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Books & Conversation Starters for Kids About Anti-Racism

Of course, children see color!

They GROW to let it create differences and self-esteem issues, only by the conversations we NEGLECT to have and the subtle prejudices they see portrayed around them.

The conversation with our children about race and privilege must be one that is on going. Today, I want to take a moment to talk about how we can use books to help start this essential conversation.

The conversation can start as early as 4 but there is no end date to this. I have spoken in depth about the need of parents, brown and others to speak up and teach kids about race. The following ways are most effective.

* Read historical events and understand them with your child.
* Talk openly about life choices, worth of each person, the privilege you have.
* Acknowledge all people around you.
* Amplify voices of those that are talking about these things. Share this.
* Celebrate different cultures.
* Read books about skin color, different cultures, religions, own voices, brown parents, raising multicultural children. MAKE the EFFORT to DIVERSIFY your library.
* Speak UP! Do the right thing when needed.

The Responsibility Brown Parents Have Towards Their Children

After I wrote the above article, I had few parents respond asking for a list of books  and  conversation starters. Here are the books (Ages 4-10) , first.

How Our Skin Sparkles – Aditi W. Singh

Aarav asks his mom why do I look different from the kids in my class. His mom helps him build confidence through science and culture. This body positivity and diversity book has been #1 in books against racism and prejudice. Told from a brown child’s POV, it is a great conversation starter about equality and empowerment. For self and others around you. I have included a number of conversation starters for parents in the book itself, specific to the topic at hand.


Something Happened in Our Town – Marianne Celano

Something Happened in Our Town follows two families — one White, one Black — as they discuss a police shooting of a Black man in their community. The story aims to answer children’s questions about such traumatic events, and to help children identify and counter racial injustice in their own lives. Includes an extensive Note to Parents and Caregivers with guidelines for discussing race and racism with children, child-friendly definitions, and sample dialogues.


Where Am I From –  Elisavet Arkolaki

Children from seven countries each have a turn to answer in their own way. Each answer is correct, and yet still not the whole picture. When the youngest takes his turn, he shares a different view, one that has nothing to do with borders on a map. Children love to see the diversity of the world that is beautifully portrayed using real-life street art that is unique to this book.


Gabe Faces Ignorance – L.I.Forsette

When Gabe unintentionally hurts his friend Sofia, he has no idea what he did wrong. It turns out he doesn’t know everything about her, and that his actions have unforeseen consequences. Sofia cleverly directs a conversation they have with her dad to lead Gabe toward a new understanding of their relationship and of his role in promoting bias.


Chrissy Doesn’t Like Her Hair – Christine Williams

Chrissy doesn’t like her tightly coiled hair. She always compares her hair to her mother, sister, teacher, and classmates. Chrissy feels frustrated and becomes upset. It is not until she meets Ms. Wiggins, who shifts Chrissy’s mindset about her hair, and reminds her that she is beautiful and unique, just the way she was created!


I’m a Pretty Black Girl – Betty K. Bynum

Mia tells of friends of all shades of brown and different hair textures who she celebrates as other pretty little black girls who share “love” and “good manners” with each other — and who are fun and polite, and are destined for a future filled with accomplishments of “brilliance”!!!

Whoever You Are – Mem Fox

Every day all over the world, children are laughing and crying, playing and learning, eating and sleeping. They may not look the same. They may not speak the same language. Their lives may be quite different. But inside, they are all alike. Stirring words and bold paintings weave their way around our earth, across cultures and generations. At a time when, unfortunately, the lessons of tolerance still need to be learned, Whoever You Are urges us to accept our differences, to recognize our similarities, and-most importantly-to rejoice in both.

I Promise – Lebron James

Just a kid from Akron, Ohio, who is dedicated to uplifting youth everywhere, LeBron James knows the key to a better future is to excel in school, do your best, and keep your family close. I Promise is a lively and inspiring picture book that reminds us that tomorrow’s success starts with the promises we make to ourselves and our community today.

I Belong – Laurie Wright

After reading this book your young child will realize that people are more alike than different and that everyone belongs, no matter where they are or what differences they might have. Read it to them now, when they are mini, so they will grow up knowing this mantra to be true: THEY BELONG!

Big Umbrella – Amy June Bates

By the door there is an umbrella. It is big. It is so big that when it starts to rain there is room for everyone underneath. It doesn’t matter if you are tall. Or plaid. Or hairy. It doesn’t matter how many legs you have.

Don’t worry that there won’t be enough room under the umbrella. Because there will always be room.

Meet Yasmin – Saadia Faruqi

Meet Yasmin! Yasmin is a spirited second-grader who’s always on the lookout for those “aha” moments to help her solve life’s little problems. Taking inspiration from her surroundings and her big imagination, she boldly faces any situation, assuming her imagination doesn’t get too big, of course! A creative thinker and curious explorer, Yasmin and her multi-generational Pakistani American family will delight and inspire readers.

Where Do I Belong – Niyati Desai

Neha’s character is a part of many American households. It is the story of a perceptive and sensitive young child caught between two or more cultures, and of parents trying to help her craft an identity that is whole and complete. This book touches on issues not typically addressed in picture books, and fills an important void in children’s literature for this group of children who are particularly vulnerable to feeling marginalized and different.

Conversations You Can Derive From Above Books

  • What do you think was unique about the child telling the story?
  • Did you learn anything new from the book?
  • Would you agree with what this book is trying to say?
  • Did you see anything interesting about this culture?
  • How can you relate better to kids from you … (Class/group etc) after this?
  • Do you know how our culture is different that most?
  • Have you ever thought about how we are luckier than most in our lives?
  • What is skin color?
  • Have you ever thought about how our skin color affects us?
  • Should everyone be treated equal? How do we do that?
  • Do you understand that things people say and how we behave affects others?
  • In what ways can we help those around us feel better about themselves?

Older Kids

  • Let’s talk about the history of racism (older kids)
  • Have you heard about … (Holocaust, Slavery, Pre Independence India)
  • In your class has anyone ever passed any hurtful comments?
  • Did you hear about the news from friends?
  • Do you know what is happening in the … (current event)
  • How do you think this affects us?
  • Subtle prejudices your own family and friends have expressed.
  • How to respond to racist comments.

IMO, when a situation happens in the news that you can introduce to your child in simple words (age 8 and above), its a great opportunity to drive home the conversation of race, privilege and how many different ways we can help our fellow beings.

20 Ways to Inspire Kids by Showing Up as an Everyday Activist


The Responsibility Brown Parents Have Towards Their Children

We as a community do not talk to our children about equality and racism, enough! The hard stuff needs to be discussed, even if it is uncomfortable. As brown parents, we have a responsibility towards our children.

A man is murdered ruthlessly on the road.
Another is fake complained upon …
And yet other people are arguing about their RIGHT to BEING FREE when the world is quite literally dying around them.

THIS is not the AMERICA or WORLD I want my children to grow up in! If you are not affected by this, then I’m sorry to say you are PART of the problem.

