The Inside Guide to Tourist Spots in Dubai

The Inside Guide to Tourist Spots in Dubai

Dubai is one place that is on every bucket list of people who love to travel. It is part of The United Arab Emirates (UAE). One of the fastest changing places on earth, this is one of the most popular holiday destinations.

Even being in the middle of the desert with really hot summers, it is still a major tourist attraction the whole year round. With Dubai International being the third largest airport in the world, people are bound to pass through Dubai at one time or the other.

I landed in Dubai quite a few years back, with all the inhibitions about moving to a new country with small children. Overtime we have fallen in love with the city and its energy.

The world perceives it as a place of snazzy cars and unbelievable luxury, but this is also a place where people from more than a hundred different countries live together. A place so many call home. Dubai is a city which despite all the modern luxury still has it’s beautiful culture intact at it’s very heart.

 As a person who has lived here, I will talk to you about a few (very popular) and other (not so popular) favorites.

The Burj Khalifa 

Burj Khalifa

This name is a familiar one to people around the world. It is the tallest building in the world and attracts a score of tourists every day. I feel one cannot appreciate the beauty of this majestic building without a personal visit.

The sun gleaming off the glass and steel structure during the day and the beautiful lighting after sunset are  sights to behold!

One can also book tickets  to the viewing deck, on the 124th floor of The Burj Khalifa. The view from ” Burj Khalifa At The Top” is one of its kind in the world, with a view of the whole city.

The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Aquarium

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world and is part of the Burj Khalifa complex. It is  a shopper’s paradise housing all the major luxury brands under one roof. This mall also offers a variety of entertainment options along with a number of dining and cafe options.

You can visit the aquarium  and underwater zoo which has a rich collection of marine life and also houses a huge crocodile “The King Croc”. You can visit the ice skating rink and the Dubai waterfall, shop in the fashion avenue or watch movies in the Cineplex.

Kids also enjoy the place with a whole floor dedicated to kids stuff and a huge Kidzania. Kidzania is a very unique concept pretend play area where kids can earn tokens for doing real jobs like Fireman, Postman, Pilot etc. 

One of the mall gates will lead you the beautiful “Souq-Al-Bahar” and the Dubai fountain. One can enjoy the dancing fountain with an amazing light and sound show, standing at the foot of the Burj Khalifa.

Mall of Emirates

This mall is home to the very popular “Ski Dubai“. It is a ski resort and snow park, all inside the mall. It is one of it’s kind in the UAE with temperature of  -10 degrees to enjoy all sorts of winter sports, in the company of penguins.

The mall has a  huge community theater and arts center. Needless to say, all luxury brands are housed here also.

The Beaches

In Dubai the sea is never very far. The clean and beautiful beaches alone can make your trip worth it’s while.The Jumeriah beach with it’s huge expanse and the Kite beach with the famous “Burj Al Arab” hotel in it’s backdrop are just a couple of the popular beaches.

Desert Safari

This is a must do on the list of all those who love nature.This safari takes you into the heart of the desert where you can enjoy sand dune bashing with some expert drivers. There are camel rides and henna art along with some breathtaking views.

In the various desert camps people from all over the world experience Arabic hospitality with regional cuisine, ending the evening with music and dance, topped off with the famed belly dancing.

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This and much more

I have listed the top 5 things if you are on a short visit to Dubai, because Dubai can keep you occupied for days at a time. If you plan for a longer stay then  some  other very popular points are

The Dubai Marina
Madinat Jumeriah
The Dubai Museum 
The Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is often seen as the symbol of Dubai
Atlantis-The Palm: located on a man made island , The Palm Jumeriah.

Also worth mentioning are the Dubai parks and Dolphinarium. There are many adventure and theme parks also, with unlimited entertainment on offer. For some old world experience and shopping visit the various souq markets or stroll along the super busy streets of Bur-Dubai and Al-Karama. You can visit the many beautiful waterfronts . Hop on a boat ride at the famous Dubai creek and the newly opened Dubai canal, or just enjoy the scenery.

Dubai has something for everyone, from calm of the sea to the glitzy lifestyle. It is worth visiting for the food and shopping alone. This is a place that will make you feel at ease and make memories for a lifetime.

A vacation to Dubai will leave you with smiles and a love for the place. A city so full of lights that it never seems to sleep.

Night view from the Burj Khalifa viewing deck

 Shalini Tyagi is an Indian,born and brought up in India,currently living in Dubai. She is mother of two school going children and is a stay at home mom. An avid reader, she has recently forayed into blogging to bring to light her writing skills. She hosts her own website



10 Ways To Teach Kids Gender Equality

Anyone who is even remotely associated with India knows that being a male in this part of the world is a privilege. Despite all the changing times a sense of superiority still comes with the territory. Gender equality is an ongoing battle. They are waited on, given preference, more than often pampered just a little bit extra. Older women in our society consider themselves blessed to be mothers of sons and  female members of some families still believe in this male dominance.

