedrooms can be used for another purpose now and repurposed into a bedroom later. You will probably want a house with extra space that could be converted into a future office or workout room if needed.


Dining Room vs. Kitchen Nook

A dining room is great for large families and entertaining during the holidays or other festivities. However, it may get used only a handful of times during the year. Is the extra room worth the higher property tax you might have to pay? Don’t forget the dusting and general cleaning when the room is not being used. A kitchen nook might be adequate for smaller families’ regular meals. If the house has an open concept design with the kitchen connected directly to the living room, you could use that area for special dinners and events when needed instead of investing in a dining room up front.

Living Room and Family Room?

Many newer homes include both the living room for more formal entertaining of guests as well as a family room for everyday activities like reading or watching television. If you plan to have guests frequently, a well-kept living room might be worth the extra cost and upkeep. But if the family room of a home you’re interested in is attractive and can be arranged to accommodate guests, or if the living room can also serve as a leisure space for family members, one or the other room might be enough.

Room to Add On or Options for Renovation?

A growing family or planned celebrations might need more space in the future. You could look for a home with extra rooms or areas that can be transformed into the space you may need later. Alternately, the lot could be large enough to let you add a room if necessary.

As you will likely have your home for several years, look for one that can meet your needs now with potential for future growth. That way, you won’t have to move in the foreseeable future.

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