Do you not see the depth of privilege WE are surrounded by?

You know, growing up I was surrounded by religion-ism (thinking one religion is better than another), discrimination by skin color (because of course fair means beautiful), money-ism (because money means status and showing off your money is VITAL).

And I was blind to it all!

Why? Because of my parents. For they NEVER talked about it. And now when I think about it, they must have thought “Eh! This is just the world we live in.”

The pros of it. I NEVER walked into a room I didn’t automatically think I was equal to everyone. The con, with time, I assumed people KNEW BETTER.

They DON’T!

As I grew up, I saw brown people quite naturally always being subservient to either race or money or someone being fairer.

As a parent, I tell my kids, you should not say bad words. You should not play guns with friends (shaping your hand like one). You should not do this and that.

When my son says, “his friends do it.” I say, “Well, it is different for them. We cannot do the same. “

THIS freedom that THEY have and WE do not.Why? Because people have gone around shooting kids/people willy nilly and now WE need to be careful.

WHEN it comes to girls being molested, we DO NOT TALK to our boys. WE tell our girls to be careful, wear clothes appropriately, do this and that.

AND the ENLIGHTENED ones among us, say, “Hey! The problem is BOYS. Talk to the boys.”

The point is BOTH need to be talked to. But not as you may think.

Girls needs to be told about their RIGHT to stand up for themselves and given the freedom to be who they are and BOYS need to be TAUGHT to respect them.

In the same way, we need teaching our COLORED children about their RIGHT to EQUALITY and children who are NOT simply about the RESPECT they need to show every single day.


Not realizing how much you are discriminated against, in this country – you continue to think – “Brown is the lesser black”, not realizing you are a person of color and no matter how hard you try; you and your children will always have to try harder.

You also use your own racism selectively. Crying wolf when you are being discriminated against but being quiet when you see a fellow black being discriminated against.

We need not have ANY children walking around feeling less than for whatever reason. Be it skin color, money, race or religion.

As brown parents, we feel the responsibility. I have always talked to my kids. I wrote two books about raising them EQUAL. I SPEAK UP!

HAVE you made the choice to RAISE your children AWARE? OR are you still hiding under the ROCK of “This does not affect me?”

Trust me, all your discrimination, even the slightest seeps through to your child.

Things you can do ?

* Read historical events and understand them with your child.
* Talk openly about life choices, worth of each person, the privilege you have.
* Acknowledge all people around you.
* Amplify voices of those that are talking about these things. Share this.
* Read books about skin color, different cultures, religions, own voices, brown parents, raising multicultural children. MAKE the EFFORT to DIVERSIFY your library.
* Speak UP! Do the right thing when needed.

I have never thought about our leadership. Today, for the first time I have found myself wondering am I safe in a world that is being protected and governed by people, none of whom understand the community.

Let’s raise kids who aspire to govern and protect. Children who while rooted in their identity are strong in will and empathetic to all.

Let’s just DO BETTER in understanding RACE and the conversation around it. The world cannot STAY like this.

For not only am I looking at you, but your child AND the CHILDREN AROUND YOU are looking at you as well.


When You Feel Like You Are Failing Your Family

Feeling like a failure. A mom of two. The feeling creeps up on me, every so often …

Every time I forget a class, zoom meeting or play date .
Those times when I lose my patience.
When I don’t listen enough or am distracted.
Those moments when other moms or their kids are KILLING it at something we don’t seem to be…
When they yell at me for not letting them (xyz) … or we argue …

It sneaks up, when someone questions my judgement. When someone passes a remark of “them not having those problems … ” or “I could never do what you do … ”

Like a jack in the box!

In the dead of night or early morning hours or at a party or while in a meeting …

All those times, I wonder if I could do better, maybe I need to do things differently.

If I’m lucky, I can voice it out and have those thoughts banished by someone who cares.

Other times, my feet keep going into the quicksand of self doubt. The only way out is holding onto the FACT that I KNOW no one can love my kids the way I do. I do my best, every single day, with the long list of to dos on my schedule in the amount of hours I have.

And out of the fog comes a memory. I remember the time, when I DID NOT HAVE kids…. and my mom said. “I didn’t do anything with my life. I failed… ” and I responded with, “We are amazing, because you are amazing. You did all you could to raise us, with the best decisions you could make at the time. … And that’s all that matters. ”

I KNOW that there are moms who wonder the same, in the dead of the night or those quiet mornings.

To all children reading this, no matter the age, I request you. Do let your mom know she loved you the best she could. You love her and value her and can’t imagine a life without her… Trust me, that’s ALL a mother needs to know.

Since there are NO bonuses, raises or appraisals for the never ending job of motherhood, your WORDS are all she has to measure her worth.

And if you are a mom who has this feeling creep up every so often, remember, there are many like me exactly where you are. And it’s up to us to dig deep within and get out of this hole coz it is not a happy place to live in but most importantly, it is NOT what we deserve, at all!

Know, with every breathe you take, that with all your do, how much ever, YOU are amazing!


Book Collection to Build Empathy for World & Self

The world is changing constantly. Our children need to know the kindness they need to show, for others and even themselves. The best way to lead our kids towards thinking beyond themselves is through stories of kindness, self care, compassion and introducing them to new worlds. The below books make the perfect collection to show your child that the world is bigger and kinder with them being kind and gentle.
You can download all the whole ebook set here  –

USA – Download Now

UK – Download Now

Canada – Download Now


Don’t forget to grab the FREE activity book that the authors provided for all kiddos to get some extra creative time, after reading too.

OR You can get ALL These Books and 1000s MORE if you download Kindle UnLimited. Now FREE for 2 Months. –

Check out the description of each book below –

What Kind of World Would It Be?
This book shows how simple, daily social interactions such as a kind word, helping hand, or selfless act can have a huge impact on others, and can fill the world with kindness. Share the message of kindness with the children in your life by asking, “If everyone acted just like me, what kind of world would it be?”
How Our Skin Sparkles
We all may look different, have different choices but we are all the same inside. This is a book against racism and prejudice. It helps parents talk to kids about acceptance, of self and others. It is more important now than ever to help our kids build a growth mindset that is global in nature.

Little Cat Needs Space

Often those close to us need space, for growth and understanding. Little Cat loves quiet and calm space. Dog doesn’t. When Dog wants to spend more time in Little Cat’s space, Little Cat gets frazzled and then she gets clever. Little Cat makes plan after plan to get back the space she wants… until she finds the space she NEEDS.