Yet, every day on social media pages I find some beautiful message celebrating daughters, about how lucky all these people are to be parents of amazing daughters. It is all so heartwarming! On the other hand there is news daily about the struggle that women face everyday.

The constant debate about how women are not safe, specially in India makes me feel how hollow all the endearment on social media is. The world is aware of these problems. The sexual harassment, violence towards women and gender inequality to name a few.

A while back I heard a talk from a very learned lady (cannot recall her name) on a social media platform. She said something along the lines of  “We Indians bring-up our sons in a totally wrong way”. Someone else mentioned “Don’t tell your daughters how to behave, teach your sons better”.

These two statements got me thinking, maybe we desperately need to change as a society.

“What a person becomes is a reflection on the whole society”.

This quote purely explains why we need core change.

I too am a mother, at times a very scared one! Telling my daughter to first be strong, then kind, smart and last of all beautiful inside. I don’t try to call her a princess as those pretty creatures are often lazy in looking out for themselves and depend on being rescued.

I try to teach my son better. But cannot control what goes on in the world. Things that are everywhere in the movies, media and our society. So, I made a list of things that I feel we need to teach our children.

No one is Special

Let’s try to teach our sons, being male is not a privilege. It is just as good as being any child,boy or girl. Every child will get everything in a balanced manner. No one owns the world just because of their gender.

Good Touch-Bad Touch

The word NO: These messages are loud and clear.At a young age all children need to be taught about this. There is so much helpful information about this topic online. I shared this with both my kids when they started pre-school respectively. The difference between a good and bad touch.Any touch that feels wrong or uncomfortable is to be stopped and screamed at by a big “NO”. As the Bollywood movie “PINK” recently emphasized, a NO means NO.It does not require any explanation.

If a person tells you to not touch them, you respect that.At the same time if you feel threatened by anyone learn to say “NO”.

Help Yourself

This is one thing I am a very firm believer of. Do not wait on your sons. I have asked my son to help me with small chores around the house, since the age he can manage to. Get your own water, pick up after yourself are some of the things that can be taught from a small age.

Boys Do Cook 

Last summer, my cousin’s son informed me that boys do not cook, mamas do, as they are girls. Few days later my son parroted the same line to me. I sat them both down and asked “Do you boys get hungry?” .Both nodded meekly at this trick question. So I informed them “Anyone who gets hungry, should know how to cook”. You see, hunger does not discriminate based on gender.

Talk about Sex

This is one very important question that has baffled parents far & wide. When to talk to child about it, at what age. Recently, my son who is nine, got to asking all sorts of questions. After dodging for a few months, I decided to tackle the matter head-on.

After some research online and talking to a few other mothers, I gave him a talk on the topic. The best approach I found is give all the age appropriate information, it acts as an insurance against any ill-informed influence. Helping the child to make right choices and not be a confused teenager, Looking to experiment .
Also, it is important as even boys are vulnerable and can be harassed.

Not Entitled to Any Estate 

Our boys in India come with readymade incomes from birth. It is assumed that a boy is entitled to all that the family owns and whatever he gets in the form of dowry.Let’s teach our sons some self-worth. I want to instill the value of hard work in my boy and teach him that all children have the same birth rights. No estate and no dowry can make our society so much better.

Be the Example

This is another very important thing we need to teach our sons. They need to learn to respect all women, starting from home. Don’t be the kind of woman who needs to be rescued. Be your own rescue (at least, most of the time). Set an empowered example ! Let your son understand that women can do all that men can and more. Try to be the kind of mother who takes the world in her stride. Be angry, be upset, be weak but rise from it and take charge of your own life.

Different People, Different Opinions

This is one important thing that all kids,boys and girls,need to be taught. Every day you will not meet like-minded people. Many will ridicule, criticize or threaten you. Kids need to understand to believe in themselves and stand up for their own rights. Also teach them to respect others point of view and opinions. Not every word or thought has to offend us, learn to walk away.

In a world getting intolerant by the minute, tolerance is an attribute to be cherished.

Reassure Them Of Their Place

Today this is a world which is really trying to uplift its girls and women on every possible platform and empower them. We all love our daughters to bits and constantly fight to safeguard their interests. But in all this our boys also need to be reassured of their special place. I make it a point to tell my son how important he is and will always be the biggest piece of my heart not because he is a boy but because he is my first baby.

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Give Your Child a Growth Mindset


Gender Equality

Children need to learn that all human beings come with the same rights, despite their gender or sexual orientation.Though every one has their own strengths and weaknesses and the world would be a lot better in understanding and accepting that.

We as a society have strayed and things seem to be getting worse. But it is never too late to start trying and no step is ever too small.

We can start by trying at home, raise our kids to be the men and women we can be proud of tomorrow. What tips would you give to someone bringing up boys ?

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