A Spark of Kindness: A Children’s Book About Showing Kindness

Kindness is the most powerful lesson you can teach your children. By reading this story about little Joey, your child will learn the meaning of kindness, how to achieve it, and how to spread it to other children. Joey will demonstrate examples of kindness by interacting with his mom, sister, and his classmates. This story will teach your child that just a spark of kindness is enough to make someone happy. Friendly and fun, this book is instructive and carries one of the most important lessons, “If you are kind, kindness will come back to you.”
Fight the Germs
Comfort your child and carefully answer all of their questions by using the easy-to-follow story in this book. Let them know what is going on in the world, keeping them safe without leaving them scared. This story is designed to promote positivity, knowledge, and hope for your young ones. Get it now to have an healthy conversation with your children.
While the Lockdown has been a confusing and uncertain time for us as adults, one can only imagine what it must be like for the children who cannot quite grasp the severity of the situation.
Aurora’s Orchid
Aurora, a beloved mom to four young children, is determined to create memories with them in her childhood home in Rincon, Puerto Rico. One year, she plants an orchid with her children and spends the summer teaching them to tend to it in the hopes that it would grow into the beautiful plant she knew it could. As the days, weeks, months, and even years pass, Aurora teaches her children patience as they skeptically wait for the flowers to bloom. This heartwarming tale–based on a true story–shows how the thoughtful guidance of a loving mother could teach patience while leaving a lasting and beautiful impact on those around her.
Super Science Squad- The Lost Pixie
Working together is the foundation of personal growth. Join the Super Science Squad on their newest adventure to Pixieville. Together, they will use science to help find a lost pixiie. The best part, you can do these fun experiments at home! What better way to learn about science?
Roo The Little Red Tuk Tuk
FINALIST at the WISHING SHELF BOOK AWARDS 2019 This is a collection of very short stories so you can read a page-a-day with very young kids There are hundreds of books about cars, trains, trucks, and various construction vehicles in the market. Have you ever heard of a tuk tuk? Whether you wish to introduce cultural diversity to your kids, encourage them to travel or see exotic places through a book, this will encourage your children to explore the world with a new friend… Roo is a little Tuk Tuk. Join Roo as he recalls the many ups and downs of his life on the roads of Colombo (the commercial capital of Sri Lanka). From road races, to Polo tournaments, to animal rescues, this little vehicle has lived life to its fullest. Experience the joys and perils of Tuk Tuks on the streets, and learn many life lessons along the way with this courageous Tuk Tuk who is always ready to lend a helping hand and spread some cheer. You are never too little to make a difference…
Kynnedi’s World
Kynnedi lives an exciting life for such a little girl. She enjoys exploring the world around her, learning new things, and making memories she’ll never forget! You’ll love finding out about her family names, meet her dog Tyson and what she likes to do on the weekends while also giving your little one a chance to share their world too! Follow her adventures and listen to her insights as she gives you the world through her eyes, introduces you to the key players in her life, and invites readers to share their own experiences in this fun, interactive book.
Being kind to ourselves is so important. A little girl refuses to lather lotion onto her dry skin despite her parents’ insistence. As her dry skin gets worse, her imagination takes her on a transformation. What will she do?
I’m A Little Big Brother
I’m A Little Big Brother is a story of how a little brother learns about his brother’s Autism. He learns that he can be a big brother even though he is the youngest.
It’s Bedtime Lil Marco
Lil’ Marco loves to play and could play from sunup to sundown except every evening, without fail. Except playing does not stop his eyes from getting heavy. They get heavier while playing during and after his bath. It is very important to know when to listen to our body and let it rest.
Mom and Sage embark on an amazing adventure to Fizzle Valley to get more flakes, but the mischievous pixies will do everything in their power to stop them. We love our moms but do we realize how much fun we have with them. This is a great book that helps transition from picture books to chapter books.


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8 Ways for Kids to Safely Connect Online with Friends

Yes, we are all trying very hard to make sure our kids get their home schooling done. But we all know these are hard times for kids and they are confused and scared and miss their friends. Below are some ways to connect with friends. Talk to their school or family friends and arrange them to connect safely with friends. As with all internet related tools, we highly recommend being with listening/viewing distance so you know what your kids are up to.

Connect via Video

House Party


It connects to your contacts and allows you to invite friends. It is basically a video conference call. I think you can see up to 8 people at a time. I have had a couple cocktail/game parties and it was super fun! I felt SO much better after connecting with friends and having some laughs.

Messenger Kids

Linked via the parents’ account, this is a safe option for kids to stay connected with their friends. They can video call each other and there are little games they can play or they can apply filters to their faces etc.

Marco Polo


Unlike social media, there is no wasted time, no social comparisons and no likes! Connect with the most important people in your life, not the entire world.

Watch Movies Together

Netflix Party




Online Drawing Games

Below are fun online multiplayer drawing games where you draw and guess words. One player is selected as the artist, he is offered three words to choose from and his task is to draw the selected word. Other players try to guess what the artist is drawing.

Pictionary Online






Bingo Via Video Calling

We played bingo the other night on zoom with friends. It was hilarious and involved the whole family. One of the kids wrote numbers down on paper and put them in a bowl. We all had a handmade 9 square grid and wrote our numbers in.

Board Game Arena

Join the largest boardgame table in the world. No download necessary – play directly from your web browser. With your friends and thousands of players from the whole world. Free!


Virtual Dinner Party

Everyone prepares the same meal (trying something new would be amazing!) and go online with your friends and have a fun time eating together.



Other Games We Can Play with Friends Via Video

2 truths one lie
20 questions




5 Web Series in Hindi for Tweens

Tween is a unique age. You are older but want to learn a lot about life and it’s many facets. The below shows are great for kids learning to speak hindi but want to be entertained so they can stay engaged. With captions, these make a great way to learn Hindi as well, for those reluctant or still struggling to learn to speak conversational Hindi.

Yeh Meri Family – Netflix

Yeh Meri Family is an Indian comedy drama web series series written by Saurabh Khanna and directed by Sameer Saxena for The Viral Fever. The series follows the life of a 12-year-old Harshu Gupta, played by Vishesh Bansal, in Jaipur, Rajasthan in the late 1990s.

Lakhon Mein Ek – Amazon Prime

Aakash just finished high school and is planning to study commerce with his friends in Raipur. His father has different plans for him. He sends Aakash to Genius Infinity, an IIT Coaching institute far away from Raipur. Aakash reaches there to discover it’s a whole different world and he is a complete misfit. People here are far ahead of him in studies. There is no room for fun. Slowly, a friendship forms between him and his roommates Bakri and Chudail. So does a rivalry, between him and Chandrakanth, the topper of the institute. Aakash gradually gets into the groove of the grind and begins to fit in.

Panchayat – Amazon Prime


Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar) is a freshly graduated young man from Delhi. Unable to find a good job in the city, he is compelled to accept the only offer he has in hand, an unattractive government posting in a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Panchayat is a comedy drama about an individual born and raised in the city, who must deal with the ordeals of life in rural India.

Simple, light hearted story telling makes for a great show with life lessons.

Be warned – One episode (chair one) has the word ” as**@#$#@ ” in it. But it is used to teach an important lesson. So, one can ignore that.


Mahabharat – Netflix


Two young brothers encounter a singing bird who treats them to a musical reinterpretation of one of India’s most epic ancient tales. Bollywood stars Ajay Devgn and Sunny Deol join an all-star voice cast in this animated reimagining of an Indian classic.



Operation MBBS – YouTube


Operation MBBS. Operation MBBS chronicles the lives of three first year students – Huma, Sakshi and Nishant in one of the best MBBS colleges in the country. Follow their journey as they navigate through friendships, hardships and medical student life.


Be warned – The first episode has ONE inappropriate dialogue about ( having s*x during that time of the month) and that’s it. One can forward that really quicky. Few other dialogues have suggested bad words. Not many.


Akbar Birbal

Birbal (IPA: [biːrbəl]; born Mahesh Das; 1528–1586), or Raja Birbal, was a Hindu advisor and main commander (mukhya senapati) of army in the court of the Mughal emperor, Akbar. He is mostly known in the Indian subcontinent for the Folk Tales which focus on his wit.

Tweens find this serial’s many lessons and riddles very interesting.


Itihaas Ki Thali Se

An amazingly interesting show Itihaas Ki Thali Se on Netflix that teaches about Indian foods historically. It is a great way to teach kids about how the world has collaborated towards every single Indian food with many interesting stories.

Mouthwatering food + History + Fun animation. Win Win ! A definite must watch with your entire family !!



A Little Extra Screen Time During Lockdown is Okay

In our parents group, we had a HONEST CONVERSATION about how much the kids are consuming extra screen time and it was very heartening to see the responses.

I want to reach out today to everyone struggling and worrying about the same and say that it is okay.

Every thing you are doing in these uncharted waters to make things work is OKAY.

There is no need to feel sad or worry about how much extra screen time you are allowing your child. Including , classes, work outs, talking to friends etc, they are bound to get more than the usual amount of dose.

My own kids do NOT watch TV / have gadget time during week days on normal school days. But this time is different for all and everyone has different ways to cope. Even your children. Allow yourself and them the space to be GUILT FREE !

While I agree there is a severe negative impact to excessive gadget use, I do feel, self moderation and personal independence go hand in hand in teaching kids to balance technology themselves. Instead of keeping kids AWAY from technology, I think it’s more important to teach them how to BALANCE and use it as a tool towards their own success. Because the future is certainly leaning towards that…

To help your kids to SELF MODERATE and be INDEPENDENT at play during these times, it’s important to create a foundation of the same early. I have tips for that in my book. – https://amzn.to/3bMyMpJ Which is how I see many a times, my kids switch off the gadget in use by themselves and go play or find something else to do.

But first Remember, wen we talk about being judgement free, it starts with us !

In the spirit of transparency, my own kids are at 2-4 hours every day, including online classes, talking to friends, grandparents, games, school work, work outs etc

Hugs to ALL !!!


Making Your Child’s Birthday Special During Lock down

My daughter’s birthday is coming up soon. I dread to think how we are going to get through the day. Not because we had a lavish birthday planned but because it makes all this real for my kid. Which is why I am going to try to make this birthday more about memories than being inside, corona or missing friends.

My daughter loves her birthday just like her mama. We are people people. Having our friends around us makes days extra special. And I know this time now has been hard, not just because we have been home for almost 3 weeks now, but because they miss friends.

Being a person who likes to plan ahead, I have observed what people are doing online and some other ways that I can think up to make the day grand!

Remember, one of the most important things is asking for help from friends, even strangers.

An Online Birthday Event

I had done this for her 1st birthday, where I had invited my friends from all around the world and walked them through all her firsts. I think this time I will do the reverse, where I will have all my friends around the world, leave video messages in the online event and go live at a certain time to celebrate with them.

Hire a Character/Princess

There are online services that are reading/talking/celebrating with your child. If interested, leave a comment below and I will find a service that can help you.

Dance Videos

I recently got into Tik Tok and the app makes it super easy to put together short dance videos. This would be a great way to celebrate.

Books for Helping Children Build a Growth Mindset

Wish List Sent to Friends

She doesn’t want for much, but she has certain likes. I think this year, I may put to my friends a list of books that she would love to have. We have lot of book lists on this site if you don’t have an idea of what books to ask for. I would make sure the delivery was planned 3 days before her birthday so that the books have the time outside before they need to be brought in.

Drive By Birthday

Ask friends to drive by our home at a given window of time. Have the kids out at that time and while maintaining social distancing, throwing their birthday wishes or confetti out of their cars to make the day special.

Kids LOVE Getting Mail

So, whoever cannot make it in the drive by birthday, I would love to ask to drop her a birthday card. I have seen online, that people are asking in their local / favorite mom groups for wishes for their kids. People are sending cards, video messages and more straight to the mom’s inbox to share with the kiddo. A lot of fun!

Giving Back

I always recommend giving back to those in need. This year, I think we would brain storm for a way that enables us to donate items, our toys, money or time to a charity of her choice.

Getting Crafty

Not creative…not a problem. Go online and find ideas to make a special but elaborate birthday craft. This is specially wonderful for kids who enjoy getting creative with paints or seeing something fun being made by their hands. Our Pinterest has a tonnes of crafts you can do that same.

Baking  in the Kitchen

Make your own cake this year. Or cupcakes or brownies or whatever you like to get cooking. Get creative, not just with your meal but with your dessert. Let the birthday kid make it on their own.

Outdoor Fun

If it’s warm where you are, borrow / buy a second hand bouncy house or splash pad or play area for the special day. Make sure to sanitize it completely. And remember, this is not a community event but just for your kiddo.

Take a Virtual Tour

There are many virtual ways to visit a new place these days. Have your kids get into a blanket and take a virtual tour of a museum or park.

Movie Night Marathon

Pick your kids favorite movies/shows, get those snacks together and get cozy enjoying the movie with your favorite characters or stories.

Video Calls with Family & Friends

My kids love their friends and this time was made easy only after I got in touch with all their friends onto a platform where they could connect with each other. Just knowing their friends are  a click away really helps kids feel a little better. Make sure to get your kids on the calls with those they care about.

Drive to an Open Place They Love

I may not do this but I have seen people drive to a near by lake or open park and just be in the open air or go fishing. The change of pace and place does wonders for a child’s day. Don’t forget to maintain social distancing.

Online Games with Friends

There are fun games like this https://www.drawasaurus.org/, you can play with your friends , far and near (well, physically) . It should make for a lot of laughs. This would be great for kids 7 and above though, who can read and type.

Scavenger Hunt Around the House

Have the birthday kid start from a spot and go to the next place depending on the clue they get. A lot of fun usually, specially so now. You could also just play hot and cold with their gifts or hide small Easter egg like things in the back yard and give them a special prize for finding all.

Birthday balloons When They Wake Up

You can do the classic birthday balloons around their room the night before or have them fall down when they open the door. Who doesn’t love balloons ?

There is no time like now than letting go for some of your usual ways and stepping it up personally. Go overboard with the decorations around the house. Plan in advance and make the birthday last all week long. The little kiddos deserve it, specially for being such troopers.

And remember, if this year you don’t feel like doing ANYTHING but just lounge around in pajamas, that’s okay too!

Any more ideas ?? Feel free to share them below. 


Staying Positive & Organized Through the School Closure

It is so important to understand why a daily schedule will most probably not work during the Corona school closure and social isolation. And what we can do about having an optimistic attitude!

I grew up in a household where we had a text book to read. In the current school closure scenario, I am in a school system where I find myself constantly trying to keep up and now it is even more overwhelming. Sometimes I am stuck not knowing what I should do to ensure my child doesn’t experience a slide in education.

That I think is the most worrying thing about the whole school closure situation.

At the start of the School Closure…

Day 1 – “Gosh, I’m so unprepared. Look at all the moms who are so on the point with schedules and kids activities. …. I need to make a schedule.”

( I had spent four days getting prepared for the upcoming two week break, rearranging things, cleaning, meal planning, etc. On the first day,  I got the kids to do some of the school work and things went not too bad. By this day, we have been a total of 7 days in isolation. “

Day 2 – “The schedule is going very well. ” But as the day progresses, I can see the kids and myself feeling the build up. They spend the evening in the back yard. I realize I CANNOT keep this up every single day. I will BURN OUT! Pus, I need to plan things out for myself.

Day 3- “Let’s take a break today and just read, play board games, take a walk. ” (Kids very happy!) By evening the school announces it’s going to be a month of school closure.

The overwhelm gets to me and I feel very low. My heart seems constricted. The unknown really gets to me. The Type A personality in me hates not knowing when this whole thing will end. Plus, I have realized that if we need to keep things up, we need to have a SUSTAINABLE plan.

So, here’s my take away on having a plan of action that helps moms get through this totally unprecedented scenario.

Have a Broad Framework

Understanding why a schedule will not work in this school closure situation.

I’m a scheduler. I love making lists. My days usually are planned out the night before and the morning of. And I get immense pleasure in keeping to my scheduler and ticking things off.

We wake up the same time every day, follow the same course and go to bed the same time, every night. The “framework ” of our days is the same. There is change, in the form of different classes and play time at school and friends where they meet.

But kids are small and we want to keep the overwhelm away from them. If every single day is the same, they are going to feel tied up, and frustrated eventually. Everyone needs constant change.

So, this is what I came up with AFTER I threw away the schedule, which I will use sporadically.

For the week, have a framework, than a schedule. A sort of, kind of, schedule that you ASPIRE to. To that end, we have two days school work (one day on gadgets, one day worksheets) and then one day off and then two days back on. That ways kids have enough variety. The days they have device time for education, they do not for play and vice versa.

So, in essence, kids end up getting 3 days off than just 2. And our day goes kind of –

Classwork (school suggested) … 2 hours
Classwork … 1 hour
Art/Dance/Creative thinking/Boardgames
Free play/Walk outside

Involve Kids in Decision Making

Speaking of variety, give kids options to choose from. As I have mentioned in my book multiple times, we want to encourage our children to become problem solvers and good decision makers. How will they do so, if we do not give them the room to make the decisions.

The options can range from what topic would you like to study to book to read or thing to do or board game to play. Kids need options to choose from.

Get Creative in Educating

Go through their educational material and make up games or out of the box ways to get the concept stronger. Quiz them while cooking. Play board games that help in the same. We want them to learn, not be drilled.

Use the many resources online available to parents wisely. Don’t get overpowered to dabble in everything. Take time and see what interests your child the most and use those most effectively.

Audio books are your friends too.

Start the Day with Self Care

It’s very easy to put others before you. Every single mother does that. Specially on days that you think are daunting. But make sure you do your thing every single morning.

Have your water
Go for the walk
Listen to a podcast

Don’t Stay Socially Isolated

Man is a social animal. We need to be with our friends. Talk about our day. Social distancing does not have to mean being on an island. Join a parents group of like minded individuals to get positive messages of empowerment and personal growth.

Remember, this applies to your kids too. Connect with your kids’ friends and classmates and make sure they get some face time in as well. Don’t let them become isolated.

Everything Cannot Be a Priority

As a person who likes to do everything and do it well, it’s hard for me to let go. I need to know how my life is going, my tasks in a queue, my goals achieved.

I am supposed to have a podcast up. Two new books in the process. I have like 10 articles in queue, mapped out. One book to be edited. Two clients with books coming out. And since I’m an mompreneur, it’s All me. I’m the end all of all decisions and tasks to be done. Luckily I have an amazing group of women who help me when and how they can, but it’s still not enough since many of the tasks are hands on for me.

The house needs to be cleaned (I can’t function), the family fed, exercise needs to be added to the routine and I need to ensure all the above gets done.

But guess what?

More than half of that is NOT going to get done immediately. Doesn’t mean I’m giving up. It just means, I’m being realistic and understanding that I am one person, and even with my husband’s support, there is only so much we can do with him having a full time job and the many things around the house that need fixing. Balance home and family with the knack that is needed.

Don’t take breaks only when your body forces you to.


Which brings me to making sure your kids are helping around the house. Yes, it is hard to do and be consistent but it is very important for their overall development and your own sanity. Have a family meeting and decide what each child can and will be doing. Take turns, pick your own thing to do, get incentivized. But make sure you delegate jobs around the house.

My Kids Do Not Get Paid for Doing “Chores”

It’s Okay to Get Overwhelmed

I get this feeling constantly. The one where I feel nothing is in my control. That’s what I felt last night when I learned of the extension of the school closure. This is my new reality. I took the evening off.  Relaxed with my favorite book. Looked at my task planner and thoughtfully realized, the scheduler cannot work for us.

Take time to process. Allow yourself to let go of things that you can. You are allowed to take time off to re-calibrate.

Don’t Compare

The mom that is killing it on her schedule, being amazing at everything is not sharing the tears and the sadness. Shes’ sharing coz it’s her outlet and connection to the world. It helps her get through her day. It’s her journey. Don’t compare yourself and your children to theirs. What works for them will not, cannot work for you.

It’s not a one size fits all world!

Stay Motivated

I saw this amazing talk where the speaker said, “Action comes before motivation.” If you are looking to get the “feeling” before getting inspired, you will be waiting a long time. Find out what goal you need to be achieving and start working towards it. One step at a time. You will slowly inch towards what needs doing.

Change Things Up

As I mentioned, humans need constant change. Move furniture around, make things pretty, set up to give yourself a change. Even if a slight redecoration occurs or a furniture is placed differently, it makes a difference to your outlook. Re organize a closet, wear a nice dress at home, put on make up, put on some music that you wouldn’t otherwise listen to. Send your friends a care package just to spice things up.

Shut Down Negativity ASAP

It is very easy to fall into negative spirals and fall into traps of panic. With people sharing forwards, without fact checking and breeding hatred, it is most important to make sure we ourselves keep negativity at bay and try to keep an optimistic attitude.

All, in all this is a mindset game. Remember, this is the first time such a situation is happening. Our children are watching us and seeing our reaction. It is teaching them how to behave in any untoward and unique situation.

We want them to develop an attitude of education, awareness, and hopeful action.

Understanding why a schedule will not work during the Corona Self Isolation

Keeping a Positive Mindset and Staying Organized for Working Moms During School Shutdowns


This is NOT a Holiday for Parties, Playdates & Get Together


I do NOT share this to SCARE you. But to make you AWARE!!

Please practice social distancing. #flattenthecurve


Saying No to friends is hard. We miss them. Saying no to kids playing together is hard. Kids miss their friends. Saying No thankyou for things that you would usually say YES to is just weird.

Do it all! Because it’s the right thing to do. Help stop this academic by JUST STAYING AWAY from those you care about.

They say, it’s OKAY for small groups. BUT ARE the members of THAT group isolated otherwise?? Think about these things.

Think about the many who HAVE NO CHOICE. Respect THEM by doing YOUR part. Don’t judge them, offer them help and be kind by reminding them that this is a time that you can also help them by CONSCIOUSLY PREVENTING together. Sanitize. Hand wash. Clean.

Yes, it’s boring to be at home.

That is where FREE educational resources, SCREEN FREE ideas and SELF CARE come into play.

We have so much to do at home. Yes, it’s overwhelming. But we CAN get organized and if we get even 40 – 70% of our schedule/lists done, it’s a WIN !! Give your self the slack you DESERVE.

Think about the many who are DOING THEIR PART.

Fellow entrepreneurs are rushing to create free resources, lists and content to help parents staying at home.

Neighbors (bless them) are offering help.

People are willing to stay indoors, social distancing from their peers and YET helping the elderly when needed.

Companies doing their best to help how they can.

Positive messages and information that helps keep us informed from all sides …

My heart soars at the amazing community I am a part of. How wonderful people are coming together by being apart in a time when it’s needed the most.

Yes, it’s a worrisome time but all we need is a balance of awareness and action. (Denial is never okay!)



Be AWARE of the needs of others, offer help when you can and PLEASE check on your elderly neighbors who are the ones at actual RISK! Encourage them to stay indoors. Be kind!

Read Aditi’s awardwinning, best selling book here —

Being Sexy is More Mind than Body

Being Sexy is More Mind than Body

LOVED the Superbowl half time show they put on !!! Outstanding !!!

I’m all for empowerment and all for everyone wearing whatever they like but I wonder how we teach our girls that being sexy is more MIND than body when women in the limelight constantly choose to show that LESSER is HOT !! #superbowl

I have always believed talent and hard-work doesn’t need crutches of props, gimmicks or glitter. I was raised in Kuwait where fashion can be seen in modesty as well. That’s why I never get why women (specially with amazing bodies ) often feel less is HOT or Fashionable…

Unfortunate times we live in IF stars feel they “need to” , to remain relevant! In-spite of being at their ABSOLUTE BEST even at 50 ??!!

And this is me talking just because I feel maybe it’s time me shifted that perspective..not just about These outfits.

Superbowl is always this way.

I have heard people question that this is part of the Latin culture and they have always dressed this way.  That when men are half naked, we have no issues. But my question is why do we need to sexualize something, at all?!

I personally even have an issue with all the Hindi movies that show women in skimpy clothes and men half naked for the sake of their 6-10 pack abs. Body display is not the only thing that makes a movie amazing. It is great acting!

In 2013, a friend of mine has a perfectly valid question about Beyonce’s get up the other day. – ” If a singer who is a role model of thousands of young girls ( our daughters) dresses up like a stripper on national television, and we object to it, are we being judgmental?
Or just bury your head in the sand, and ignore? ”

My response runs something like this.

Yes that is being being judgmental. Though everyone is entitled to their opinion as well.

It’s burying one’s head in the sand for thinking of her as stripper coz that’s how the world just is these days, unfortunate as it may be. One can only control their own hemisphere in life and their own children. I think a lot of parents’ worries come from the fact that kids emulate what they watch on TV. Parent’s example n guidance can turn even a negative influence/experience into a positive lesson.

In today’s world where guns, violence, drugs and rape are major issues I believe it’s important to guide our children to be good within. Instead of worrying about the dangers in the world and pointing at all the things people do wrong, teach your kids how to make good and sensible decisions.

I didn’t like the choice doesn’t make them any lesser or take away from their achievements.

I just feel it’s time around the world, the dialogue shifted to sexy being more MIND than body. So your outfit doesn’t take away from your talent.

It’s unfortunate that people are talking about that more than how amazingly awesome the show was and all the hard work that goes into putting it up and looking SO powerful on stage.

Talk to your about what sexy is. give them the gift of confidence.

Look at what is behind the scenes.

My son asked me, what is being sexy?! I said, it means being completely awesome.

So, I took to the matter to my kids today. And talked to them about what looking awesome is. This is going to be an ongoing conversation between us. Watch shows together. As Indians, we tend to make our kids close our eyes. Instead, highlight what’s behind the scenes.

Talk to them about whatever costumes we watch on TV. How we can comment n talk about it but its the singers choice of how she wants to portray herself. She has a great body n she’s worked hard on it so she will flaunt it. When it’s part of a culture then it’s not wrong or right. It just is. Also, instead of concentrating on what she was wearing one can think/talk about the talent, hard work, time and energy it goes into putting such a show together. It gives so many people jobs, co ordinating those dancers, lighting, the dedication to dance And sing at the same time. Having taken part in stage dramas,dances and all so I know it’s not easy.

If we want our children to understand that sexy is more mind than body, then we have to make sure they UNDERSTAND the difference between the two and how important it is to first KNOW the confidence within.

There’s a Time and Place for Every Outfit

I come from the, as some might say, old school of thought and find it important to talk to kids about how it is important to dress up in some places and dress casual in others. And that dressing lesser is not appropriate for every situation. Everyone has a right to wear whatever they like but we have to be in control of what we wear and where we wear it. Don’t let your hard work be hidden by something that you wear just to provoke!

Don’t Wear Something You Are Not Comfortable In

Wear it if you want, but remember you have to be comfortable in it. It is so sad to see many people wear clothes they are not comfortable in, just to fit in. They wear it, attend a party, and then are constantly roaming around with a worried expression, stressed about wardrobe malfunction.

Don’t follow trends, just because your friends are doing it.  Don’t fall prey to the idea of you having to have a certain image. The first rule of fashion is be yourself. Be comfortable in your own skin.

Those women on stage on Superbowl 2020 are not sexy because of their clothes or lack there of. They are sexy because they are powerful, successful go-getters who followed their dreams.

And that is what allows them to be totally amazing, no matter what the situation.



My Kids Do Not Get Paid for Doing "Chores"

My Kids Do Not Get Paid for Doing “Chores”

I realize the world chore has become one that creates confusion these days. Kids crib about helping around the house and yet crib about it, expecting some kind of payback.  I often see adults also lamenting about doing chores. There seems to be an inherent loss in taking pleasure in doing simple things that feed the soul. And why in the world are kids expected to be paid for helping around their own house?!!!

No one paid me for helping around the house. Admittedly, I didn’t do much but still, this concept of being paid for chores is so foreign in our Indian household. There is a huge misconception that kids in American households are paid for helping with simple tasks but the truth is most get paid for extra chores, i.e harder jobs like raking leaves, weeding, deep cleaning etc. not taking out the trash!

To that end, we stopped using the word “Chores” in my home. Lest my kids expect to be reimbursed for their efforts.

Instead, now I say, “Please help me out by …” or “Please, do …” and reminding them time and again to do the same with patience and perseverance. And that we are a family and this is THEIR home.


By doing this I have taught my kids to realize – 

They Are Not Doing Chores but Helping

Moms and dads are human and need help too. Doing laundry, loading the dish washer, making your bed, de-cluttering or organizing is Not a favor being done for the parents. We are a family and everyone should pitch in. One contributes depending on the need of the hour. Sometimes, I need help to get the living room clutter free before guests come urgently. Other times, I’m sick and need something done that they don’t usually do.

They Learn to Co-operate

When house work is not allowance based, the kids try to find ways to word together to get things done quicker. One changes the clothes from washer to dryer while other moves the clothes from dryer to the room.

We Need to Be Self Motivated

It is their home. They need to feel proud of the house in which they live, grow and have friends over. No job is small or big. Every single thing you do towards grooming, cleaning or helping out carries value in itself. There is much to be said about a home that is welcoming. Appreciation should come from within for what you do.

Doing It Right The First Time is An Art

When it is not monetary, the kids want to get done and QUICK! After all, play time is at stake. Plus, if my kids are grumpy about helping out around the house or they do a job badly just for the sake of it, they not only have to redo it, they have to do something else too. This is one really important aspect that has helped me a lot. This gives them an incentive to do it right the first time!

Helping Need Not Be but Can Be Fun

Let’s face it! These ‘how do I get chores to be fun?’ or “paying kids for chores” is unhealthy. You are not going to find treats or stickers when cleaning up as a adult. There will be no point system or compensation for what you do for your home or at your work. Life is hard. Kids need to know that doing your job need not be, but can be made fun by themselves.

  • Finding two pairs of socks or jumping in a just washed pile of laundry is fun.
  • Talking to each other when emptying and loading the dishwasher is fruitful.
  • Helping your mom out by running as fast as you can to get the diaper for the baby can be fun.

Finding the silver lining in the mundane is a beautiful characteristic to develop.

Consistency is Key To Life Skills

All things that need doing are not life altering but they carry within them the key to basic life skills. By contributing towards work around the home kids learn that consistency is key to organizing. If you want something to be done right or neatly, you have to do it every day, week or month. That dedication is a core life quality.

In order to grow up into individuals providing value to society they need to know that not every task is going to be compensated for.

Work around the house is valuable and needs doing. It builds character, empathy and many more life skills. And taking care of your home is a matter of building character not bank balance.

How does allowance and chores work in your home?

Raising Self Regulated, Focused Kids Who Listen

Raising Self Regulated, Focused Kids Who Listen

Are you tired of repeating yourself? Having your child’s mind wander to inane places? Having trouble getting that homework done. Well, I’ll tell you it is never easy. Getting kids to be focused is a battle of wills. You have to get them to drop what they want to do and focus on what they need to do.

Processing a any instruction to achieve success ties into developing focus & strong listening skills.

My son has a strong imagination, my daughter has a stubborn streak. Both of them together, have often made me want to pull my hair out. Yet, I have over time and thanks to the many conversations I have had with mothers around the world are  helping them be confident and empathic as human beings.

There are always aspects of growing up we constantly work on but focus & listening are huge. Here are some things that have helped me.

Raising Self Regulated, Focused Kids Who Listen

Playing Board Games

A wonderful way to help your kids build focus is playing board games. Not to let them win, but for the best player to win. A lot of parents make the mistake of letting their kids win. The most important reason to play well with your child and explain the rules is that they have to follow the rules, pay attention to the other players and of course strategy building, and losing is a wonderful bonus to developing empathy. So far, we play chess, monopoly, zingo etc and we always play the whole game. One game at a time.

Play dates with Friends Without Gadgets

When a child has a play date, a lot of ideas come into play. They encourage each other. They learn to focus onto plans they have. Recently, my kids created a movie where they enacted scenes. They create whole worlds together. Pick things from around the house and create a battle plan or play dress up. All this needs focus on working together and paying attention to each other.

Extracurricular Activity

Taking up any extra curricular activity is a wonderful way for kids to learn to listen to others. Children are often free at home, to behave as they will. But in an outside setting, with a coach to work with, instructions to follow teaches them to listen and be concise about following step by them. My kids currently are in gymnastics, swimming, dance and Tae Kwan Do. Now, I have reasons for doing all 4 but one activity at a time is great as well. My son used to have a hard time listening, but now I have seen him grow focused and even grow to love. The condition of course is for your child to love the activity to begin with. I have mentioned in my book how to discover and build a love for a passion to follow in their life time.

Give Your Child Time to Transition

We as parents often forget to give our children time to build the buffer in which to change tasks. You wouldn’t go to a co worker and tell them to do something you need, instantly. Why do we expect the same of your child? Tell your children, ” In 15 mins, we are going to sit down for homework. ” Your child is already doing something or desires to do something. Your request comes in the way of what they have in mind. Have empathy for that.

Have a Rough Routine and Plan

When you tell them to find socks in the morning, they are half awake and flustered. Plan your day roughly, together. For every party, homework, school, occasions, talk about what the day is going to entail so they know what to expect. The day may not go exactly as expected but knowing that they are going to work on something or something is expected of them is a great way. This is an important reason why homework time should be set up each day and why many kids who are in after care flourish for they know what to expect of each day.

Have Some Chores Assigned

Doing chores is a great way to build listening skills as well as focus. The simple task of helping sort laundry or put shoes in a cabinet, needs a child to work on their cognitive skills. They don’t even have to be daily but something that they know they are expected to do. My kids both clean up their rooms, sort toys, empty the dishwasher, help take the recycling out etc.

Give Your Child Time for Themselves

A restless child will probably not listen, will not focus. If their day is packed back to back, even if they are in line, in the beginning, they will surely get surly eventually. This leads to tantrums and clingi-ness. When a child has to do something they have to do, they know they will get the time they need to do their own thing. Time for themselves is a wonderful way to build imagination as well.

Teach Kids Goal Setting & Prioritizing

This is for older kids to build confidence and learn to plan better. Self regulation means knowing how to break down big tasks into smaller ones and how to make them happen. The step by step ways to do so is mentioned below.


Talk to Your Children Without Agenda

Kids can be distracted by “internal stimuli,” like physical sensations or entertaining memories. Reading to your kids and having them do stuff is all great, but making sure you talk to your children just for the sake of talking teaches them to focus on YOU, your words, listen to you and respond appropriately.

I often talk to my kids about my day, the good and the bad and we discuss our days and how we can better handle our situations and what we can be grateful for.

Understand, It is a Journey

When I was a young mother, worrying about my child’s potty training, someone said to me, “Why do you worry? It’s not like they are going to walk down the aisle in a diaper. ” And this applies to almost everything. Breathe, my friend. Teaching kids focus and listening skills take time. It takes a lot of consistency and years and you still find days when you feel like what are you even doing! Remember the good days on such times and keep going.

Raise Your Child to Be Confident and Accepting of the World 

Within & Without & Self Early

Uplifting Children's Books for Christmas 2019

Uplifting Children’s Books for Christmas 2019


Festive season is around us. What a wonderful time to enjoy beautifully illustrated books that teach our kids values and entertain them as well. Here is a list of books for Christmas 2019. Please note the links mentioned are aff links. Please make sure to leave reviews to encourage the authors to create more value based stories.

Make sure you give your child the gift of values and festive atmosphere.

The Elf Who Couldn’t Read

Show kids how magical reading is and teach them that every expert was once a beginner, perseverance is the key to success and practice makes perfect.

Arial The Secrete Santa

Follow Arial through her day at school, in her community, in nature where your child will learn how easy it can be to share kindness. From giving a compliment to smiling at someone who’s having a bad day, Arial shows children that words and act of kindness MATTER, no matter how small!


The Festive Flamingo

Enjoy the benefits of meditation with journeys that spark the imagination. Build a magical camel out of snow, learn to ice-skate with the woodland animals and create an exciting game for the elves. Enjoy many traditional Christmas activities with a twist!


When the Clock Strikes on Christmas Eve


Written in a rolling rhythm and brought to life with a vibrant illustration style, the Christmas season feels magical as every hour passes. A clock on every page introduces kids to telling time. The candy canes on every illustration reinforce counting and will have your kids looking for details on every page.


Santa’s Reindeer

Take a journey to the North Pole where Santa’s Reindeer share their unique personalities.While they are all very different, their shared passion for Christmas brings them together to make the holidays a magical time for children around the world.



A Christmas Cookie Exchange

This sweet holiday story has a powerful message of self-love and acceptance, showing children that character and self-confidence matter. It’s perfect for reading aloud, early learners, elementary classrooms, plus anyone who loves holiday cookies!

Little Squirrel Squish

Little Squirrel Squish Gets His Christmas Wish Little Squirrel Squish wished all his life to be part of santas flying crew. But only reindeer were allowed. He liked to dress up in his shiny nose and antlers. This year he decided to follow his wish and his life was never the same again.
A fun and festive story that will delight children of all ages.


Never Let a Unicorn Met a Reindeer

A story about a little girl that wants a reindeer for her birthday!

Put a unicorn and a reindeer together and let the games begin! Read this book to the kids at bedtime and you will spark their imagination as they dream up all the ways that unicorns and reindeer might collaborate on future projects!

Uplifting Children's Books for Christmas 2019


Christmas Celebrations in Multicultural Homes Around the World

Christmas Celebrations in Multicultural Homes Around the World

Christmas is one of the few global celebrations that touches every home. Today we take a look at some of the different ways this occasion is acknowledged in multicultural homes around the world. A sneak peak into the lives of those who have let the spirit of Christmas into their homes in-spite of it not necessarily being from their own culture even. Be prepared to smile with joy.


At home we celebrate Christmas Eve by eating a huge dinner of diverse dishes from Venezuela, the US and Germany. On Christmas Day, we adopt the American style and have again a nice family meal and open presents from Santa Claus.
We are a Venezuelan/American family living in Germany.

Flor Garcia

We love creating space every night of December to reflect as a family and to sing villancicos ( traditional Christmas Spanish songs)!! I remember doing it as a child and for me is so important that my children learn those songs also!!!
I grew up with the Catholic tradition of Las Novenas!!!

Johana C Castillo-Rodriguez

At home, we start our celebration with Advent and counting down the days to Christmas. On Christmas day we celebrate with a multicultural (Southern and Puerto Rican) meal and opening gifts. We keep our Christmas tree up through January 6th because we celebrate Epiphany “Día de Reyes” (Three Kings Day/Day of the Magi) my son cuts some grass and places it in a box (and the magi leave a gift behind). What is fun about celebrating Epiphany is that he’s already back in school and we continue to celebrate the holidays!

Frances Evans

We read books and sing in both Spanish and English throughout the month of December. We usually have a church service Christmas Eve, wherever we are. When in the US, Christmas Eve is a quiet night in front of a fireplace. When in Peru, the weather is hot and we have fireworks at midnight, when most families eat dinner together here.

Elisabeth Alvarado

At home in North Carolina, we attend festivals with Santa and Latino festivals with the traditional food, songs and dance. We celebrate Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) with the Ecuadorian traditions and celebrate Christmas Day with the American traditions.

Linda López-Stone

As a Muslim convert living in the UK, I do not celebrate Christmas in my own home. However, my family are Catholic so we go to see them on Christmas day. We exchange gifts and have a big roast turkey dinner. We eat Christmas pudding and mince pies. Then we sit down to watch the Queen’s speech. The rest of the day is spent playing board games and watching Christmas TV specials. On boxing day we go to see the Mummers performing out in the street. This is an old English tradition. The actors wear costumes made out of shredded newspaper and act out a play and sing songs!

Weronika Ozpolat

In Australia is common to serve seafood. As it’s summer at Christmas its quite refreshing to have seafood with salads instead. Plus you’re not adding to the heat of the day by using the oven!

Kathleen Trewin

Siena decorates its streets with Christmas lights and Christmas trees so there will be plenty of opportunities to take lots of holiday photos with your family. The church bells ringing, the chestnuts roasting and the holiday lights sparkling will surely bring joy to kids and parents alike. You will also find a traditional nativity scene as well as a giant and real Christmas tree in Piazza del Campo. And if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to see the March of the Santas!

Read celebrations in Sienna by Carmela

Many Filipinos attend the “misa de gallo”, a Roman Catholic mass celebrated around midnight of Christmas Eve. After the mass, church goers would eat special Christmas desserts such as “puto bumbong” ( a purple rice cake sprinkled with coconut and brown sugar) and “bibingka” (a glutinous rice cake with margarine and sugar). The traditional Christmas drink is called “mainit na tsokolate”, a hot chocolate drink made with tablea cacao and peanut butter.

Carmela Granada

Every Christmas eve, my Indian friends and I get together and treat the kids to some presents from each other. We enjoy a mutli -cuisine meal as the food is provided by different households and take pictures with the Christmas tree. On Christmas Day, my kids bid farewell to the mischievous elf “Rudy” who comes to our home December 1 and open the lovely presents with all their excitement. The day passes in fun and evening we go around looking at Christmas lights around the city.

Aditi Wardhan Singh

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